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If YES, then you have landed on the perfect destination. Travel Dias is the travel Blog which would help you in all possible ways to plan your trip. 🙂

If NO, then I am sure you would adopt the habit of traveling once you have gone through the articles and beautiful images of different tourist spots and places of attractions in India. 🙂

TravelDias.com is travel Blog which was created with an intention to serve all nature lovers and travelers with travel information about different places of attractions and offbeat destinations in India. Traveldias.com is still continuing with the same motto and value. My name is Abhijit Gupta and I am a Digital Marketing executive by profession and a traveler cum travel writer by passion have created this blog just for fun and sharing my knowledge and experiences with others on the web. I thought of an idea to help other travelers across the globe in planning trips to tourist’s attractions in India and places of interests in India. Planning is the most essential thing when you go for an excursion. A perfect travel itinerary can only be created if you have proper knowledge about the places to see and explore. I created this Blog to enrich the travelers with information related to travel, updates on offbeat destinations in India, new places of interests explored and others so that they can plan and decide where and when to travel.

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Why Travel Dias? Why not any other Travel Blog?

Travel Dias can share the best and most comprehensive information with you because I am a traveler. It is very obvious that a traveler can share more knowledge and information about a particular place or destination than anyone else can do. I am not here to promote or do my business but to help travelers for my own satisfaction as I am passionate about traveling and I love doing this. Get in touch with me for your travel itinerary.

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How do I help you? – have a look

If you have any query about a place I have already visited, just let me. I would surely get back to you with an answer to your question or query. I would help you to find best possible resources for your travel. As I am a regular traveler, I know that there are so many queries in mind when we plan to travel a place. We need to make a budget for our trip but this is only possible when we know or can assume the expenses which are to be incurred. We all know that it is always better to ask someone who has already traveled the place of interest rather than asking someone who is there do business. When we ask someone who has already traveled the place we are planning to visit, we can get to know the expenses of transportation like the cost of hiring vehicles. We can get the reviews of hotels and resorts and it helps to decide the best location for lodging. We can also get an idea about the food available there. I would highly appreciate your query, so do not hesitate to contact me in case you need any travel information regarding a place you would like to visit.

How to contact me? – It is very easy

The best way to contact me is to comment on a post or article of your interest on Travel Dias. When you find an article, after going through it just place a comment below and it would reach me for sure. I would take no time to reply back there.

Other ways to get in touch me:

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I like the quote: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.
-By St. Augustine

Keep traveling and keep smiling. 🙂