Mandarmani Beach Tour Review 

We had a plan to visit Tajpur, one of the offbeat beach destinations in West Bengal. We were mentally prepared for the trip but when I made the call to the resort we selected to stay in, I had to hear the words “Rooms are not available”. I felt very bad because everything was planned, we were looking forward to the trip. There are a few more hotels and resorts in Tajpur but the best one is that we selected. I called up other two or three resorts and they had to say the same thing that rooms are not available on the said dates.

The very next moment I didn’t hesitate to shift our plan from Tajpur to Mandarmani, one more offbeat beach destinations in West Bengal. Manadarmani is one of the exotic locations a traveller would look forward to. Mandarmani beach is a nature’s paradise to all visitors. Mandarmani and Tajpur is just unlike Digha which is so chaotic and crammed with unwanted people. We tried to book our rooms in many resort but most of the resorts were unable to provide us rooms on the dates we spent in Mandaramani.  At last we decided to set out with the hope that we would get the rooms because there are so many resorts now in Mandarmani.

We set out for Mandarmani in a group of five in the month of May,2012. I had my best companions with me. The group is a bit more larger but some of them couldn’t made it. We reached Chaulkhola by bus that starts from our locality at Culture More, Belgharia. We took motor van to reach to the beach. It takes around 30 minutes on average to reach the beach from Choulkhola. I said to the driver of the motor van that we didn’t have any booking and the guy was so helpful that he took us from one resort to another. Mandarmani resorts are mostly located on the beach except a few of them. There are also many hotels in Mandarmani but I personally feel that it is better to stay in a resort than a hotel because Mandarmani resorts are environment friendly, beautified to that level which would give you a very nice experience to stay in. The best part is most of the resorts in Mandarmani are on the beach. Rose Valley in Mandarmani is the costliest resort to stay in.  At last we made it and got two deluxe rooms in “Muktasphot Resort”, the resort was under construction. I negotiated with the manager and tried my best to get the rooms and other services at the minimum cost. I feel this resort can be one of the best Mandarmani resorts and the ambiance is too good.


mandarmani beach
Sea water touches the only stall on beach


We checked in and stepped out to jump into the sea. There were a few tourists apart from us. One could easily count the numbers. I was very satisfied because it was unlike Digha where unwanted people moves around you. We spent around three hours in the sea and got back to our resort. We had our food and took some rest. Three of us were not ready to go out of the room because it was really hot outside but I along with Sunny stepped out of the room. Both of us had to say the same thing that “we are not here to sleep and take rest”. We managed a hotel guy to arrange two chairs at the edge of the boundary of the resort by the beach along with chilled beers with snacks. When the other three joined both of us, it was already dark and the mobile showed it was 7 O’clock in the evening. We spent around three to four hours on the beach and then we moved into the rooms. The night was over once we had our dinner and a fresh morning was welcoming us.

The next day morning we went for photo shoot on the beach (Sourav one of my mates, loves it J) and captured some really memorable moments. The day was mostly spent in the sea. We hardly got time to explore other things and places apart from having bath in the sea. We didn’t opt for the musical evening, arranged by our resort rather we opted to walk and stroll along the dark beach. When it was getting late, we stepped into our hotel. We were in no mood to listen to those Bollywood numbers and shake our hips in the crowd. We moved in to our rooms and ordered for dinner.


mandarmani beach
Sun set view : Mandarmani beach


The next day morning we got up late because we knew that we had to check out from the hotel and we would not get enough time to spend in the waters. I have to admit that were tired too. I called up the same motor van driver (I took the phone number from him the earlier day). He dropped us to Chaulkhola and we got into a bus that was heading towards Digha. We decided to go to Digha because one would hardly find any seat in the bus if you catch the bus from Chaulkhola to Kolkata. I failed to convince my mates to stay another day at Digha. We caught a SBSTC bus to Kolkata and we dropped at Dunlop to take auto to Belgharia.


mandarmani beach
Mandarmani Beach


The trip will be a memorable one to me because I have visited so many beaches in India excluding Goa and Andaman but I found Mandarmani as one of the best beach destinations in India. I loved the place because it was not chaotic and there you hardly get any noise. I am looking forward to visit the place again and soon.

mandarmani beach
Plays hide and seek

I am sharing the information that would help you when you visit this wonderful beach in West Bengal.

  • How to reach: 
    • By Bus: There are regular and frequent bus services from Kolkata to Digha. A non AC bus takes around Rs. 90 from Esplanade Bus Terminus, Kolkata and a AC coach would cost you around Rs. 200 to 270. You should drop down at Chaulkhola More. From there you can take a motor van that would take you to your resort on the beach. The motor van takes Rs.20 per head and a motor van can accommodate eight heads at a time.

    • By Train: You have to reach Mandarmani via Digha because there is no direct train service to Mandarmani. You can drop down at New Digha station and take a bus ride or a car to Chaulkhola. You can take the car directly to your resort. It is better to take a car or a bus to Mandarmani rather than opting for Train.

  • Expenses:
    • Mandarmani Resorts and Hotels: There are many hotels and resorts at Mandarmani. The average cost of a AC double bed room is like Rs. 1,400 to 1,800 per day. A non AC double bed room would cost you around Rs.900 to 1,200. I would suggest you to negotiate with the manager because we settled for a deluxe AC room at Rs. 1,700 per day along with complimentary breakfast and mineral water after negotiation. They didn’t even charge for an extra head in the double bed room. Not a single hotel or resort in Mandarmani provides you 24 hour AC service, there is always a power failure for two to three hours in most of the hotels and resorts. Most of the hotels use generators because they don’t have electricity supply. Please place your queries regarding this and other things before you check in. The resort we checked into was one of the two or three resorts that switch off the power for 1 hour only. I highly recommend this resort because it is one of the best Mandarmani resorts with less expenses compared to others resorts or hotels in Mandarmani. Rosevalley in Mandarmani is too costly but the resort gives you all comforts that a visitor can ask for.

    • Food:

      Food is going to be expensive if you opt to have your meals in the resort you stay in. The average cost would be Rs.200 per plate. If you want to have the same quality food with a lesser price, you can visit the only food hotel cum restaurant at the point where the cars goes down to the beach (The centre point). It is hard to get a motor van or a cycle van after it is dark. I would suggest you that if you are planning to step out of your hotel and have your food, you must try to take a hotel which is near to the Centre Point.

My suggestions:

  • Negotiate with the resorts and hotels
  • My choice is “Muktasphot Resort”. Unfortunately they don’t have any website. (They are new)
  • Make sure about the timing of power cut.
  • Ask any one of the hotel boys to arrange sitting facility on the beach.
  • Always be careful when your driver drives on the beach. I have seen some cars moving into the areas where cars get sealed in the sand. The drivers come into an agreement with the local people who are always ready to demand around 7 to 8 K to pull up the car. You won’t get any other help and you would have to pay out of your pocket.
mandarmani beach
The car was being pulled up by the locals
  • Try and order fishes, crabs and prawns for Dinner and lunch. You would love it.
  • Best is if you opt for 2 nights and 3 days tour.
  • It is better to book your return tickets in bus from Chaulkhola. There are no agencies or counters at Chaulkhola who can provide you confirm seats.
  • It is better to travel by bus or car. There is no direct train service to Mandarmani. You have to go there via Digha and that would be time consuming.
  • Take the phone number of the motor van driver who drops you at Manadarmani from Chaulkhola. On the day of check out, you can call him up and he would be ready to pick you up and drop you at Chaulkhola.

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Thanks for going through my post. Hope you liked it and my information would help you in your visit to the place. Stay tuned to for more updates on travelling.


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  1. I would never take the car down the beach. Budget to double ho jayega. BDW nice review Abhi. I would call you up, planning to go to Mandarmani along with Shankarpur.

  2. can’t agree with you less, abhi, nice place indeed! reminds me of my trip with my office colleagues. went there in 2010.

  3. Hi.. this is Nidhi. It’s really a nice blog…… 🙂 n seems u really enjoyed the trip to mandarmani. Actually i m planning a trip to mandarmonibut in July ist week. So ny suggestions…??? Coz i thnk around July it will start raining…. 🙁 so wats ur opinion abt the visit during Monsoons ???

    1. Hi Nidhi,

      Hope my post has served your purpose. Thanks for visiting

      Yes, you are right, I enjoy Mandarmani every time I visit there. Mandarmani is one of the few serene and tranquil beaches in West Bengal. You don’t find unwanted crowd there and can enjoy the nature in relaxation. The place is unlike Digha where it is crowded. You can even spend good time by the beach in evening and at night. Nothing to be scared about.

      As far as visiting Mandarmani in July is concerned, I would say you must visit the place that time, you would get a really good experience. In water by the beach when it is raining is a cool damn good feeling. Just awesome I would say. I have traveled to various beaches in different parts of the country and I really consider Mandarmani as one of the good beaches in India.

      Let me know if you need any further assistance or guidance. I would not hesitate to help you out. BDW you can like Traveldias Facebook page and follow G+ profile to stay updated with all travel gossips.

  4. hi abhijit,
    thanks for all the info. it ll be of great help. and there is another thing i want to know about. is it absolutely necessary to get resort reservations beforehand or can i book something on reaching there?

    1. Hi Rilu,

      Thanks for your feedback, hope you have enjoyed your stay on TravelDias. There is no requirement of booking resorts & hotels in advance unless it is a peak season. It is off season now in Mandarmani but there would be rush from 15th August to 18th August.

      You can like the TravelDias Facebook page and follow G+ profile for more updates on travel.


  5. Hi Abhijit,

    Today, suddenly I noticed that last year you commented on my blog post related to my experience at Mandarmani Somehow, even after approving your comment I had missed commenting back.

    To answer your query, yes I love traveling. Specially I love Himalaya.

    Last year I went to Nepal Himalaya. Here is the post for the same

    Hope you will like it. Your valuable comment will be much appreciated.

    Also like to know about your next tour plan.


    1. Hi Susmita,

      Thanks for visiting

      I went through your post and really liked that. Your article would be a great help when I make the same trek. I have commented on your post.


  6. Hi Abhijit.

    Thanks for approving my comment.

    I regularly visit your blog and loved the post How to reach Silk route in Sikkim?

    One day I want to visit that place, also would like to make my failed trip to Gurudongmar as successful story.

    BDW, In November, when are you planning to visit Nepal?


    1. Hi Susmita,

      Thanks for the appreciation. Silk route is a must visit destination for all nature lovers. The place is very serene and tranquil. Gurudongmar is really a awesome lake at such a height in north Sikkim.

      I am setting out on 23rd eve. Will be there for 7 days. Actually I am going there to attend a wedding. Will try to travel a bit when I am free. 🙂


  7. 23rd Evening by flight or train? Can you please mail me at my gmail id. If you don’t have my gmail then can use the ‘Contact Me’ form of my site. Mail will hit my Gmail inbox.


    1. Hi Rupayan,

      I am so sorry that I can’t share the details because I have lost their contact number. Unfortunately this resort in Mandarmani doesn’t even have a website where you can get the details from. Try your hands on internet and see if that is a help to you. See if any blogger has mentioned their contact details.

  8. Hi..I am Arighna..Me and My Friends are planning for a short trip to Mandarmani for 1 night/2 days.There are 6 people in our group..We will go at the end of this month..As we all are students can you pls tell me about the expenses and other infos.??And Is that ok to go there now in hot summer??

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  10. Hi,

    Its good to know that you have availed bus from Belgharia. I live at Bally and plan to go by bus. Can you please share details on how to book bus and from where can we avail ? Are AC buses available

    1. AC buses are available from Esplanade which take the route via 2nd Hooghly Bridge and Kona Expressway. These buses do not take the route via Bally. If you can go Esplanade, there are many options. You can get only regular non-ac buses from Bally.


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