My Honeymoon Trip To Reshikhola

By Abhijit Gupta • In Mountains, Offbeat Destinations10 Comments

 Hey Guys, hope you all are doing great. I take this opportunity to share that I am no more single. Yes, I just got married. All around me was less bothered about the wedding but more curious to know where I would be going for my Honeymoon. Some said Singapore,

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Make Your Trip To Sundarbans A Memorable One!

By Abhijit Gupta • In Forests13 Comments

 Planning for a voyage to the mangroves of the East? Let some of personal travel experiences of Sundarban Tour be of help. A journey to Sundarbans can be designed to be very exciting; with custom-made tour package choices and an adventurous trip plan. World’s largest littoral mangrove belt stretches for

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Smart Tips to Remember While Visiting Dooars

By Abhijit Gupta • In Forests2 Comments

 Dooars brings in mind a landscape of glittering silver against the rich colour of the settling sun! Derived from the Sanskrit word “Drawa”, Dooars marks the doorway to the pristine land of Bhutan. Of extreme economic value to North Bengal Tourism, a visit to the Terai land of Dooars encompasses

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What All To Keep in Mind before Visiting Silk Route in Sikkim?

By Abhijit Gupta • In Mountains, Offbeat Destinations26 Comments

 For planning a trip to experience the serene beauty of Old Silk Route, across East Sikkim, it’s better to keep a few points in mind on a prior note. It will help you avoid the holiday travel hassles. Some scattered news on Silk Route permit, home stay and pre-booking on

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Romantic Sikkim Silk Route – The Best Honeymoon Experience with Nature

By Abhijit Gupta • In Mountains, Offbeat DestinationsNo Comments

 Your dream honeymoon in the lap of nature is best fitted amidst the captivating beauty of East Sikkim, through the Silk Route. From the time immemorial, the old silk route of Sikkim beholds treasures for travelers with wanderlust. Beset in the eastern part of Sikkim, it is still unexplored to

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Number of Days Required to Cover Silk Route in East Sikkim – A Travel Plan by Abhijit

By Abhijit Gupta • In Mountains, Offbeat Destinations88 Comments

 I am sure you have already heard of so many places in east Sikkim and must be wondering how many number of days are actually needed to cover the entire Silk Route in Sikkim. I had the same question when I first went to the region in Sikkim. I had

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Which place to stay in Gangtok – MG Marg or Development Area?

By Abhijit Gupta • In Mountains136 Comments

 Yes, that is the question most of the first timers in Gangtok have in mind. The first question while booking our stay in a hotel comes in is that where to take the hotel or which is the best place to stay in Gangtok. This is really a common question

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Trip To Darjeeling/Sikkim – A Travelogue By Kumar Motwani

By Abhijit Gupta • In Mountains, TravelDias - Travelers6 Comments

 A Travelogue by Kumar Motwani who has just returned from his trip to Darjeeling and Sikkim. He shares his experience below. As we had heard a lot about Darjeeling and Sikkim from our colleagues, we were keen to visit these places. We three friends alongwith our families finally decided to

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Sundarban Tour From Kolkata

By Abhijit Gupta • In Forests12 Comments

 Sundarban tiger reserve and biosphere reserve is located in southern region of West Bengal state in India. It is located at 2 hours distance from Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal. Canning is the gateway to Sundarban and it is well connected with train service from Sealdah station in

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Gangtok & North Sikkim Trip – A Travelogue By Arko Banerjee

By Abhijit Gupta • In Mountains, TravelDias - Travelers17 Comments

 A Travelogue by Arko Banerjee who has just returned from his trip to Gangtok and north Sikkim. He shares his experience below. I went to North Sikkim on last week of December’13 along with 3 of my friends. I would like to share my experience with all of you. Gangtok

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