Sundarban is the floating land of mangroves and the home for Royal Bengal Tigers. Sundarban is also the place for crocodiles, Chitals, Sambars and many birds. Sundarban is located in south West Bengal at the edge of Bay of Bengal and shares the border with Bangladesh. This is the place for wildlife photographers and nature lovers. This is an ideal place for them who want to sail through mangrove woods. The sail along the narrow channels of the rivers is an amazing experience. You can suddenly spot a deer or a herd of deer. The crocs lay lazy on the banks of the river channels. If you are really lucky then you can get the sight of the beast – The Royal Bengal Tiger.


The only way to explore Sundarban is in boat sailing along many river channels. 1 night – 2 days trip is good to explore Sundarban though many goes for 2 nights – 3 days trip which can be boring at some point of time. I would always suggest a 1 night – 2 days trip. One can take a boat from Canning but I would suggest you to book the boat from Godkhali. It would surely save some time in transportation because if you take the boat from Canning, you will have to reach Godkhali by boat which will take long time in sailing but if you hire a vehicle (Tata Magic) from Canning, you can reach Godkhali early by road because a bridge has been constructed recently which connects Canning and Godkhali. If you reach Godkhali early, you get more time to sail in the woods on the day of your arrival.

How to Visit Sundarban

There are frequent trains from Sealdah station in Kolkata to Canning station in south Bengal. It is suggested to catch the trains depart early in the morning. The first train that departs from Sealdah station is at 5. 45 am, the second train departs at 6.30 am and then trains are there at regular intervals. It takes around 1 and half hour to reach Canning from Sealdah.

Once you reach Canning, you have got 2 options. You can reserve a vehicle (Tata Magic) directly to Godkhali or you can go via Sonakhali. A reserve vehicle directly to Godkhali will cost you Rs 600-700 approx. (rate is as of Jan, 2014). In case you don’t get a vehicle directly to Godkhali then you will have to reach Sonakhali by auto rickshaw and then to Godkhali again by auto rickshaw.

Hiring a Boat – Sundarban Package Tour

I would always suggest booking a boat in advance because on arrival they charge more because they know you would not go back without making your trip. Boats can be hired from both Canning and Godkhali. There are so many agencies at both the places that provide you boats on your demand. They charge on per day basis. If you hire the boat only you would have to arrange your food on your own which is really a head ache so it is better to go for a package which includes the boat and food per head. You can place your demand of what you would like to have on boat. They can arrange all and the cost of package per head will depend on the type of food you order. Each time I visited Sundarban, I have availed a same kind of package trip and each time it was a 1 night – 2 days trip.

Sundarban boat tour

Places to visit in Sundarban

There are no such places of interest that we find in other tours. Sundarban trip is all about sailing in waters. There are watch towers at some islands which provide you an aerial view of the mangroves. If you are lucky, you can spot deer or a tiger from the watch tower. The foot bridge over the mangroves deep in the jungle at Dobanki is really a super attraction.


Godkhali is the island wher your tour to Sundarban starts from. The boat will start sailing from here after all necessities are loaded on boat. Make sure you buy all requirements from here before you sail off. If you reserve your boat from Godkhali, the boat will be waiting for you at the river bank. Once you reach there, you would find the signboard that welcomes you to the land of mangroves and tigers. Photo session starts from here. Do not forget to pose in front of the signboard that welcomes you in Sundarban.

Owl - Sundarban


It is another island on the other side of Godkhali. Boat may take you to this beautiful village if they have something to load from the market place. Gosaba has a market place just by the river bank where villagers come from remote areas to shop. There is an ancient bungalow which was established in British period by Sir Daniel Mackinnon Hamilton. He was a Scottish businessman who made Bengal his second home and used to stay in this bungalow. He was close associate of the Nobel Laureate poet, Rabindranath Tagore and Mr. Tagore visited this bungalow long way back. The bungalow is still there but it is in a poor state because of lack of maintenance. You can have a walk around the market place and the bungalow and then get on to your boat.


The boat starts sailing from Gosaba or Gidkhali and then takes you across the mighty river Bidya. After the sightseeing some channels of the river within the woods, the boat will take you to Pakhiralaya – another island. All resorts are located at or near Pakhiralaya. The first night is spent here in any resort at Pakhiralaya. I never stayed in any resort because I love spending nights in boats the way boatmen lives. Spending night in a boat is not recommended if you have family. Staying in boat is okay for young people.

Pakhiralaya - Sundarban


It is another island which has got the office of the forest department that issues permit for you and your boat to sail deep inside the forest. All boats start sailing the next day morning from Pakhiralaya and banks in Sajnekhali for the permission. The forest department has beautified the location for tourists with a museum which is really a good one that portraits the life of local people, life of forest personnel who work hard to save the Royal Bengal Tiger and so many other things related to Sundarban wildlife. There are ponds with crocs, there are Chital, Sambar etc. It takes half an hour to one hour to get the permission. By that time one can go around the place and then it is time to sail deep in the forest.

Deer - DobankiDeer - Panchmukhi - Sundarban


Once you have the permission from the Sajnekhali forest office, now it is time to go deep in the mangroves. After you get the permission, the first destination on way to your sail deep inside Sundarban is Sudhanyakhali. The place has got a watch tower created by the forest department which gives you an aerial view of the mangroves and river channels all around. You can spot a wild animal, if you are lucky enough. I never got a glimpse of any wild fellows from here because my luck favors me when I sail deep through the channels. Last time we spotted a beautiful owl here in Sudhanyakhali.

Crocodile - SundarbanCroc - Dobanki - Sundarban


After you have visited Sudhanyakhali, it is time to sail and sail. The stretch from Sudhanyakhali to Dobanki is really long but this is the actual and most thrilling part of the Sundarban boat journey. In this stretch your boat goes along very narrow channels of the rivers with different kinds of mangroves on either side of the channels. On this stretch, the chance or scope of spotting crocodiles and tigers is the highest. Last time we spotted 4 crocs at different locations on this stretch.

Dobanki - Sundarban

After a long journey, the boat drops you at Dobanki ghat. There you have a foot bridge as I have said earlier which takes you over the mangroves. The bridge at Dobanki starts from one place where your boat would drop you and ends at another place where from your boat would pick you up. The walk on the bridge within the mangroves is really an awesome experience. There is high scope that you would spot a deer or any other wild fellow because at Dobanki forest department has created sweet water ponds which actually draws animals for sweet water. Last time we spotted 2 deer and so many types of birds.

Deer - Sajnekhali - SundarbansPanchmukhi - Sundarban


After the boat starts sailing from Dobanki, it is time to visit Panchmukhi, the meeting point of five rivers. Five rivers meet at a point with a beautiful surrounding. There is high scope and chance that one can spot a deer or a herd of deer at the banks of the rivers at Panchmukhi. We spent a lot of time at the middle of the point by anchoring our boat. Actually we had the fun of bathing here by pulling out water with a bucket from the river. From Panchmukhi, it is time to sail toward Godkhali. Lunch is done on the way and by evening the boat drops you at Godkhali.

Panchmukhi - Sundarbans

How to Get Out of Sundarban

Once your boat drops you at Godkhali, you can reserve a Tata Magic vehicle directly up to Canning. In case you don’t get a reserved vehicle, you can reach Canning via Sonakhali with a bus or auto. There are train services from Canning to Sealdah at regular intervals. I would suggest reaching Canning by 7 pm so that you reach Sealdah by 8.30 pm.

Stay tuned to Travel Updates section, I will surely come up with more information on Sundarban. You can contact me for any information or query you have. I will surely revert back to you as soon as possible.


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    1. Hi Somjyoti,

      Thanks for visiting TravelDias. Yes, I do have the contact details. I can surely share that with you. Shoot me a mail with all your queries by filling up the contact form on the “Contact Me” page.

      Let me know when do you want to travel and how many persons would be going on the trip. The cost depends on the number of heads.

    2. Im Abhishek Roy. I am planning to visit the Sunderbans soon. I want to know about boat fare detail from Sonakhali or Godkhali. Which will be better for a per-day basis ride? Please share the contact details of motor boat drivers.

  1. Hi,

    Myself along with my wife & 2 year old kid will be travelling to Kolkata in this December for a conference over there.

    On December 13th & 14th, we are planning for a 1N2D trip to Sunderbans. On 14th, We shall be dropped back at Howrah railway station to catch the Howrah-Puri SF express which departs at 10.35pm ( i have already booked the train tickets).

    We prefer Budget Package with Non Ac rooms (preferably at WBTDC’s Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge), Vegetarian or Fish Meals, Non-Ac sedan cars. Please send me your all inclusive best rates with price break-up & itinerary for the same.

    Looking forward for a quick reply & prompt services.

    Thanks & Regards,

    M: 9037 94 39 37
    M: 9037 94 78 74
    Trivandrum, Kerala

  2. We are 15 in numbers. We are planning to visit this december. We want to know the motor boat fare on per day basis. The next day we will go for sightseeing. Will the fare change in that?

    1. In Sundarban, it is all about boat. You get in to the boat the day you reach, do the sightseeing all day, spend night in boat or resort and then the boat drops you at Godkhali. You are needed to reserve or hire a boat on package including sightseeing and all food. You get breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner, all in boat. If you want you can exclude the dinner from the package and have the same in resort if you are staying in resort. In evening the boat drops you at resort and picks you up in the morning for the sightseeing. As you are 15 in number, you don’t have the option of spending the night at boat and you must have a resort booked.

      You can mail me at “” for further details.

  3. Dear Abhijit
    Can you help me with the rates and contact no of some good boat owners for a trip of 2 days 1 night tour for 5 adults and 1 infant. Starting from kolkata.
    Looking forward to a reply. i have also mailed you on the given id.

  4. I would visit with 15 family members.

    I want to book the boat for 02 days with lunch facility.

    Please provide assistance for booking a boat and if possible a car from Canning to Godhkali

  5. Hi,

    I am planning to visit Sundarban this October end with my husband. Can you please help us in planning a 1 night 2 days trip?

    We would like to have the boat cruise and night stay in the boat. Please suggest.


    1. I can surely help you out. There is an organization who are making adventurous trips to Sunderban. If you want I can connect you to that team. You can surely stay the night on boat. it is really a good experience. The day you would reach, you will have to stay at an island named Pakhiralaya and next day after getting permits from Sajnekhali you can set off for further voyage in to the mangroves. The boat will drop you at the bank by afternoon end.

  6. I will be visiting Sundarban in the month of Dec.2adult and 1child.Can you please can give me any contact no .of boat and how much it will take for 1night 2days tour.And how much will be the tour expenses.

    1. Hello!

      You will have to take a package including the boat and food for all. The cost of package depends on the number of heads and what food you will have on board.

      An average package will cost you approx. 40 K. Further talks and negotiations required.

  7. Hi i want to know how much the boat owners charges for travelling sunderban from godkhali ??can i book boat from godkhali how??

    1. Cost of boat hire depends on the deal. It depends on if you want to hire the boat for a day ride (I don’t suggest this) or 1 night-2 days or 2 nights-3 days. They also take into account the food (number of meals) and type of food you would have in boat. You can mail me your details, and I would be able to share an approx. cost and contact details of the boat owners if needed.

  8. Can you please share the cost and contact details for boat we are 6 person planning trip to sundarban for 2night 3days.

    1. Hello!

      The cost of boat depends on what food you would have on board. When you are on boat safari, you will have no other option but to have breakfast and lunch on board and the boatmen would have to arrange for your food. So the cost of boat depends on the type of food you would have. You have the option of staying at lodges at nights and you can have your dinners at lodges but in case you chose to stay at the boat at night, they will have to arrange for your dinner too. You can mail me for further details.

  9. I want to travel sundarban 1N/2D with family. We have six member.4adult and 2children with age10 and 7.
    How to make a budget tour plan. please mention cost details and how to book boat with meals and resort

    1. As you are traveling with family, it is better you stay at resorts during nights else I would have suggested to stay within the boat which is a great experience. It is better you go for a package trip with any boat owner or any resort. A package would be helpful to you because arranging a boat, a resort and permits would be difficult. There would be better coordination, if you book everything from a single point of contact.

  10. Dear abhijit,

    I will be travelling with my wife on 28 and 29th of nov 17 i.e. 2 days i night trip to sundarban. And night stay in hotel/resort. Kindly advise me how to book the tour and cost of the tour.

    1. Apologize that I couldn’t manage to reply earlier. I was busy with some stuff. I hope you understand that it is so difficult for me to check and respond to each query. I think it is better if we speak. Please call me on my mobile after 9 pm any day. I can surely help you with all details.

  11. hi hope you are fine. we are four adults want to spent 1N-2D in boat actually dated from 20th march to 21 march.2019.

    please reply with all the details and what about the travel cost .

    thank you
    Souvik chakraborty

    1. Dear Souvik,

      Wish I could reply earlier but I was travelling and had limited access to internet.
      March is not the right time to visit Sunderban. It will be too hot to bear. I don’t suggest a trip to Sunderban in March.
      Keep travelling.

      I am back from my recent trip to Bakkhali from Kolkata. Watch my first vlog here:
      Do not forget to subscribe and stay tuned.


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