North Sikkim Tour – A Trip to Paradise of Nature

If you are planning to visit Sikkim, do not miss the adventurous journey to north Sikkim.  With many places of interest, Sikkim is very rich with natural wealth of scenic beauty in northern part of the state. This part of Sikkim is very different from other regions of Sikkim. The mountains of north are very rough and located at very high altitude. North Sikkim must be visited in winter to enjoy the chilling temperature with snowfall and in April-May-June period of time to enjoy the colorful view of the hills with Rhododendrons all around. North Sikkim is far away from the capital city of Gangtok and known for the serenity and tranquility. The raw beauty of nature in north Sikkim is as good as east Sikkim. If you are looking forward to spend 2 or 3 nights in peace with nature beauty all around, I would highly suggest you a trip to north Sikkim. In a word north Sikkim is really a paradise of nature. If you are making a trip plan to Sikkim, make sure you keep north Sikkim in your itinerary…!

Best Time to Visit North Sikkim

October to December: If you are looking forward to enjoy the chilling temperature and cold weather, you should visit north Sikkim in the period between October and December. In this period of time the sky remains clear with a perfect view of the mountains and scenic beauty all around. The snow capped peaks of the high mountains in northern Sikkim remain clear and the sight of the nature is an awesome experience which is remembered all through life. Snowfall starts from January and the roads get inaccessible though first and second week of January remains okay but then onwards the region gets blocked and restricted. This part of the country is the border area and you will find the Army Jawans there and military trucks plying frequently. The roads are maintained by the BRO and Indian Army. I really salute them to make the roads clear at such an altitude and make the roads accessible for us to visit the nature’s paradise.

April – May: If you wish to visit colorful valleys and mountains, you are supposed to visit north Sikkim in April-May period. This is the time when the northern region of Sikkim remains colorful with Rhododendrons. April-May is the time when the Rhododendrons blossom at full. The temperature remains moderate and enjoyable.

Places to Visit in North Sikkim:


It is a small hamlet a few kilometers away from Chungthang on way to Thangu. Lachen is really a very beautiful place with raw nature all around. The scenic view all around is magnificent and the temperature remains very cold at such a high altitude. Very few people leave there in Lachen who are so simple and friendly. Sikkim Govt. uses the village people in eco and organic tourism. Lachen is the place where tourists are taken directly from Gangtok to spend the night there. People availing 2 nights – 3 days package trip to north Sikkim have to spend the first night in Lachen. If you are visiting in winter, make sure to arrange camp fire with dinner. The driver or the house stay owner will help you in regard to this. I enjoy the camp fire with roasted chicken.


When the night is over, one needs to get ready for a day excursion to Thangu, Chopta Valley and Gurudongmar Lake. One needs to get up and set off early in the morning to make sure you spend good time at the places of interest and make sure you reach Lachung before it is dark. The first destination to visit in morning is Thangu. It is a beautiful landscape on way toward Gurudongmar Lake. You will surely love to spend some time here. Each time I visit North Sikkim, I ask my driver to make a halt at Thangu. There are some eateries serving hot Momo. I hope you will surely love to have momo with a cup of hiot tea or coffee and stare at the magnificent view all around. Thangu is the crossing that leads a way to Gurudongmar Lake and another way to Chopta Valley.

Chopta Valley:

It is one of the best valleys in north Sikkim. The Chopta Valley is a few kilometers from Thangu. The scenic view will make you feel like you stay there forever with the nature. Each time I visit Chopta Valley, I plan for the next trip being there. In April-May, the region remains so colorful with Rhododendrons and in winter people shiver.


When all the places of interest are visited, one needs to reach Lachung before it is dark. The roads are dangerous at such a high altitude and it is better to reach Lachung before the day lights are off. Lachung is another beautiful hamlet in northern region of Sikkim. The second night in 2 nights – 3 days package trip to north Sikkim one is supposed to spend the second night in Lachung. It is another scope where you can enjoy the camp fire. The temperature is always cold here and a perfect place to enjoy camp fire. If you step out, it is pitch dark all around and the continuous noise of the Lachung River adds more thrill to the moment.

Yumthang Valley:

On the 3rd day when you wake up early in the morning, you have set out to visit Yumthang Valley and Zero Point on a day excursion. I consider Yumthang to be the best valley in north Sikkim. The landscape of Yumthang is nature’s gift to us. The river and the greenery all around remains white covered with snow in winter and the April-May period, the colors of yellow, red, blue, green, violet, purple etc. make the valley so colorful.

Zero Point:

If you move ahead beyond Yumthang, you can reach Zero Point but one needs to pay some extra to visit Zero Point – the ultimate point can be visited by general citizens. There is no road beyond this point. This point remains frozen most time of the year.

How to Visit North Sikkim:

If one wishes to visit north Sikkim, he is supposed to make the trip through a local tour operator authorized to Sikkim Tourism. If the hotel manager or any other tour operator arranges this package for you, know that they would arrange the trip through any local authorized operator only as I have already mentioned. Mainly there are 2 packages to north Sikkim, i.e. 1 night – 2 days package and 2 nights – 3 days package. The package cost includes transportation, food, lodging and sightseeing.

Itinerary for 1 night – 2 days package trip to North Sikkim:

Day 1: Transfer from Gangtok to Lachung, O/ N stay

Day 2: Visit Yumthang Valley and Zero Point, transfer to Gangtok


Itinerary for 2 nights – 3 days package trip to North Sikkim:

Day 1: Transfer from Gangtok to Lachen, O/N stay

Day 2: Day trip to Thangu, Chopta Valley and Gurudongmar Lake, transfer to Lachung, O/N stay

Day 3: Day trip to Yumthang Valley and Zero Point, transfer to Gangtok

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51 thoughts on “North Sikkim Tour”

    1. Hi Nilesh,

      I can surely suggest you a tour plan. I would like to know when you are planning to visit, number of days, number of people, etc. Drop me a mail at “”, I will surely revert back with all information.

      1. May I request you to plan an itenary during the first week of April for North Sikkim or any other snow covered areas even suggesting the local tour operator from gangtok.The duration of the tour be restricted to not more than 7 days.

        1. DAY 01:
          NJP RLY. STN / IXB AIRPORT – GANGTOK (ABOUT 125 KMS / 4 HRS)– Meet & Greet on arrival at NJP station / IXB airport & transfer to Gangtok – “The Capital City of Sikkim”. On arrival check-in to your hotel & rest of the day at leisure. Overnight at hotel in Gangtok.

          DAY 02:
          GANGTOK -LACHEN (ABOUT 125 KMS / 6 HRS)- After breakfast drive to Lachen (altitude 8800 ft) for about 6 hours. Enroute visit Singhik View point, Seven Sisters Water Falls, Naga Water Falls. Stop on way for lunch. Reach Lachen by evening. Overnight halt at Lachen.

          DAY 03:
          LACHEN -GURUDONGMAR, THANGHU, CHOPTA VALLEY EXCURSION – LACHUNG. – Early Morning after breakfast drive to Gurudongmar Lake, Thangu and Chopta Valley. Back to hotel for lunch. Evening free. Overnight halt at Lachen hotel.

          DAY 04: —
          After breakfast, drive to Lachung, check-in hotel. Full day free for individual activities. Overnight halt at Lachung hotel.

          DAY 05:
          LACHUNG -YUMTHANG, ZERO POINT EXCURSION (24 KM. & 11,800FT) – Early Morning after breakfast drive for 24 km to Yumthang – Valley (known as Valley of Flowers) and Zero Point, Yumthang is the summer grazing ground of the Yaks & winter playgrounds of Yetis. On the way back visit Hot Spring considered to have medicinal properties. Back to hotel for lunch. Afternoon free to stroll around Lachung village. Dinner at Hotel. Overnight at hotel at Lachung hotel.

          Day 6:
          Lachung to Dzongu valley, (125kms in 5hrs) – Check out from Lachung and drive back to. Dzongu Valley is an offbeat destination. Reserved forest area and no hotels are available. But there are several homestays are available. Dzongu is full of waterfalls. They can be seen cascading down from every second hill. Lingzya falls is the best among them

          Day 7:
          Rest and Eco-Tourism in Dzongu valley

          Day 8:
          Reserve Day (Can be inserted anywhere, because of weather in this region) Afternoon Start Drive from Gangtok/Dzongu to New Jalpaiguri.

      1. Hi Abhijit,
        I ‘am planning to visit Sikkim in first week of April.
        Can you send me plan for 5d6n..
        Also , would I be able to see snow.


        1. April is not the best time for snow. It is time for Rhododendron flowers. I can help you with the itinerary for sure. Please confirm if it is 5 nights – 6 days or 6 nights – 7 days trip. Number of days can’t be lesser compared to nights. Better if you can give me a call.

    1. The trip plan can be 3 nights in along Silk Route, 3 nights in Gangtok and 2 nights in north Sikkim. You cam mail me at “” for further details if needed.

  1. Hi Abhijit, hope u r doing well ! Can you please suggest an itinery along with package tours available for similar itinerary for North Sikkim. I plan to travel from Jamshedpur around 10 Dec 2016 and wish to visit Gurudongmer lake, Yumthang Valley, Lachung, Tsongmo lake and Gangtok. The trip duration can be as long as required ( I assume 5-7 days would be sufficient). Please respond ASAP 🙂 Thanks

    1. Couldn’t reply earlier. Let me know if you are still looking for any info. I feel December is not a good time to visit Gurudongmar Lake. Road may remain closed any day.

    1. April is not a good time for snow. April-May is time for Rhododendron flowers in north Sikkim. The valleys remain so colourful. If you visit north Sikkim in April, you can get stiff ice at Zero Point further to Yumthang Valley visited from Lachung and you can get some snow around Gurudongmar Lake if you are lucky. This lake is visited from Lachen.
      You can mail me for further details.

  2. HI Abhijit, We are visiting Sikkim from may 14th to May 20th i.e. 6 Nights 7 days. We would like to visit North Sikkim and Pelling.

    1) Can you suggest itenary?

    2) As we would be travelling with 4 year old kid would this be too hectic?

    3) Hotels recommended by you.


    1. I have sent you a detail mail. Check your inbox please. I don’t suggest Gurudongmar Lake in north Sikkim with a 4 year old kid. There can health issues with the kid. The lake is at almost 18,000 feet altitude.

  3. Kindly suggest a plan to visit Darjeeling n Sikkim for a duration of 9-10 days from Guwahati in the month of April. I will be traveling with my 1 yr old infant.

  4. Hi Abhijit,

    Can you please suggest an itinerary for North Sikkim/Gangtok that I can cover in 3 days. We are a group of 4-5 people and we wish to travel on April 14-15-16.

    Nikhil Sawant

    1. I would like to know exact number of nights you have in hand. I can suggest a plan then. North Sikkim needs 2 nights 3 days to cover all places. You will need 2 nights minimum at Gangtok too. The day you return from north Sikkim, you will have to stay at Gangtok. You can mail me at “” for further details.

  5. hello,

    I am planning to visit Sikkim from 29th April for 8 days with 13 year old niece.I will be visiting first time.Could you kindly suggest best itinerary.

  6. I have a question. Please help me.
    Can I take a self drive car (Zoomcar) to North Sikkim from Siliguri?

    1. I doubt, it would be very hard to get a permit. Self owned cars given preferences but getting a permit is quite hard. Look for someone there who can arrange a permit for you.

  7. I will reach Gangtok on 20th April.can I book north sikim tour package from there for next 3 days

  8. Hi.Abhijit i want to go north sikkim .on 20/12/17. to see the sceanic of snow .is it possible ? May i go zero point this time ?

  9. Hi Abhijit,

    Read some of your suggestions above, and thought you can help us as well. We are looking to head to Sikkim in mid December and need a couple of suggestions: 1) Is North Sikkim must or South and West Sikkim are also nice and unexplored and as beautiful 2) We are planning a 4-5 day trip and want to include atleast 2 days of hiking (either at a stretch or one) day hikes, so can you suggest some routes in North Sikkim. 3) We are a bit wary of the cold weather, so do we get hotels and homestays with heaters in North Sikkim and can we make one place a base to trek and come back – not sure if we can manage tents in that cold weather

    Appreciate your inputs and help.


  10. Hi Abhijith

    I am planning to visit Sikkim from 22nd Dec for 7 days & need your suggestion for the itinerary I would like to cover Gangtok , Lachen, Lachung ,(Ravangla& Pelling or Darjeeling). I will be visiting first time.Could you kindly suggest best itinerary? I will reach Bogdora on 22nd Dec 2.50pm & return flight on 28th 3.20pm .

    Thank You,

  11. Dear Abhijit,

    Can you please suggest me a full proof 7 to 8 days plan in North sikkim, we are total 12 a team including two kids along with us they are 5 years approx.

    We have planned to go on 31st March 2018.

    In addition if you suggest some hotels or homestay contact, it will be more delightful.


    1. Sure, I can. I can surely help you with a trip plan. The trip would require 4 nights at Gangtok, 2 nights in north Sikkim (Lachen and Lachung) and 2 nights at Pelling. So you must have 8 nights-9 days for the trip. In case you have 7 nights-8 days in hand, you can let go Pelling and spend that extra night at Gangtok only. If you want you can stay 1 extra night at Lachen or Lachung too. So make your mind, let me know. I will assist in making the final trip plan. Do give me a call on my mobile.

  12. Hi!
    I really love your travelogue. Well, can you please advice me an itinerary? I plan to visit Pelling & North Sikkim, this April 2018. We are a couple.

    1. Apologize that I couldn’t manage to reply earlier. I was busy with some stuff. I hope you understand that it is so difficult for me to check and respond to each query. I think it is better if we speak. Please call me on my mobile after 9 pm any day. I can surely help you with all details.

  13. hello,
    brother..I work in a public sector and get long hoildays only during Durga Puja Vacation. So me with my 3-4 other friends are planning to visit North Sikkim during Durga Puja 2018 (October). So I want some following answers from you:
    1) is it possible to visit Lachen, Gurudongmar Lake, Zero Point and *(ZULUK) in one itinerary ?
    2) Can we get snow under our feet in zero point ?
    3) how many days will it required for this itinerary ?
    4) and ofcourse the estimated cost ?

    please reply we have to book earlier

  14. Hi,

    I am looking for a tour to North Sikkim for 7-8 days in coming October. Can u pls suggest a tour plan with nominal expense. We are 3 heads in count and do not want to miss any single tour spot in that region.

    Please share a plan with me and tell me its approx cost in total.

  15. May I request you to plan an itenary during the last week of March for North Sikkim or any other snow covered areas even suggesting the local tour operator from gangtok.The duration of the tour be restricted to not more than 6 days.

  16. Thank you for the blog. This is very helpful. I took the 8 days itenary 🙂

    I have one question, we are reaching NJP by 8 am in the morning and leaving to Gangtok, are there any places to see while reaching, or should we go to Gangtok and plan sightseeing from there? Thanks


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