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Gangtok being the capital of Sikkim located at an altitude of 5,500 ft is one of the finest, beautifully designed cities in India. Gantok in Sikkim is a major tourist attraction in India and it attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. The place is a high demand tourist spot for its magnificent beauty and scenic view. Mt. Kanchenjungha is highly visible from the city and it’s a fantastic view to see the giant peak standing white with snow and tall in the range.

Gangtok City MG Marg

I have already been to the city 5 times and looking forward to make another trip to the land of Himalayas with my favorite companions. I will surely not hesitate to say “yes” when any friend of mine asks about the trip to me. I love the city for its cleanliness, beautification and scenic view of the nature around the city. The place is one of the popular hill stations in India. Last time I visited the city in November, 2011 with the same group ( I love being in the group and leading it to our destination) when we visited the city via old Silk route from Lingtam. Lingtam is a beautiful serene offbeat destination in Sikkim. You can visit my “Hill Stations” category to view all the posts and trip reviews to get all details to make your plan to visit the place. By the time I visited Gangtok last time, I already made the Gangtok sightseeing more than 2 times before but we didn’t hesitate to go for Gangtok sightseeing again and visit the Gangtok tourist places for the beauty we explored.


We reached Gangtok late in the evening though we were supposed to reach the city earlier than that but the road condition was too poor and fog made it impossible for the driver to hurry up. The road condition from Siliguri or NJP to Gangtok is very good but the Silk route is a tough terrain. Generally 99% visit Gangtok by the road that connects the city with Siliguri and NJP. If you want to take the adventure, if you are a lover of the rough and raw nature then I would suggest you to take the Silk route from Lingtam to Gangtok. To travel by this road one has to take special permission from the Army. Both the routes have their own beauty and you can experience two different views while driving or passing by the routes.

Kolkata to Gangtok in Sikkim – How To Reach

Here I state how to reach Gangtok from Kolkata. One can take train or bus from Kolkata to reach NJP or Siliguri respectively. Siliguri and NJP are connected with bus and train services from different parts of India. Gangtok in Sikkim is connected with the plain in West Bengal by motor able routes and it takes 4 and half hours on average to reach the beautiful city from NJP or Siliguri – the plains of Bengal. One can also avail the aviation service provided by the Sikkim Government. There is Helicopter service from Bagdogra airport to Gangtok helipad. It takes a few minutes to reach Gangtok if one travel by air.

Kolkata to New Jalpaiguri Train Service

There are regular train services from Sealdah station in Kolkata to NJP station in north Bengal. NJP station is the gateway to Sikkim and many other tourist spots in north Bengal. Most of the trains depart in evening or at night except one or two in day. Tourists mostly take a night journey to reach Gangtok by noon or early afternoon. Most of the important trains from Kolkata to New Jalpaiguri are the followings:

Trains from Kolkata to New Jalpaiguri

  • Kanchan Kanya Express
  • Kanchanjungha express
  • Padatik Express
  • Darjeeling Mail

There are more trains to North Bengal but I would suggest you to take Darjeeling Mail which departs at 10.05pm because it is a super fast train and the only train that takes you to NJP station in 10 hours while all other trains takes you in 12 hours though usually these trains are always late by at least half an hour or 1 hour. Darjeeling Mail drops you at NJP at 8am and you can set off to Gangtok early to enjoy your day there. If you are late to reach NJP then you would be late to reach Gangtok too and this would kill your valuable time to explore the destination on your first day of visit. So, I would suggest you take Darjeeling Mail – the best train to New Jalpaiguri from Kolkata.

New Jalpaiguri to Gangtok by Road

NJP Gangtok

Once you drop at NJP station, you can take a direct car to Gangtok from the prepaid taxi booth present just outside the station.  If vehicles are not available, you can reach up to Siliguri bus terminus by auto or rickshaw (I prefer auto) and there are ready jeeps or cars to Gangtok frequently. NJP to Gangtok – the road is very comfortable and scenic beauty all around is just fantastic and mind blowing. The river Teesta flows along side the road and accompanies you till the entry to the city.

Teesta River Gangtok

I will cover the places of interests and tourists spots in and around Gangtok city in my next post. Stay tuned to TravelDias for latest travel updates, trip reviews and tour guide.

Keep traveling, keep smiling 🙂


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  1. Hey Abhijit,

    Very Nice post, Well I am also a travel enthusiast but unfortunately have not traveled much around. Am going to Gangtok for the first time in May this year.
    Can you help me explore Gangtok. I an accompanied by my partner and I want to have different yet wonderful experience of Gangtok. which I can remember for decades.


    1. Prasun,

      First of all thanks to you for taking out time to visit, it is my personal blog where I share my knowledge with travelers. You can send me all your queries and details at my mail-id, I would surely help you plan your trip and make an itinerary for you. You can drop me a mail with all your details and requirements at the given mail-id on the “Contact Me” page or at “uvreachedavi[at]gmail[dot]com”

      Let me know number of days you have with you. One thing I must let you know that when you are 2 in number, you have 2 options. 1) To hire a vehicle (small) to visit place to place or, 2) In sharing basis (with others) Cost of traveling will be accordingly. Gangtok is just a city – capital of Sikkim (one of my favorites in hills) but the raw nature and beauty is spread across other regions away from the city. Travelers make the city as a base to cover other regions.

      You can like & for more and regular updates on travel.

      Abhijit Gupta

      1. I want to visit Sikkim on 21st and depart from there on 23rd ..I want to know that from new jalpaiguri,can we hire a sale rate car for 3 persons with a guide or is it beneficial to hire that from Sikkim only…want to know the approximate cost for that…kindly let me know on if you can
        Thanking you

        1. Hi Aditya,

          You have only 2-3 days in hand and that is too less to visit a place like Sikkim. I have mailed you the details, check your inbox and revert back there if you need to know anything more.

  2. Hi Abhijeet,

    Need advice.

    I have to take my return flight from Bagdogra which is at 10:40 AM , So i have to leave 6-7 Hrs prior from Gangtok to reach airport. Is it safe to leave Gangtok in morning around 4 ?


    1. Hi Nilabh,

      Thanks for visiting Traveldias – a travel blog where I share travel updates.

      Sikkim is one of the safest states in the country. People are simple, helpful and loyal. There is nothing to be worried about as far as humans are concerned but it is better if we avoid driving along those hilly roads with sharp turns and bends at such a high altitude.

      It takes around 5 hours approx. from NJP to Gangtok or vice verse. If it is dark it would take more time. You can arrange your vehicle the previous day and leave early around 4 am as you said. There won’t be any problem.

      Hope I have served your query. Stay tuned to, you can like and follow for travel updates.

      Abhijit Gupta

  3. hi.
    We are 7 going to gangtok on 1st week of may. Can you please help me about the bus journey from siliguri/njp to gangtok which leaves before 9am.

    1. Hi Chandan,

      Thanks for going through the post and take out your time to comment. The buses belong to Sikkim Govt. leaves from Siliguri Bus stop, takes around 5.5 hours on avg. to reach Gangtok. The journey is not that much comfortable though it is economical if you are less in number. When you are 7, I would suggest you to hire a vehicle from NJP prepaid taxi booth. It would be much comfortable and apart from that there are some advantages too. You can stop the car whenever you want to take photographs and all, you can stop for snacks or teas etc. These all is not possible if you are traveling in bus because it would stop once or two times. The journey from NJP/Siliguri to Gangtok is just superb. The scenic view is awesome.

      Happy journey. Keep traveling, keep smiling. 🙂 Stay tuned to Traveldias, you can also like and follow for latest travel updates.

  4. thanks for the suggetion. I have changed my mind. We will hire a cur from njp. Can you give any idea about the rate of a car from njp to gangtok nowadays that is in the 1st week of may

    1. @Chandan: The vehicle rate (Sumo, Mahindra) would be around Rs 2,800. The vehicle can accommodate a max. of 10 heads excluding the driver. As you are 7 in number it would be comfortable. You can also hire a 7 seat Innova, Xylo, Scorpio, Travera etc., the costing would be a little bit higher around Rs 3,300 – 3,500. Be sure to book your car from the prepaid taxi booth outside the NJP station. When you drop at NJP station, you can have your break fast within the station because the outside food is not that much good. I suggest you to have your breakfast from the IRCTC or any good private restaurants at platform 1.


  5. hi
    we r 5 friend from kolkata, going to GANGTOK in may-24,2013.pls give ur precious suggestion about–

    1)best & safe communication process from ngp to gangtok.
    2)important place to visit in gangtok.
    3)some important advise regarding this trip.

    1. Hi Rupam,

      Thanks for visiting TravelDias and going through the posts here. Hope it served your purpose. You can like the Facebook page and follow the G+ profile to stay updated with all travel updates on

      You can hire a vehicle from the prepaid taxi booth just outside NJP station to go to Gangtok. Rs 2,600-2,800 is for Sumo/Max vehicle, Rs3,500-3,700 for a Innnova/Travera/Scorpio type vehicle. You can also avail shared taxis from the booth. It would be around Rs. 250 – 300 per head. I would suggest you to hire a vehicle rather going on shared basis. You can stop any where, take photographs and the journey would be comfortable.

      There are many places to visit in and around Gangtok. It all depends on how many days you would be there. You can go for the following sightseeing in and around Gangtok:

      1. Gangtok city sightseeing (Rumtek monastery is must) – a day trip
      2. Tsomgo lake, Nathula pass (India-China border), Baba Mandir and Tookla Valley – a day trip
      3. North Sikkim trip: Yumthang Valley, Zero point, Lachung, Lachen, Gurudongmar lake – a 2 nights – 3 days package trip from Gangtok
      4. You can go to Lingtam via old Silk Route and drop down to NJP from there – 2 night stay should be done in Lingtam


  6. hello sir
    Need Advise

    After reaching Gangtok,(we r 5 friends)what will be the best option to communicate the visiting place (as u advise in ur previous msg) from our hotel(below forest secretariat annex-2 Deovali,Deorali)….
    To take meal in hotel(where we will stay) will be the best policy or not??
    we want to buy some dress and other thing,which market is approprite and economical???

    1. Rupam,

      City sightseeing: You can hire a Innova/Scorpio/Travera, it would take around Rs 2,500 for the vehicle. If you were 4 in number, I would have suggested you to take a Maruti Omni, it only accommodate 4 persons at a time.

      Tsomgo Lake Tour: You can hire a vehicle or go on shared basis. Hiring would cost you higher but sharing would cost you less. Mostly heavy vehicles like Mahindra Max/Bolero etc. go on this trip. They accommodate 9-10 persons in a vehicle excluding the driver. The cost to visit on sharing basis would be around Rs 600-700 per head while the cost of hiring a vehicle would be around Rs. 7000-7500. The provided costs are approx., it could go a bit higher or less. I would suggest you to look for 3 or 4 young fellows in your hotel or ask your hotel manager so that you all together can hire a vehicle. I don’t like to go on shared basis with others because everybody doesn’t have the same mind. 🙂

      North Sikkim trip: This is a package trip done by local operators and drivers. The package can be a 1 night – 2 days trip (Rs. 1500 approx.) or 2 nights – 3 days trip (Rs 2,200-2,500 approx.) from Gangtok. To visit Zero point (the last point accessible for general citizens – highest point at the end), you need to pay extra Rs. 300/head approx. to the driver. Gurudongmar lake is just fabulous. If you can get permission from the army (a request to the driver may work), you can visit Katao, for this you need to pay extra Rs. 300/head approx. to the driver.

      Silk route: This is the best route I have traveled along in Sikkim. You can reach Lingtam passing along this stretch, for this you need to have special permit from Army. The hotel manager at Lingtam can arrange the permit for you. There is only one resort in Lingtam, named “The Silk route resort”. You can visit for more knowledge on the hotel. It would take around Rs. 7000-7500 for a vehicle from gangtok to Lingtam. You can’t avail a shared option in this route.

      Food: If you are going to have meals and breakfast in hotel, it is going to be costlier than what you can have outside. I suggest you to explore the market place or go around the place after you check-in to hotel. You can have the first lunch in hotel because you would travel long and after reaching Gangtok, you would not be interested to go out for a lunch. After having lunch you can explore the outer world for a good, economic restaurant. There are many restaurants in Gangtok provide good meal.

      Shopping: If you are looking for shopping, the best market is “Lal Market” just by the MG Marg, the most popular street in Gangtok. You can get woolen cloths, jackets etc. at a much cheaper rates than what we get in Kolkata but remember to bargain. You can get quality jackets at Rs 1200 – 1500 which would be around Rs 3000 in Kolkata. If you avail the Silk route en-route Lingtam, you can get the same jackets at Rs 500 – 800. I have bought most of my jackets from there. There are 4-5 shops at the market at Sorethang. Visit the post for further knowledge.

      Hope I have clarified all your points. You can like the Facebook page and follow the G+ profile for more updates on travel.


  7. Hi Abhijit,

    I liked your post, its nice and informative. I am planning to go to Gangtok in the 2nd week of August. I know its not the best time to visit the place. However I am only travelling back to India on that time. It will be really great if you can inform me about some good value hotel and weather in Gangtok.
    Thanks in advance, Have a nice day ahead!

    1. Hey Jana,

      Thanks for visiting Travel Dias, hope it served your purpose. I would highly suggest Himalayan Retreat Resort

      You can search for other good value hotels on web. There are many but there are only a few resorts like the one I have mentioned above. The resort is a bit away from MG Marg, the heart of Gangtok. You can get taxis to and from there. The scenic view from the resort and the huts in the resort are amazing. You would feel very natural and the service is good too.

      You can go through the reviews of this resort on Tripadvisor. It would help you to decide.

      As far as weather is concerned, it would be cloudy and cold. Tourists generally avoid the months of monsoon. Roads can be blocked any time. Land slides may happen any time due to rainfall.

      Let me know if you need any other info. You can like the Facebook page and follow the G+ profile of TravelDias to stay updated with all travel info on destinations of interest in India.


  8. Hi. I am planning to visit Gangtok and Pelling from 25th jun to 30th June. Is this time is good ? Can u pl advise ?

  9. Hi,

    I plan to visit Gangtok in October. I would alighting at NJP around 8am. I would like to know if I can get shared jeeps/sumos directly to Gangtok from NJP. Also, I am looking for a budget accommodation in Gangtok. Kindly suggest some.

    I would then be proceeding to Pelling from Gangtok. Kindly advice me on accommodation there. Also, are there regular buses from Pelling to NJP? If yes, how much time does the commute take.

    thanks a lot,


    1. Hi Ramol,

      Thanks for visiting TravelDias. Hope the post on NJP to Gangtok has served your purpose.

      October is a peak time for tourists in Sikkim as people generally love to spend time there during Puja holidays. Those who goes through hard time to get leaves from office and business, utilizes this time of the year to travel. So, there would be much rush. I would suggest you to book hotels in advance though there are good number of hotels in both Gangtok and Pelling. In Gangtok, most of the hotels are located in MG Marg, the heart of the Gangtok city but I would suggest you to stay at any hotel in Development area in Gangtok. Development Area is just a few minutes from MG Marg. The reason I am suggesting is, you can get the best view of the mountains all around, scenic beauty and the Mt. Kanchenjungha from a hotel in Development Area which is not possible from hotels in MG Marg. The hotels in MG Marg which is well located to give you a good scenic view are all high end hotels with high tariffs. During puja time (October), the average rate of an economic room in Gangtok would be around Rs 1000. Deluxe rooms would have a minimum price of Rs 1300 and you can get budget rooms at Rs 700-800 but I won’t suggest this.

      Yes, you can get shared jeeps just outside the NJP station from the Prepaid taxi booth. Just get out of the station and the booth is right there on left side from the point you would get out through. Hiring a vehicle would cost you around Rs 2,600-2,800, the rate varies with seasons and traffic of tourists. Shared rates would be around Rs 250-300 per head. Shared rates also varies.

      Pelling is divided into 3 parts, lower, middle and upper. Pelling is the best place in Sikkim from where you can get a close and clean view of the Mt. Kanchenjungha if the weather is okay. Upper Pelling is better to stay and hotels rates in Upper Pelling is more that the rates of hotels in lower or middle Pelling. Avg. rate of a economy room during October would be around Rs 1300

      I would suggest you to visit Pelling from Gangtok via Namchi, Temi tea garden, Char Dham etc. It is not the general route between Gangtok and Pelling that people take. It is a different route which is gifted by God with such superb scenic beauty. You can sightseeing en-route to Pelling. The disadvantage is it is hard to get shared vehicles for this route. You would have to hire a vehicle to ply through this route. The average rate in October would be Rs 3000-3500 a vehicle.

      You can get in touch with me anytime for any assistance you want.


  10. Hi.
    Your work and the information you provided is really impressive.

    I am visiting Pelling and Gangtok from 14-18 october with family. We have planned to visit Pelling via njp first and then gangtok and return to njp. It will be very helpful if you kindly inform me the ongoing approx rates(both shared and hired) of jeeps for the following routes.

    1) NJP to Pelling
    2) Sight seeing in Pelling
    3) Pelling to Gangtok
    4)sight seeing in gangtok with Tsomo lake and Baba Mandir.
    5) Gangtok to NJP.

    Hotels are booked well in advance and the only thing i m worried is the route fare as the time will be a peak session. So, please help as much as you can with the information.

    Thanks in advance.

    with regards,

    Suman Biswas.

    1. Hi Suman,

      Thanks for visiting TravelDias. Hope you enjoyed your stay here.

      October is a peak season and the rates would be higher compared to other seasons. As you have mentioned that you have already booked your rooms, then I have nothing to suggest in this regard. Let me know where do you plan to lodge. MG Marg is the heart of the city with hundreds of hotels but Development Area is the best place to stay at Gangtok city.

      NJP To Pelling: RS 300 to 350 approx per head in shared basis and Rs 3500-4000 per vehicle
      Pelling sightseeing: Rs 300 – 350 per head in shared basis and Rs 3500 per vehicle a day
      Pelling to Gangtok: Rs 250 – 300 approx per head and Rs 3000 a vehicle
      Gangtok sightseeing (Tsomgo lake and Baba mandir): Rs 500 per head approx and Rs 5000-6000 a vehicle, if you go Nathula Pass (India-China border) it would be around Rs. 750 per head and Rs 7500-8000 a vehicle. Nathula Pass is closed on Friday, I guess. Confirm it from your hotel manager if you plan to visit.

      Hope I have clarified all your queries and now it would be easier to plan your budget for the trip.

      I would suggest you an alternative plan. It is better to visit Gangtok first from NJP and then Pelling. The suggested itinerary could be:

      Day 1: NJP to Gangtok
      Day 2: Gangtok sightseeing (Tsomgo Lake, Baba mandir, Nathula Pass)
      Day 3: Gangtok to Pelling via Namchi, Temi tea garden, Char Dham etc.
      Day 4: Pelling sightseeing
      Day 5: Pelling to NJP


  11. Thanks a lot Abhijit.

    We are staying in the development area near one cinema hall(forgot the name). The hotels are booked hence the plan you suggested would not be possible. Now i guess i can plan my budget for the trip 🙂 thanks once again. Two more thing..
    1)would i get jeeps to Pelling right from NJP station? or i need to go to the SNT bus stand?
    2) I have googled that the transportation to gangtok form Pelling is not very frequent. It would be very helpful if you inform me when the local transport towards gangtok departs from pelling.

    Thanks for the information once again 🙂

    with regards,

    Suman Biswas.

    with regards

    1. Hi Suman,

      As far as my knowledge goes, I guess there are no cinema hall at Development Area. Denzong cinema hall is at MG Marg. I would suggest you to take the route from Pelling to Gangtok that takes you via Namchi and other places of interest I have already mentioned. (If it is feasible to you)

      1) Yes, you would get vehicles just outside the NJP station. Avail the prepaid taxis, don’t go for other vehicles. The prepaid taxi booth is just outside the station and it would be on your left when you get out of the station.

      2) There are taxi services between Pelling and Gangtok. Just ask your hotel manager for the taxi stand. You can also book a vehicle of your own. No need to worry. When you go for sightseeing in Pelling, just ask the driver if he has got the permit to drive you to Gangtok. You can also ask him where the taxi stand is. People there are very helpful. You can ask the hotel boy, staffs for more detail information as they are local and they travel to Gangtok frequently.

      Let me know if you need any further assistance. You can like the Traveldias Facebook page and G+ page to stay tuned to my updates. I would request you to review your trip on Traveldias and share your experience after you return. You can even write a story of your travel and I would post by your name.

      Stay in touch. 🙂 Wish you a very happy journey.


  12. can u let me know the possible std family hotels at gangtok (around 1500/-) preferably on MG road or Development area as u said.

    Also the North Sikkim trip: Yumthang Valley, Zero point, Lachung, Lachen, Gurudongmar lake – a 2 nights – 3 days package trip from Gangtok –- is it 2500/- per head including food/lodge/boarding/car
    What is the rate if i book a car ? We are 4 persons + 1 kid

    1. Hi Jay,

      There are many standard hotels in MG Marg and Development Area in Gangtok city. I always stay at Shivam Resort at Development Area. This hotel provides the best scenic view of the Gangtok city. Room rent is also reasonable. One can get superb rooms @Rs 800-900 approx. Hotel Sai Kripa, Sagarika are also good. There are many more hotels but I never lodged in.

      If you are getting 2 nights – 3 days package of north Sikkim in Rs 2500, it is quite a good deal. Make sure they provide mineral waters in your whole trip.


        1. Hi Jay,

          You can get the contact details in my post Just go through it and the details are at the bottom. The only property in Lingtam is also owned by them. Do call the person named Binay Dey (Tito). Let him know I have referred you. Once you have a talk with him, let me know the rate he says. I would suggest then.


          1. gave your reference.
            saying 1200/- and 1000/-
            1500/- rooms are at top fl which i do not prefer, since no lift.
            I prefer 1200/- rooms, have asked him to send the room pics over email
            Is the rate Ok ??

          2. Hi Jay,

            Are you visiting there in October? If you are visiting during puja holidays, it is peak season and the rates of hotels are higher compared to other months. Rs 1000 – 1200 is good price. It is just a 2 storied building and it won’t be a problem to climb the stairs. You can of course get into a bargain with Tito.

            I had a talk with Tito regarding you. I have asked to reduce the price. Call him up 2 days later and see what he says. Say you are getting rooms in Rs 700-800 a day in other hotels but as I have referred, you are interested in staying there. Let me know his reviewed price and then I will suggest you.

            It takes Rs 20 – 30 a car to travel to MG Marg from the hotel. A car can accommodate 4 people at a time. All local taxis in Gangtok are Maruti Omni vans.


  13. yes i am visiting end oct
    thnx for what u did, will spk to tito and confirm.
    am waiting for his reply & snaps
    moreover TWO NIGHTS THREE DAYS LACHEN & GURUDONGMAR with LACHUNG & YUMTHANG — 4 person @ 6620/- per head as quoted in pkg rate by Saikripa hotel (
    Your comments pls

    1. Jay,

      Rs 6620 per head is too much for the 2 nights – 3 days package. Don’t go with that. You can easily get the package in much less price. You can have a talk with Tito. He can surely provide you the same package at a much less price but do not forget to bargain. Ask for mineral water for the whole journey. I guess Rs 3500 approx per head is good deal for this package. I don’t know the recent price there but it should not go to such level as marked by Saikripa.

      I would suggest you one thing. Make all your bookings through one pocket. It is better. Talk to Tito and let me know. Let me know how much does he reduce the room rates. Do bargain to get a good deal.

      I would suggest you 1 more thing. Just ask for north Sikkim package rates for 2 nights – 3 days from other agencies, you would get to compare the prices then.


  14. Hi Abhijit
    Room rates – 1100/- incl of tax (rooms on 2nd fl)
    Nathula pass,changu lake,baba mandir – 800/- per head on sharing basis (incl all charges for pass)
    TWO NIGHTS THREE DAYS LACHEN & GURUDONGMAR with LACHUNG & YUMTHANG — 4 person @ 3000/- per head (final rate offered by him) on shared basis. I hav a kid with me in addition, do u think booking 4 seats will be comfortable during this journey ?
    If exclusive then it will be 20K

    1. Hey Jay,

      Rooms on second floor are just awesome with the scenic view all around. I assure you that this hotel gives you the best view of the city. Rs 1100 is a good deal, you can go with this. If you are a budget traveler, I would suggest not to have meals in the hotel. There is a small restaurant at the ground floor run by a family, you can have meals there. It would be economical. The man there can also help you with information and he is a good guide too.

      Rs 3000 per head for 2 nights – 3 days package to north Sikkim is also a good deal. Ask Tito if he can provide bottled water to you for the whole trip. If you want to go for a exclusive trip, i.e. only 4 of you in a vehicle, 20 K is also a good deal. Actually 10 persons are accommodated in a vehicle in shared basis and that makes 30,000 for 10 persons (3,000 per head).

      For Nathula, Baba Mandir and Tsomgo Lake trip, Rs 800 per head is okay, a good deal again I must say. I guess an exclusive trip would make it Rs 8000 a vehicle. That means if you want to hire a vehicle, it would take 8K. You can have a talk in regard to this with Tito.


  15. Hi,

    We are 7, Planning to visit N.Sikim on Oct-10 to 13. We are reaching NJP at 2.00 am. Will we able to get Taxi or cab to reach Lachung at this time?

    1. Hi Manas,

      I guess this would be your first visit to Sikkim. Just for your information, I would like to share that there is no direct transportation to north Sikkim from any places other than Gangtok city, the capital of Sikkim. Lachung is a small hamlet located at a very high altitude and one needs special permission (permit can be arranged from Gangtok) from Army and Sikkim Govt. You can get direct taxi to gangtok from Siliguri/NJP and stay at Gangtok over night. The next day if you have permission you can visit Lachung on package tour. There are no hotels in Lachung, the drivers arrange home stay fore the tourists.

      You can mail me for further details. I would help you to frame a plan to trip this heaven. Sikkim is a nature’s paradise.


  16. Hi Abhijit,

    Your Travel Dias is nothing but a superb information centre which I believe and love to see your reply also.Recently I have been promoted as Sr. Citizen and planning to visit Sikkim with my wife and daughter. I am from Bangalore. My friend has booked SBI OFFICER’S HOLIDAY HOME, Gangtok for 26th & 27th September and I will go to Pelling on 28th Morning…and I will return back to Gangtok on 4th October. My booking with SBI ( HOTEL TASIDING,M.G.ROAD)is on 4th & 5th October,2013, 6th morning I will have to vacate the holiday home. So please plan a travel for me from Gangtok on daily tour 27th September and 4th, 5th & 6th October,2013. 7th I will start from Gangtok to Kolkata. I want to stay at Pelling for 3 nights I don’t know whether it is worth or not…from there where we can go if you suggest it will be a great help for me considering my age. Further I love to do photography in facebook I have made one page called DARPAN- MY DREAM you can visit that and suggest me where I can get the beautiful spot to capture the pictorial side of photography in Sikkim.

    Warm regards,
    Ranit Ganguly

    1. Hello Sir,

      Thanks for your complements. As you said you are a senior citizen now, I would suggest this is the time when you should explore the beauty of India and spend time in traveling with your family and friends. I wish you a very happy journey ahead.

      Now I come to Sikkim. I must say, you have chosen a paradise to visit. It is like heaven. I have been there so many times and I am still not tired. I wish I could own a bungalow there and spend time there when I would be at your age.

      The dates are not clear to me actually. It would be very helpful to me if can clarify the dates once again. I would suggest accordingly. It would be great if you can share the dates you would spend in Gangtok and the dates for Pelling. You can mail me to ““I will surely frame a plan for you.

      Last of all, yes, Sikkim is the place for photography to capture nature and its beauty. You can like and follow to stay tuned to TravelDias updates.


  17. Hi Abhijit ,

    Me and wife have plan to visit Gangtok as well as Darjeeling for 6 days in the first week of november, is it possible to cover both place in tight schedule please advise me how can i book the hotel which will be the easiest way, please send me the detail on my personnel id



    1. Hello Iqbal,

      Thanks to you for taking out time to visit

      First of all share your dates of travel. I must let you know that Gangtok city is the capital city of Sikkim. Gangtok is just a small part of Sikkim. Yes, it is beautiful, rather I would say Gangtok is one of the best hill cities in Asia but the trues beauty of Sikkim lies in other parts of Sikkim, away from the city. Now it is up to you if you just want to cover Gangtok in Sikkim.

      Yes, Gangtok city and Darjeeling can be covered in 6 days but I would not suggest Darjeeling in November because the political situation in Darjeeling is not that good now. The GJM party can call Bandh any time in demand of a separate state and if the a Bandh is called, you would get stuck there. So I would suggest not to visit Darjeeling now, when everything gets settled, you can make it there in future.

      In November you should book hotels in Sikkim in advance because it is peak season now. There is no need to book hotel in Darjeeling because tourists are not visiting the place and you can get deluxe rooms and 3 star rooms easily in economy rate.

      Let me know what you decide. I can surely help you out with everything you need to know. Just drop me a mail at my personal mail ID “”


  18. Hello,
    Please tell about the hills which are in south india,I like to go there?Are you only visit in gangtok(hilly regions)?

    1. Hi Tutun,

      If you want to explore the hills of South India, you must visit the Western Ghats region in Karnataka and Kerala. Munnar is a must visit destination in Kerala though hills in south India are not really like hills that you find in Himalayan region. If you are fond of hills, the Himalaya is the best destination in India that lay in north. You can visit Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Uttarakhand, Leh & Ladakh.

  19. Hi Abhijit,

    First of all I would like to thank you for such a wonderful information center that you have created. This is really great!!

    Me and 3 of my friends would be traveling to Sikkim in the last week of December. We would reach NJP on 26th morning (at what time I am not sure yet as we have WL ticket on 3 different trains 🙂 ).

    Our primary intention is to visit North Sikkim (Lachen, Chopta Valley, Gurudongmar Lake, Yumthang, Zero point). Is it possible to visit these places in end December? Also what would be a reasonable package rate from Gangtok if we want to have our exclusive vehicle? Any contact that you may want to sure will also be great. BTW, we have our return train from NJP on 30th. Thanks in advance for your valuable inputs.

    1. Hi Arko,

      Thanks for the appreciation. Stay tuned to more travel updates on the Facebook page here: and the Google Plus page

      I must tell you that you are visiting the nature’s paradise. Sikkim is one of my favorite destinations in India. If you have tickets from Sealdah in night trains, you will reach NJP in the morning next day within 11 am. Tickets up to WL 10-15 have chances to get converted into RAC tickets. If you have tickets beyond WL 15, I would suggest you go for Tatkal. You can get confirm Tatkal tickets from Fairlie Place reservation counter near Babughat. There are many counters and the rush is very less.

      Yes, it is very possible to visit north Sikkim. I have been to north Sikkim even in January last week though that was frozen all through out. 🙂

      The suggested itinerary is:

      26th Dec: Reach NJP, transfer to Gangtok, after lunch get a taxi and drop at Rope-way stand, enjoy the rope-way ride, stroll in MG Marg in evening, O/N stay at Gangtok
      27th Dec: Go for 2 nights – 3 days package trip to North Sikkim, transfer to Lachen, dinner with camp fire, O/N stay at Lachen
      28th Dec: Visit Thangu, Chopta Valley, Gurudongmar Lake and then transfer to Lachung, dinner with camp fire, O/N stay at Lachung
      29th Dec: Visit Yumthang Valley, Zero Point and then transfer to Gangtok, O/N stay at Gangtok
      30th Dec: Get up early in the morning, get a taxi and visit Rumtek Monastery, it is the best monastery in Asia. It is a heritage site and one of the oldest. When you come back, check out from hotel and get down to NJP station. The train is at night.

      I would suggest you to take your hotel in Development Area in Gangtok city. There are hundreds of hotels near the market place in MG Marg but I always suggest to stay in Development Area because the place is serene and tranquil. The location is superb and the fellows who are in love with nature will surely love the location. Each time I visit Gangtok, I stay in a particular budget hotel in Development Area. I love being in the push back chair in the balcony with a cup of coffee or drink and stare at the gigantic snow caped Mt. Kanchanjungha along with the beautiful hills all around. You can have a bird’s eye view of the Gangtok city from the balcony of this hotel.

      If you wish to stay in my suggested hotel, just let me know, I will surely share the contact details of the owner of the hotel. The owner is a good friend of mine too. Each time I visit Sikkim, the owner of the hotel arranges all out trips and packages. FYI, to visit north Sikkim you have to go through a registered travel agent from Gangtok and the owner of the hotel I am talking about has got good contacts. He arranges the north Sikkim trip for us.

      The cost on sharing basis for 2 nights – 3 days package to north Sikkim is Rs 3,600-4,200 depending on the accommodation you prefer to stay in. The cost of hiring an exclusive vehicle would be Rs 15,000-20,000 depending on the type of vehicle and accommodation.


  20. Thanks a lot for a detailed response. This is really helpful.

    Excellent!! That’s precisely the itinerary I had in mind (except the Rumtek monastery part. Was not sure if we would have enough time on 30th morning for that).

    Currently I have tickets in Kanchankanya, Uttar Banga as well as Padatik Express. The WLs are currently in the range of 10-12. So hopefully one of them will get confirm. Otherwise we’ll have to look for Tatkal.

    Just in case the roads are not open due to heavy snow or something, which is the better alternative according to you, Peling or Silk route?

    It would be great if you can share the contact details of the hotel you were mentioning. Should I drop you a mail? Your mail id is rite?

    Once again many thanks for taking out time and responding to my queries.

    1. Hi Arko,

      Yes, it would be better if you can drop me a mail at my mail ID “”. I have sent you a mail earlier today, you can revert back there too.

  21. halo Abhijit,
    very nice to read your suggestions.
    I wish to visit Darjiling & Gangtok in Mid Feb.reaching JPG on 14th morning. I have train from JPG to Guawahati on 19th. Can u suggest best Itinerary?
    thanks& regards

    1. Hi Shyam,

      The best itinerary for can be the following:

      14th: Transfer to Gangtok, stroll around, O/N stay
      15th: Full day sightseeing, stroll on MG Marg in evening, O/N stay
      16th: Visit Ranka and Enchey monastery, enjoy Rope-way ride, visit Assembly house and view point near MG Marg, O/N stay
      17th: Check-out early in the morning around 7-8 am, transfer to Darjeeling, stroll in Mall area, visit Mahakal temple near Mall, spend time in Chowrasta, O/N stay
      18th: Visit HMI, Peace Pagoda, enjoy rope-way ride from Darjeeling to Ghoom, visit Ghoom Monastery, come back to hotel, O/N stay
      19th: Visit Tiger Hill very early in the morning for Sun rise, visit Batasia Loop while returning from there, check-out from hotel, transfer to NJP station

      If you wish to stay near market place in Gangtok, the best area would be MG Marg but if you like serenity and tranqulity, I would suggest you to stay in Development Area in Gangtok. Each time I visit there, I stay at a particular hotel in Development Area. I love the location and the peace all around. The scenic beauty is just awesome. I love sitting in the push back chair with a cup of coffee or hard drink and enjoy the magnificent view all around. If you need the contact details, let me know. I will share the number.

      Unfortunately I lost the number of the owner of the hotel in which I stay in Darjeeling. You can get to see a lot of hotels listed on web. In case you stay at the hotel in Gangtok in which I stay, the owner can refer you good hotels in Darjeeling. I guess he has a property in Darjeeling too though I am not sure.

  22. one more thing Abhijit, I am with my wife & daughter. Pl. suggest the tour accordingly.

  23. I would like to know whether you do have any info regarding the cab fare from njp to kurseong. I am talking about the cab which is available from njp rail station pre paid booth.

    1. Hi Rupsa,

      Thanks for visiting TravelDias. There are regular cab services to Kurseong from prepaid taxi booth in NJP and the taxi stand at Siliguri. The charges are:
      Rs 1,800-2,000 for a Sumo, Bolero, Max etc.
      Rs 1,500-1,800 for an Alto, Indica etc. (small car)
      Rs 2,500-3,000 for SUV and high end vehicles like Innova, Scorpio, Travera etc.

  24. Hi,

    My hybby & I are planning to visit Gangtok in 1st week of April. Since we are going on our own I.e not with any tour package, could you pls suggest the itinerary for 5 nights 6 days. What I have in mind is as below,

    day 1: Silliguri to Gangtok. Eveng roam around Mall road
    day 2: Tsomgo lake, baba manor and nathula pass if posb.
    Day 3: Local sight seeing. ( if u could suggest the places)
    Day 4: Off to Pelling.
    Day 5: Spelling sight seeing
    Day 6: Leave for Silliguri from Pelling

    Kindly tell me the travel rate for each of the above days on sharing basis and how easy is it to get it. I am more interested in visiting Lachun, yumthang valley but heard its expensive so dropped it.

    Does Pelling require 2 days stay or 1 night is enuf? Lastly, could you suggest good budget hotel ranging within 800-1400 in Gangtok and Pelling?

    1. Hi Shalet,

      Thanks for visiting TravelDias. I have answered all your queries and provided the itinerary on your Sikkim trip through the mail. Please check your inbox and reply there in that thread only if you have any further query.





    1. Hi Manoj,

      Thanks for visiting TravelDias. May is good time to visit Sikkim. Though it is end of May but Rhododendrons will still be there. Out of 7 nights, I suggest you 2 nights in Darjeeling and rest in Sikkim. There are much more to see in Sikkim but Darjeeling is also a very good place to visit.

      I have sent you a detailed itinerary and all information in your mail-id. Check your inbox. Do reply to that mail in case you have further enquiry. Cheers…!

    2. Hi Manoj,

      I don’t know but somehow my mail is not getting delivered to the mail address you have provided. Please do mail me at “” and I will surely revert back with all details.

  26. Hello Abhijit,

    I have gone through your blog and thank you so much for providing so much information for the travellers. I am sure that your experience would have helped a lot of people like me. 🙂

    We have plans to visit sikkim (Gangtok) in the May (Mid May) for our honeymoon….. 🙂

    I have done my hotel booking and would be staying in Gangtok for 6 nights. I would like to know some beautiful places that could be visited in and around Gangtok wherein my preference would be that the base is Gangtok and I can travel to places in and around Gangtok.

    I would really appreciate your help if you help me with the list of places, travel time and an approximate cost which would help me in planning a lot better.

    Thanks for all that you do for US………..


    1. Hi Niraj,

      Thanks for the appreciation. 6 nights in Gangtok was really not required. Few places can be explored in Sikkim making Gangtok as a base. The actual beauty of Sikkim is beyond Gangtok though Gangtok is a very beautiful city. I can surely name you all places that can explored being in Gnagtok. Mail me the exact dates of your travel to my mail id “” and I will surely revert back to you.

  27. Hey Abhijit…

    I have four days in hand n I wish to cover both gangtok n darjeeling I the last week of may this year…. we r 3 adults with one kid…n two among us r senior citizens. … though its a 10day tour…grom delhi we r flying to guwahati…then after covering guwahati moving to shillong…then jorhat n manjuli…then a train from simalgudi to jalpaigudi then we will have 4 days in hand n on 5th day we need to catch our flight back to delhi from bagdogra….could u plz advise me for the trip….

    1. Hi Pooja,

      If you wish to cover both Darjeeling and Gnagtok in 4 days, I would suggest you to skip any one because 4 days are very less to explore any one of the places. If you wish to cover both places, you will be able to explore few spots in both places. If you stay in any one of the 2 places, you will be able to cover many spots in that particular place.

      Let me know what you say. Just mail me all details and requirements to “” and I will surely revert back.

  28. Hi Abhijit

    I will be visiting New Jalpaiguri station in last week of may at around 6:30-7.00 pm.. Will I get any transport service from NJP to gangtok? Pls suggest ..We are group of 10 people …which type of car we should book for travelling around gangtok, kindly suggest.


    1. Hi Nishant,

      Thanks for visiting TravelDias. Hope you have enjoyed your stay.

      It is hard to get a vehicle to hills after 6 opm. Drivers are reluctant to move out and take the journey which is in fact dangerous. A few drivers would be interested charging you much higher than the actual fare but I would suggest you not to take the journey at night. You can stay at the retiring room of the NJP station or in any hotel near NJP station or Siliguri market place near the bus stand. You would get hundreds of vehicles from early morning. If you need any further information, just mail me to “”, I will surely revert back. By the way let me know where you are staying and what are the places you have planned to visit.

  29. Hiii,
    I am going to sikkim with 3 of my friends for 8 days & we have a budget of 5k per head.Is it possible to cover North Sikkim & East Sikkim in 5k. Second option we have kept is 5 day Dzongri Trek for which the guide is charging Rs 1000 per head per day. How best we can explore Siikim in this budget

    1. Hi Snehal,

      It will not be possible to cover north Sikkim and east Sikkim with 5K budget. If 5 days are kept for trekking then you are left with 3 days only for north and east Sikkim. You can not cover north and east Sikkim in 3 days. North Sikkim needs 3 days and east Sikkim needs at least 2 days.
      For any other query, do mail me at “”. I will surely revert back.

  30. Hi Mr. Gupta, I went through your blog and thank you for the inf provided. Sir, we are 4 families consisting of 08 adults and 08 kids are reaching njp on 20 jun 14 to visit darjeeling and gangtok for 06 days. We will be leaving for new delhi on 26 Jun. My queries are as follows:
    1. Kindly suggest us some good hotels in gangtok and darjeeling where we can stay.
    2. keeping in view of our 06 days stay, can you kindly prepare an itinerary for the trip.
    looking forward to getting a reply soon, thanks.

    1. Hello Mr. Harsh,

      I need your exact dates of travel and tentative arrival & departure timing before I go for a detail itinerary. Send me all details at “”. I will surely revert back with all required details.

  31. hello air,,

    presently iam on dway to njp…have a plan to gangtek…please suggest hotels for stay and local tour organizer…idont no any thing abt local places…


  32. Hi Abhijit,
    I am plaaning to visit Gangtok from Katihar (Bihar) via our own car with family (5 adult and 1 kid). Our plan is to start o 31st May from Katihar. Can you please advise on
    – Road condition from Silliguri to Gantok.
    – Should we take our onw vechile to Gangtok or we should hire taxi from Silliguri.
    – Places to visit on days
    – Weather Condition in Gantok on early June.
    – Some budget hotel (Rs 1200- Rs 2000) (3 night stay).

    Avinash Chandra

    1. Hi Avinah,

      I don’t suggest taking your personal vehicle. Its better if you take a train journey up to NJP station an dthen hire vehicles from point to point. The journey would not be hectic and tiresome then. It is expected there won’t be heavy rainfall in early June. The weather would be okay I guess. There are many hotels you can find on-line but I would suggest you the hotel I stay in each time I visit Gangtok. I can surely share the contact details, let me know if you are interested. For a detailed itinerary and more information, do mail me at “”.

      1. Hi Abhijit,

        Thanks for your advise. I have emailed you on you email Id. Please share the contact detail of the hotel and detailed iteinerary. Our plan is to reach Gangtok on 31st May and return on 3rd June. We can extend till 4th June, if we can cover more places.


  33. Hi I am akshay I am planning to visit gangtok and north sikkim the trip would be of six days from 13th june to 19 june. I will in silliguri by 11AM Kindly give me ur valuable guidelines about my tour and also give me ur friend hotel contact details I am with my wife and two kids

  34. we r reaching njp by 12:00 noon on 26 june and will leave from njp at 12:00 noon on 30th june…..we would like to visit gangtok along with nathula pass and yumthang valley….
    pls schedule our program

    1. Hi Abhinav,

      I can surely make a plan for you but I guess messages would be better if we communicate in mail. Do mail me at “” with all details and I will surely revert back with all information.

  35. Hi Abhijit. I am Nirmal. We are planning to visit Gangtok & Darjeeling in the moth of October. We are reaching NJP on 5th October and having night halt at Siliguri. We plan to proceed to Gangtok on 06th morning and 3 nights (6, 7 & 8th ) at Gangtok. On 9th morning We want to proceed from Gangtok to Darjeeling and 2 nights stay at Darjeeling and back to Siliguri on 11th Afternoon.

    We would be 06 adults and three kids.

    May I request you to kindly guide in planning me for visiting best of sight scenes during this trip. Also I would like to have your advise in hiring transport and likely expenditure on this account.

    For accommodation I would like prefer State tourism guest houses/hotels.

    Looking towards your valuable advice please.


    1. Hi Nirmal,

      I don’t understand why do you make the night halt at Siliguri on 5th Oct. Is it because you will reach late. If you can reach with 2 pm, you can directly transfer to Darjeeling or Gangtok. If you want to cover both Darjeeling and Gangtok, I woiuld suggest you to cover Darjeeling first and then Gangtok. Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim and you Sikkim is much more beautiful than Darjeeling.

      Let me know your feedback by a mail to my id “” along with the details you have provided here. I will surely revert back with all necessary details. Do send me number of heads and dates to get a comprehensive reply.

  36. Hi Abhi I m planning for Njp to Gangtok via Darjeeling for 5 nites & ret to njp to go to kolkatta on day 6. to catch flight for Pune or mumbai .i.e reach njp on 29oct(wed) & check out gangtok on 3rd or 4th nov. to ret to njp for catching train for kolkatta ; to catch ret flight for pune or mumbai so plz give best itinary for 2cples having there 4 childrens below 8 years

    1. Hi Randhir,

      The tour plan can be:
      Day 1: Reach NJP, transfer to Darjeeling, enjoy toy train ride afternoon (it has to be pre-booked online), O/N stay
      Day 2: Darjeeling sightseeing, O/N stay
      Day 3: Visit Tiger Hill and Batasia Lop early in the morning, transfer to Gangtok, O/N stay
      Day 4: Gangtok sightseeing, stroll in MG Marg, O/N stay
      Day 5: Day trip to Tsomgo Lake and Baba Mandir, return to Gangtok, O/N stay
      Day 6: Transfer to NJP to catch your train to Kolkata
      Day 7: Reach Kolkata early in the morning

      If you need more details and information, do mail me at “” along with this suggested itinerary, I will surely revert back with all required information.
      Day 2:

  37. Hi
    Thanx for your blog. This will certainly help future travellers.We are planning to visit gangtok in next week.Is it safe to go gangtok by helicopter in rainy season.

    1. Hi Khusboo,

      It is absolutely safe and you can trust the authority. If they find anything usual, they will not take off unless everything is fine. Thanks for your kind words.

  38. Hi Abhijit,

    I am planning a solo trip to pelling this puja 2014 and I will be getting down at njp from guwahati on 1st October. from your posts I understand that puja season is going to be little heavier on the pocket! I haven’t made an itinerary yet. my return ticket to ghy is on 5th October at 10 pm. my budget is around 13 k.
    So my queries are…
    1. my train gets njp at round 3 pm…any chance of share taxi to pelling at that time?
    2. clean Budget hotels ( 600-900) in pelling and gangtok …any chance of development place u mention in Gangtok…

    also I need some help with my tour plan…my focus is around pelling, pemayangste, yuksam etc…help will be greatly appreciated.. thanks 🙂

  39. Dear Abhijit Gupta

    we are 5 friends from Bangladesh. we also visited at Darjeeling, Nepal, Siliguri,Joygaon & much more but we can’t go Gangtok due to reason of “ILP”. How can Iget this permission for visit in Gangtok. I have multiple VISA of INDIA. Please help me for arrange the permission of GANGTOK visit & where.

    Thanking you in advance for your kindcooperation

    Md.Mobinur Rahman.
    Mobile: +8801730444624

  40. Dear Abhijit Gupta

    we would like to visit gangtok along with nathula pass and yumthang valley….

    May I request you to kindly guide in planning me for visiting best of sight scenes during this trip. Also I would like to have your advise in hiring transport and likely expenditure on this account.pls schedule our program as 03 Night: –

    1) Best & safe communication process from ngp to gangtok.
    2) Important place to visit in gangtok.
    3) Some important advise regarding this trip. –

    For accommodation I would like prefer State tourism guest houses/hotels.

    Looking towards your valuable advice please.


  41. Hi,

    I was palnning to visit Darjeeling & Gangtok. I will be reaching Siliguri by 15 Mar evening and plan to return back from siliguri on 20 Mar 2015 early morning.Kindly suggest me suitable itinerary.

    I am travelling with 4 family memeber and 2 kids and plan to drive down from Durgapur

    1. Hi Rajan,

      If you are reaching Siliguri in evening, I suggest you to spend the night at Siliguri only. Next day you can go for Gangtok. If you plan to set off from Siliguri early in the morning then you will have to spend the previous night, i.e. 19th March in Siliguri only.

      The travel plan can be:
      16th: Transfer to Gangtok, sightseeing, O/N stay at Gangtok
      17th: Full day sightseeing, enjoy rope-way, O/N stay at Gangtok
      18th: Transfer to Pelling via Temi Tea Garden, Samdruptse, Char Dham, etc. and O/N stay at Pelling
      19th: Half day sightseeing, check-out after lunch, transfer to Siliguri, O/N stay
      20th: Set off from Siliguri early in the morning

      If you have further questions, do not hesitate to mail me at “”. Do mail me in regard to this conversation so that I remember.

  42. Hi abhijit .
    We ( 2 adults & 1 child of 5 yrs ) are planning a visit to gangtok & north Sikkim in last week of may 2015 . we are coming from Bhubaneswar .
    We want to cover –
    1 gangtok .
    2 nathula
    3 lachen with gurdongmar .
    4 lachung with zero point .
    5. Paragliding & river rafting at renka / melli .
    5 kaluk / pelling / Darjeeling 2Nights .via namchi & tea garden .

    My requests are –
    1 . kindly suggest a non tiring tour program .
    2. Should I self drive / train + taxi up to gangtok .
    3 is self drive comfortable in Sikkim ( have a sedan )
    4. Do hotels at development area have parking ?
    5 .should we consider kaluk / pelling / Darjeeling .
    6 . suggest a comfortable family stay ( 1500-2000)/ night max.

    Thanks .

    1. Hi Sachin,

      Apologize that I couldn’t reply earlier because I was out of city. Let me know if you are still looking for any information. Drop me a mail at “” in reference to this conversation/comments and I can surely help you out.

  43. Hi,

    Reaching NJP on 26th june .I need taxi service to gangtok .No travel packages .Do you have any vendor or taxi service no or agent .I need a small cab like indica or alto .

    Thanks and waiting for your respons .

    Vikash lala

    1. Sorry I don’t have. There is a prepaid taxi booth just outside the NJP station and one can get ready taxis to Gangtok both exclusively and o shared basis. There won’t be any issue in getting a cab.

  44. Hello Abhijit, we are visiting darjeeling gangtok pelling during durga puja.
    I need help for local sightseeing in pelling.
    We will leave from gangtok for pelling on 23oct morning & leave pelling next day at around 12-1pm.
    Can you kindly help me with the way to see pelling in this time?

    1. When you transfer from Gangtok to Pelling, you can take the route via Namchi. You would be able to visit Temi Tea Garden, Samdruptse, Char Dham, etc. on your way to pelling. If you have such a short period it is better you skip Pelling and visit the place next time. It is no use to visit the place and leave it next day. You won’t be able to visit the places of interest around Pelling. There are so many places of interest in Pelling which are worth visiting. One needs at least 2 nights 3 days in Pelling.
      If you still insist to visit Pelling this time, I would suggest you to visit Rabdentse Ruins on the day you leave Pelling. I again say it is better you skip Pelling and spend more time in Gangtok.

  45. Dear Abhijit,

    It was really fun going through your posts. Its very informative and encouraging. I am going to visit sikkim this october. i wl be reaching on 22nd oct and will be back on 27th oct..My priority is to visit north sikkim . can you please suggest me an itinery.

    Moreover since it will be durga puja. is it necessary to book hotel and travel packages before reaching gangtok or we can book everything after reaching gangtok.

    Can you suggest a good hotels in gangtok , lachen and lachung

    1. It is a peak season you are visiting Sikkim. Most of people from Bengal prioritize this place because it is so beautiful and close to Bengal. You have to book the Gangtok accommodation in advance at least and request the manager of the property to arrange north Sikkim package for you. You can reserve that in advance too. 2 nights – 3 days is enough for north Sikkim. It is always better to go on package trip to north else you will have to manage your permission which is really a headache and you will loose 1 day for sure in just getting the permit. Another head ache is to arrange a vehicle and accommodation at Lachen and Lachung. It is peak season and all agencies have already taken the rooms. So better if you go on package to north Sikkim.

      It is better if we can communicate through mails. Drop me a mail at “” and I will surely revert back there.

    1. Hi,

      It is not clear to me Sourav. Let me know which are the places you want to visit and how many days you have in hand. Mail me all details at “”. I will revert back there.

  46. Dear abhijit, we are visiting njp on 21 march morning time and the return train from njp to kol is on 26 march evening time. We want to visit Gangtok n Darjeeling both. Pls set itinerary.

  47. Hi Abhijit
    we (9 people) are visiting in second week of may.i want to know the whole details of hotels,cabs and other activities. we will be staying 3 days in Gangtok, 1 day in Darjeeling and Pelling each. please also give details about places to visit.

    1. The first thing I must say, the trip plan is absolutely not okay. It is not worth staying at Darjeeling and Pelling 1 day each. Darjeeling and Pelling needs 2 nights each minimum. I do not suggest this plan though it is absolutely your call. I feel you should focus on Sikkim only and skip Darjeeling. Considering you are visiting in May and you have 5 nights in hand, you can cover Gangtok (3 nights) and Pelling (2 nights). If you ask me to suggest an itinerary, I would suggest 3 nights in east Sikkim (Silk Route) and 2 nights in Gangtok. I suggest east Sikkim because May is a very good time to visit the region. Let me know your feedback and I can suggest you accordingly.

  48. Hi abhijeet we r 2 friends planning to visit gangtok at 29 Feb can u please help me is there any possibility to go to gangtok from darjeeling

    1. Wish I could help you. I just checked your comment. I apologize that I couldn’t reply you earlier. Stay tuned to TravelDias and stay in touch. Let me know if you need any help in future in regard to your travel plans.

  49. i have planed to visit Gangtok and nearby places between 25-27 April with my wife and 2yr old son. A 4D3N visit.i will arrive NJP at 6.00 early morning on 25 april and i will return on 28 april at 10pm.
    Pls sugggest me economical hotels, shared taxi and where i can visit in addition to i m interested in pelling,lachung, kolimpong or darjiling etc. which will be best?where to stay how long?kindly suggest

  50. Hi avijit ,am planning for Gangtok tour in first week of June, with my wife . We have 5 days in hand. I want to include north Sikkim in this plan. Can you give me a proper plan ? I send some extra information about # how to get special permission from indian army for some restricted spots and # how to manage proper transportation from those areas.
    If you send me a reply mail it will be great.

  51. Hi Abhijet,

    Need help from u,i have planed to visit Gangtok 2nd June 2016.
    I have a KID 3.5 yrs old.Should we go to Nathula,Tsangu,baba Mandir .

    can you please suggest

    1. Hi,

      I have seen tourist carrying their baby to Nathula Pass. If your baby doesn’t suffer from any illness, I guess you can take the baby with you. You can even consult your doctor in this regard. If you visit the place, don’t spend much time there, try to come down soon.

    1. Gangtok’s height is moderate. You can visit there but it is best to consult with your child’s doctor as you have specifically said that your child suffers from Asthma.

  52. we will reach njp 2nd jun’16.5 adults and a it better to go pelling via namchi or better to go gangtok north sikkim is closed i want to visit pelling first.on the way like to visit namchi same we reach around 3 am in njp i think we get sufficient time.pls give me the car places of intersst is pelling,namchi and gangtok.

  53. Hi Avijit,

    Me and my wife will visit Gangtok for the second time. And this time we want to visit Changu, Baba Mandir, Nathula, Gurudongar, Lachen, Pelling. We will stay from oct 04 – oct 10. Please suggest a tour plan. also if you have any driver phone no and budget hotel phone no please provide me. We want to visit in sharing basis.


  54. Hi Abhijeet
    Your blog is full of information and very much helpful to us. I would like to know about a trip in July 24 to July 26. Can you please advice me to make a trip for 2 days including places like babe Mandir and Buddhist monasteries?

  55. Hello Abhijit ur posts wer very helpful am from Bangalore nd will be reaching Siliguri on 29th of this month can u help me out the places to visit as I am gonna leave back be 1st

  56. Dear Sir,
    I am visiting Gangtok for a week in February ’17. We are three persons.We seek following information…
    #Do I need to book taxi from Njp to Gangtok?
    #What would be the terriff?
    #Are the taxis readily available at Njp station?
    #What are the places to visit in and around Gangtok?
    # We also intend visitting Baiguney….what are the various places to visit near Biguney.
    #You made a mention of shared vehicle in your earlier it reliable and is it readily available….

  57. hi abhijit…,
    liked ur post and replies to queries…, good work u r doing.., m planing to go to gangtok tom morning by booking an ola..,, m going alone …, just wanting to know since i travel to hilly places very rarely and scared that roads will be very curvy and i may feel raw melting or head circling etc.., although i have drived to masoorie and nainital myself but that time i was holding the steering in my hand and didn’t felt any problem. plz advice should i go on.

  58. Hi I am Sunil planning to visit Gangtok along with my wife and two children 14 & 16 on 12th Apr from Kolkata to NJP and return on 16th. NO bookings has been made yet. plz suggest what reservations to be done and where to go there in details.

    1. Sunil please confirm if you are reaching NJP station on 12th April and has got your return train from NJP on 16th April. I would need exact number of nights you have in hand. I would plan accordingly.

          1. Hi I am Sunil planning to visit Gangtok along with my wife and two children 14 & 16 on 12th Apr from Kolkata reaching NJP on 13th morning and return on 16th night at 11.50 pm from NJP. NO bookings has been made yet. plz suggest what reservations to be done and where and HOW to go there in details.I have 3nights and 4 days approx

          2. Hi Sunil,

            Greetings of the day! Hope you are doing great.

            As you are planning the trip with family and kids, make sure you book your lodging in advance to avoid all hassle and headache. You have only 3 nights – 4 days, so I would suggest you to stay at Gangtok and do sightseeing from there. The trip plan can be:

            13th April: Reach NJP, transfer to Gangtok, stroll around, O/N stay at Gangtok
            14th April: Go for local sightseeing, stroll along MG Marg in evening, O/N stay at Gangtok
            15th April: Go for a day trip to Tsomgo Lake, Baba Mandir and Nathula Pass, O/N stay at Gangtok
            16th April: Check-out and transfer to NJP

            There are hundreds of hotels in Gangtok. You can find many online but in case you wish, I can connect you to my contacts and yo can stay at hotel I prefer. Since my last few trips to Gangtok, I have been staying at one of the best standard hotels in Gangtok. Tariff for standard rooms is Rs 1,500 per day and deluxe room is Rs 2,500 per day. If you wish I can share the hotel website and connect you to the owner and you can speak directly. Let em know.

            It is always better to have a reserved car for your journeys. Hotel desks should be able to cater to your travel needs.

            Share you feedback and I would suggest further accordingly.

  59. i am from Tamil..i have plan to visit Gangtok and Darjeeling.i reached njp at 13th night and depature at 18 morning at 7.30. so plz suggest me . iam coming with my 2 kids

    1. Prem, what you want me to suggest. Are you talking about this month? I would like to know your arrival time too. If you have return train so early in morning, you must stay the previous night close to the NJP station or Siliguri so that you don’t miss your train. From Darjeeling or Gangtok to NJP, it takes around 5 hours. So make sure you stay close to the station previous night. In case you reach NJP station evening or night, you will have to stay at any hotel on that night and set of for Gangtok or Darjeeling only next morning.

  60. Hello brother,
    I hope ur doing good there, im so glad to see ur instantly replays I feel so good for what u doing, thank u so much for giving information, I m from Bangalore Karnataka, Im reaching njp railway station in night at 9pm on 1st may , is that i get Share taxi’s or pravit cars to reach Gangtok the same night , if yes, how safe it is to travel, maybe by pravit car or share jeep..

  61. Hi
    I am going to visit Gangtok from Kolkata on 26 may 2017 so I want to know how I can reach to Gangtok from NJP station. As I am traveling with my family so it should be comfortable and economical​ good. What are the best places to visit in Gangtok. We’re living there for 4 days.

    1. From NJP you can get shared taxis or reserve car. If comfort is your requirement then best is if you reserve a car. From Gangtok you should visit Tsomgo Lake (Changu), Baba mandir and Nathula Pass on a day trip. You can go for local sightseeing which would take a day. Do not miss Rumtek Monastery, Do-Drul Chorten Stupa, Namgayal Institute, Ranka Monastery, etc.

  62. I want to go Gangtok to bagdor/siliguri on 29 June ,when I should start from Gangtok to reach siluriguri by shared taxi to reach before 11 : 50am

  63. Hi,
    My colleagues (9) and I will be visiting Gangtok during the last week of September this year. I have a few questions.
    1. We will be reaching NJP at around 6 in the morning. Will there be any problems getting a taxi?
    2. Do the taxis let 10 passengers board a single taxi? Will be be better to take 2 taxis or just pack into 1? (We’re on a budget)
    3. What will be the cost of hiring a taxi from NJP to Gangtok?
    4. Is the road condition good during September?
    5. We are planning to stay 5 KMS away from Gangtok centre, near the zoological park. Is it a good location to stay?

    I would be grateful if you would answer the queries. Thank you.

    1. I really apologize for such a late reply. Wish I could reply earlier but unfortunately I was going through a tight schedule. Please let me know if you are still looking for any detail or information. I would love to help you.

      I have sent you a mail. Please revert back there. I would suggest further accordingly.

  64. We group of 5 persons will reach there by 27 june 2017
    In morning
    Suggest me some good hotels under 1000 and fooding places
    And north sikkim tour agencies which offers food stay car packages
    And same for the nathula pass tour

  65. hi abhijit we hv 4 person planning to visit south sikkim in next yr april or may..can u suggest us some good cheaper hotels,cheaper cars for sight scene purpses,cheaper restraunt..

    1. Hello Dear,

      Couldn’t reply earlier as I was busy with some stuff. Please let me know if you are still looking for any information. I would love to help you with all details and information.

  66. Hallow Sir
    I am visiting Darjeeling and Gangtok from 27 to 31 of this month with my family consist of 3 adults and one child of 11 years of age. I have Darjeeling toy train trip on 27th. I would like visit Mirik and some sight seeing in Darjeeling and Gangtok. Can you please give me a itinerary with some details of some budget hotels / resorts including the contact numbers

    Thanking you

    1. Apologize that I couldn’t manage to reply earlier. I was busy with some stuff. I hope you understand that it is so difficult for me to check and respond to each query. I think it is better if we speak. Please call me on my mobile after 9 pm any day. I can surely help you with all details.

  67. HI Abhijit,

    Saw your responses, all are very helpful and most of it,a prompt response is really appreciable.

    We are are reaching on 3oth March 2018 to NJP and planning for 6 nights and then return.

    We are group of 12 Adult and 7 child between 6 to 8 and 2 are below 5.

    Planning for Gangtok and Darjeeling.

    Need your advise in planning the tour,. what can be best itinerary?

    and hotel?
    And we are budget conscious too.

    an we have tempo traveller or any other vehicle that can accommodate all, else splitting in two cab will destroy the group enjoyment.

    Pls advise

    1. Apologize that I couldn’t manage to reply earlier. I was busy with some stuff. I hope you understand that it is so difficult for me to check and respond to each query. I think it is better if we speak. Please call me on my mobile after 9 pm any day. I can surely help you with all details.

  68. Hi …

    This is Anish, I want to know what is the seating arrangement process of shared cab in gurudrongmar lake 2night 3 days package Rs. 3500/- . I mean to say that we are 3 adult , can I booked middle row of the cab ? What is the procedure to get middle row in shared cab.

    Please let me know if possible.

    Warm regards,

  69. hello abhijeet
    we are 11 persons planning to visit sikkim for 3 nights 4 days from njp station
    we want to cover gangtok 1 days,nathulla baba mandir tsmongo lake one day,can we cover darjeeling on 3 rd day,our train is on the 4 th day evening
    can you tell approximate budget including food travel accomodation in a two star hotel

  70. Hi abhijit,
    Thanks for all your blogs,

    Seek your help to plan customized tour for us , we are family(02 adult,01 kid 3.5 years old)

    Looking for budget hotels in 1000 to 1500 range wd meals or brfst n dinner Gangtok and lachung

    Day 1Arrive 14 May 1 pm at NJP, trsfr to Gangtok , dinner and rest

    Day 2 lachung

    Day 3 Yumthang, Zero point

    Day 4 Departure to NJP to catch train at 1 Pm

    Cover all meals and permit if needed

    Please let me know if you need any further details.

    Hotels with helping car assistantnce
    Thanks & Regards

    Sachin Sachdeva


  71. Hi Abhijit,

    A WOOWW BLOG first of all!!

    My husband and me are planning a trip of 4days and 4nights (because we will reach NJP by 17th 7.30a.m. Returning back on 21st May 5.30a.m.) for Sikkim. I know the span is not enough but still if you suggest an itinerary for us, we will be glad. From NJP to Gangtok, is there any sight seeing on the way? Or, can we start for any sight visit after reaching Gangtok hotel on the same day? Will it be feasible to stay in two places including Gangtok? As we have to leave NJP very early on the 5th day, so I was just wondering, if on 4th day after breakfast , we leave the hotel wherever we stay and come back to any hotel/lodge for just the night near NJP, will it be ok? And ofcourse, will want to visit some enroute beauties too. Please suggest some car/shared car options, homestays/hotels with nice views.
    Thanks and Regards,
    (Please bother me for asking so many questions)

    1. Dear Trisha,

      I replied back asking you to call me on my number but I didn’t receive any call from your end.
      If you are still looking for any info, kindly get back to me over the phone. I would require more info to help you further. Thanks!

  72. Hi,’
    This is Anand. I am planning for a solo trip to Sikkim. How much will it cost for taxi from NJP to Gangtok? How should I plan my Sikkim trip. I have 8 days.

    Thanks and Regards

    1. For a shared car, it should cost you around Rs 250-300.
      When do you plan to travel to Sikkim? I would be able to help if you can share more details about your trip such as when are you planning, what are the places you want to cover, etc.
      You can write back to me directly at ‘’


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