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We were planning for a short trip from Kolkata for a weekend gateway which would be within 50-60 KMs radius. There were many options we went through such as Deulti near Kolaghat, Sundargram along Malancha Higway, etc. but finally we settled for Malancha Tourist Lodge at Barrackpore which is an offbeat destination because hardly people know about this beautiful, calm place by the river Hooghly. The place is so close to home, only 12-13 KMs from our place at Nimta. Actually hardly one can imagine such a nice place by the river so close to Kolkata.

My spouse was pregnant by 5-6 months when planned this vacation. We wanted to be away from the chaos of town and spend a night in peace with beautiful surrounding. The restriction was on the part of travelling. We could not travel long journeys as my wife was pregnant and doctor suggested us to avoid a bus/flight/train journey. We decided to travel on bike. Asked our doc if that would be okay or not, got a “Go ahead” call from the doc and finally we decided to set off on a weekend. Both of us were so much excited about the trip because we were going somewhere after 5-6 long months. We had to cancel all our trips to Delhi-Agra, Agartala, etc. because she conceived and doctor suggested avoiding journeys that were planned.

Malancha Tourist Lodge
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On a Friday morning, we left for the Malancha Tourist Lodge. It took only few minutes (30 minutes approximately) by bike to reach the spot from our place at Nimta. The property is located next to the Gandhi Ghat. We had to wait till 12 noon to check-in. There is nothing one can do much but to spend time in leisure. We spent the day in leisure, walked around the property and visited the nearby Jawahar Kunj – a park visited by few locals. One can easily spend long time sitting by the river. The property has got sitting arrangements and the dining space just by the river. We spent a beautiful evening sitting there and experienced such a beautiful Sunset view across the river.  If you have a lovely companion, you never know how time is passed by. We even walked around the property after we had our dinner. There is complete security as the premise is well locked from the main entrance and guarded throughout the night. We spent the day absolutely in peace away from chaos. Though the place is located close to a chaotic place like Titagarh, it is completely a different place.

Malancha tourist lodge

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malancha wbtdc
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Next day morning, we woke up early in morning, went to the dining area downstairs to have our breakfast. We desperately avoided the luxury of breakfast in room so that we could catch the glimpse of the beautiful morning by the riverside. We spent hours having our breakfast and enjoying the beautiful morning view. As we had our backpacks ready for check-out, we had enough time to stroll around, take some photos and interact with staffs and other tourists. We found a boat by the nearby jetty who was offering a ride and we were so joyous and eager to have a ride. We didn’t hesitate and spend no extra time to go for the ride. The boat ride in the lovely weather was a bonus. We enjoyed the half an hour boat ride and proceed for check-out.

Malancha barrackpore
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I found the place to be good enough to spend a night away from the city chaos and noise. If you love spending quality time with nature without such activities or sightseeing, this place would be a good choice. This place is ideal for senior citizens, family and couples. A young couple may not find it suitable to stay for longer period but senior citizens would surely find it a good place to spend few nights here and stay longer time.

Malancha lodge barrackpore

Let me share some facts about the Malancha Tourist Lodge:

I would go for the pros first. Pros are:

  1. The location is superb. The property is just by the river surrounded with greenery.
  2. Food is good. Fish curry, chicken curry, chilli chicken, chicken pakoda, etc. were so delicious.
  3. Located at close proximity from city. Barrackpore is just one hour drive from north Kolkata and 30 minutes from the suburban areas beyond north Kolkata.
  4. AC rooms will provide a superb view of the river. All AC rooms have river front.

Now cons are:

  1. Poor maintenance of the property and rooms.
  2. Non AC rooms do not have any view. These rooms are located at the back of the property.
  3. Service is poor. Nobody would pay any heed unless you tip them. Staffs would ask for tips for every service they provide. Staffs keep on changing as per shift and staffs from each shift would ask for tips even before your check-out.
  4. Food is good and delicious as discussed above but the price is a bit high.

malancha lodge wbtdc barrackpore Malancha lodge wbtdc

How to book Malancha Tourist Lodge?

It is a West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation (WBTDC) property. Malancha Tourist Lodge can be booked online on

Short Cut link is:

If you are planning a trip to Malancha Tourist Lodge and need any information, do mail me at or call up on my mobile. I would be there to share all details needed. You can also leave a comment below on this blog post. I would reply within 2-3 days.

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Image Courtesy: Some images used in this article are taken from WBTDC website.


4 thoughts on “A day well spent at Malancha Tourist Lodge – Barrackpore”

  1. Nice post Abhijit, I have some good old memoroes in Jahar Kunj but never heard about this place. As my son is 3yrs only so I prefer short trips and it is just ideal for us.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Would be a really good place to visit and spend 1 or 2 nights in complete relaxation. Take your kid along and go for a early morning (sun rise) and evening (sun set time) boat ride. You would enjoy it.

  2. I spent two nights in super deluxe room no 112 for 31st October & 1st November 2018. I fail to understand how the room is tagged as super deluxe with following lapses :
    1) Intercom out of operation
    2) No bed light
    3) Pillars and wardrobe make it horrible for movement inside room.
    4) Exhaust fan in Toilet out of operation.
    5) No floor wiper to wipe out water remains in floor of Toilet
    6) Toilet floor is very slippery and I luckily escaped a fall and consequent serious injury that could have happened.
    7) Mirror is damaged and is of no use
    8) Bathroom fittings are shabby.

    My question is :
    a) Can super deluxe tariff be charged with so many lapses in amenities and safety?
    b) Is there a routine audit system in force to assess the shortcomings?
    c ) Why complaint register is not there at reception counter to take feed back from tourists?

    * Behavior of staff personnel are very good
    * Food quality is fair
    * Better to ask for simple ordinary food like, rice, dal, sabji, fish.
    * Chapati is stiff
    * Alu paratha is horrible though priced high. Doesn’t know how to prepare.

    Otherwise, very good location and surroundings with good security arrangement.

    1. Hello Sir,

      I understand that you didn’t have a good time at Malancha Tourist lodge in Barrackpore. This is really unfortunate that lodges run by WBTDC are really in poor shape all across Bengal. Wish they consider issues raised by travellers like you and arrange to provide better experiences to travellers.

      If you ask my personal opinion about the Malancha Tourist Lodge in Barrackpore, I found the lodge to be okay type. One can stay 1 or 2 nights there. I found the place by the river to be extremely beautiful that boost your energy to go back to your busy life with some ‘life’. I agree that the lodge should improve but I think it is worth its price. Food is a bit higher end but it was good. The most important thing that the lodge authority should take care of is that they should teach their service boys how to behave better and not ask for tips every now and then.

      Thanks again for sharing your review here. Really appreciate.
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