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Jungle Safari | Gorumara National Park

I have already reviewed my Dooars tour and shared my experiences of Jungle Safari (Jeep Safari) with you. In this post I give you all details regarding how to visit the place and getting around in Gorumara National Park. Here I share all the required information for Jungle Safari in Gorumara National Park.

Train Information from Kolkata To New Mal Junction

The best way to visit Gorumara National Park is to catch KanchanKanya Express (13149) from Sealdah and drop at New Mal Junction in North Bengal. The train passes through forests, tunnels and tea gardens after crossing NJP station. The journey from NJP to New Mal junction is just fantastic and you can fancy to get the sight of an elephant or a leopard anytime because herd of elephants often crosses the rail line to migrate from one place to another and even you can see an elephant on either side of the railway track. When the train takes a 90 degree turn, the view of the train from the back side is just awesome.

Jungle Safari Gorumara

Train details:

KanchanKanya Express Departs from Sealdah at 8.30pm from Sealdah and reaches New Mal Junction next day at 12.15pm. For further details and train fare you can visit Indian Railway website.

Click on the Link to view Train Schedule

Click on the Link to view Train Fare

Hiring a vehicle in Dooars

The car booking system in Dooars is that you have to pay Rs. 1,200 per day for a dry car and fuel charges will be extra. Fuel charges will be on the total distance covered in kilometers throughout the day are to be paid on the basis of the assumption that the car runs 10kms on average in a liter of fuel. For night stays drivers charge Rs. 100-150 per night. One can pay the total amount on the day of leaving.

It is better to book a car for the whole trip because you can take your car to anywhere you want and it is very helpful if you need to travel to the local market for shopping, buying anything or anything else.

If you don’t have a car for your whole trip, you would find cars at the New Mal Junction station to take you to the Murti Resort. You can book cars from the resort for your sight-seeing around the place. When you go for jeep safari you have to reach to the entry point of the Gorumara National Park and you have to arrange a car for this journey. I would suggest you to book a car for your whole trip because it would reduce the headaches of hiring cars every now and then and the car would be all yours in the trip. It is always better if you have the same driver all throughout your trip and the driver becomes friendly and helps you in every possible way and act like a guide too. If you have the car you can take it out at night to experience the thrilling night life in jungle as I have mentioned in my previous post which is not possible if you don’t have a car with you.

dooars tourism

Sight Seeing around Gorumara National Park

Places of interest are:

  • Murti
  • Bindu
  • Jhallong
  • Rocky Island
  • Jaldhaka
  • Samsing
  • Suntalekhola
  • Lataguri


Jeep Safari Cost in Gorumara National Park

For Jeep Safari in Gorumara National Park you have to pay Rs. 450 per head for a round trip in the core area of the jungle. You can ask your resort manager to book jeep safari tickets for you and they would manage it for you. If you are staying in Lataguri, you can take your car to the entry point of the Gorumara National Park and from there you can only enter the gate with the forest department jeeps. In a jeep they allow 6 heads with a guide and a driver.


Jeep safari includes:

  • 6 heads in the jeep
  • Driver for the car
  • A guide for you
  • Tribal Dance show

Dooars Tour will surely give you a memorable experience. Hope I have provided all necessary information that is required to plan your Dooars tour and experience the thrill of jungle safari in Gorumara National Park. If you require further guidance, you can contact me. I would highly appreciate that.

Stay tuned to my travel updates for more updates from TravelDias and enjoy travelling.

Keep travelling, keep smiling. 🙂


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  1. Nice article.Very helpful for those who want to visit dooars. Planning to visit there during end of march,2013. Want to have more details from Mr. Abhijit Gupta. Want to contat Mr. Gupta.

      1. Wish I could help you but I was stuck with other things and I just checked this comment. Please don’t mind and let me know if you need any information in future. Keep traveling and stay healthy.

  2. Thank u for all the info.We r planning for a trip to dooars in Sept/October.Can u pls tell me tht how they charge for camera in Nationl Park.nd the cost of elephant safari.

    1. Hi Sukanya,

      Thanks for visiting TravelDias.com

      I have already sent you a mail regarding camera cost and elephant safari cost in Gorumara National Park and Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary. The camera cost would be around Rs 30-40 max for any point and shoot and DSLR. Video camera is charged a bit more. I don’t remember because I didn’t take any but it would be around Rs. 60 – 70 I guess. I hope we can pay much higher to shoot the wealth of the jungle and capture some lifetime moments.

      For elephant safari, it would be around Rs 600 – 650 per head.

      Keep traveling, keep smiling. 🙂 Stay tuned to Traveldias.com for more updates on travel.


  3. I want to know more details about your trip like Eephant safari,suitabe time for the trip. others faciity like childrens (below 5ys), type of room & faciities etc.

    1. Hi Nilu,

      Dooars is paradise for nature lovers and travelers. Jungle safari is mainly done in 2 parts of Dooars. 1 is Gorumara national park and the other one is Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary. I would suggest you to cover any 1 of these 2 at a time. If you are traveling first time to Dooars, I would suggest you to cover Gorumara park first along with Murti, Jaldhaka, Samsing, Suntalekhola ans Lataguri. I suggest you to book West Bengal forest department resorts there because they are the best. There are many good private properties too. If you are looking for Elephant safari, you have to make it to any one of the forest department’s resorts because visitors of forest department’s resorts get privilege over other tourists. It is like first in first serve basis. If you are staying in any private property, there is huge probability that you would miss elephant safari. If tourists are less then you may have a chance. Only 5 elephants go into jungle 2 times per day. Jeep safari would be available everyday.

      I would suggest you to make your trip in days when it is not a peak season and there is no rush. You would surely experience a more beautiful jungle then. All forests are closed from 15th June to 15th September.


  4. I am going to arrange a dooars tour for 5 night 6 days and my budjet is 7000 for one .i want to cover totally like jaldapara,gorumara,buxa tiger reserved,chapramari and etc.so,can i get the details match with my requires?if not then pls suggest me better trip ….thank you..

    1. Hi Ayan,

      Dooars is a fantastic place to explore the raw beauty of nature and wildlife but I would suggest to make Jaldapara and Gprumara in 2 different trips because I feel both the wildlife sanctuaries can not be visited in a true sense just in 5 nights because if you don’t visit the adjacent places, you would lose the actual char of the wild life.

      I would suggest you to first go for Gorumara Wildlife sanctuary and then go for Jaldapara. The probable itinerary can be:

      Day 1: Mal Junction station to Murti by road, explore Murti, have a deep into the crystal clear and chilling water of the river Murti, O/N stay at Murti
      Day 2: Visit Bindu, Jhalong, Joldhaka on day trip from Murti, O/N stay at Murti
      Day 3: Reach Suntalekhola via Samsing, O/N stay at Suntalekhola
      Day 4: Reach Lataguri from Suntalekhola, Jeep Safari after noon in Gorumara National Park, O/N stay
      Day 5: Go for Elephant Safari in the morning in the park, O/N stay
      Day 6: Leave for Mal Junction

      Note: I would suggest you to book WBFDC (west bengal forest development corporation) resorts in Lataguri/Gorumara. It makes sure that you can avail Elephant Safari in the national park. If you stay with any private resorts around the Gorumara Park, they can not guarantee you an elephant back safari. Only a few elephants go into the jungle everyday and govt. resort tourists get privilege and advantage. WBFDC also provides economical package trips to Gorumara with Elephant safari and jeep safari. You can inquire about everything from their office at 6A, Raja Subodh Mullick Square, near Wellington. Visit their site: http://www.wbfdc.com/

      You can also book your Murti & Suntalekhola resort of WBFDC from here: http://www.wbfdc.com/nature_resorts.html The name of the resort in Murti is Bonani and it is the best one to sty in. You have to options to stay in Suntalekhola. You can either stay in cottages or in river camps. I would suggest you to stay in river camps to have a different and mind blowing experience of lifetime. Just visit the above link and you would be able to see if lodging is available or not.

      Rs 7000 per head budget is pity good. I would suggest you to hire a vehicle for your whole trip. (from Mal Junction to Mal junction). There would be no headache of looking for vehicles and the journey would be comfortable.

      Let me know if you need any further help. I would surely hep you out.


    1. Hi Tapasree,

      That’s a great news that another nature lover has decided to visit the creation of nature. Though I consider Jaldapara to be the best wildlife sanctuary in north Bengal but Gorumara has got its own charm too. If you are planning for an elephant safari there, you must stay at any WBFDC or WBTDC resort otherwise it is nearly impossible to get a ride on elephant. If you are planning for a jeep safari, you must visit “Yatra Prasad” watch tower, do not go for any other watch tower. Ask your hotel manager or driver if they can arrange it for you. I would suggest you not to go for safari ticket booking on your own but to ask the driver or hotel staff to help you in this regard.

      If you get a free day, you must explore the beauty of Murti. A must visit destination for all traveling the Gorumara National Park in north Bengal.

      Once you are back from your trip, it would be a great help for all readers of TravelDias if you can write a review on your trip. I would gladly publish your post on Traveldias to share your experience with all readers.

      You can like the Facebook page for more updates.


  5. I am planning to go doors on 15th January’2014 for 4 nights and 5 days and want to cover jayanti, buxa , chapramari, and jaldapara including jeep safari and elephant safari . My budget is near about 6000 .
    please give some details about the trip as i am visiting first time .

    1. Hi Anindya,

      First of all I must let you know that if you are interested in elephant safari in Jaldapara, you must lodge in Hollong Lodge (WBTDC) because the first preference is given to the tourists staying there. In case there are tickets available even after the tourists of Hollong have got their tickets then the second priority is given to tourists staying in Jaldapara Tourist Lodge (WBTDC) and the third preference is given to Barodabari Malanagi Lodge (WBFDC). Make sure you make your advance bookings, the WBTDC and WBFDC sites now have online payment options. Booking for January has already started. I have already booked 3 rooms in Hollong Lodge, I am visiting there on 5th Jan. There is no value if you are staying in any private hotel/resort.

      For booking of WBTDC lodges visit here: http://app.westbengaltourism.gov.in/WBTBooking/wbtdc.html
      WBFDC lodges, visit here: http://www.wbfdc.com/nature_resorts.html

      In case you don’t get booking in either of the first 2 lodges mentioned above, you can stay in any private hotel but make sure you stay with them who can manage a ticket for Jeep safari in Jaldapara. Jeep safari is also very popular and hard to get tickets. One needs to stand in queue for hours to get a ticket though private resorts can manage some tickets on quota system.

      If you don’t get the scope to avail elephant safari in Jaldapara, make sure you visit Chilapata forest. You can avail elephant safari there. Tickets are given on first come first serve basis. If you are hiring a vehicle for the whole trip (I suggest), ask the driver to take you there and help in this regard.

      You can go to Buxaduar, Jayanti and Rajabhatkhaoa on a day trip/excursion from the hotel you stay in Jaldapara, Hasimara.

      The nearest railway station to Jaldapara is Hasimara. Book your train tickets in Kanchankanya Exp. – the only train that ply in that route.

  6. We 2 family of 6 heads will visit Dooars for the first time on Jan’2014. Our tour plan is like that 19/01 – Istikutum Rest House at Fatkabazar (Chilapota),
    20/01 – Mendabari Jungle Camp at Chilapota Forest
    21/01 – -Do-
    (Can we cover Jayanti (10-15 km from Mendabari) and Buxa in a single day ?

    22/01 – Hallong Forest Bungalow
    23/01 – Towards Lataguri and stay
    24/01 – Lataguri stay
    25/01 – Lataguri stay

    Though in your early post you suggested starting from Lataguri and then Jaldapara but we have no other option because we want to stay one night at hallong forest bungalow and the availability was only on 22nd Jan’14

    I need your help for a tour schedule of 3 days at lataguri.
    Please remember we have a desire mind to cover Chapramari, Jhalong, Bindu, Paren, Murti, Rocky Island.

    Please help me


    1. Hello Ananda,

      Thanks for taking out time to visit TravelDias. You may like to visit Traveldias Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/TravelDias and Google page https://plus.google.com/113139907704263536803/posts to post your reviews on Traveldias posts.

      Your plan seems to be okay. If your hotel is not booked yet in Lataguri, I suggest you to stay in Murti Bonani lodge (WBFDC). You can make the destinations from there. You can go for sightseeing to Bindu, Jhalong, Rocky Island, Samsing, Suntalekhola. Murti Bonani lodge of WBFDC is just superb place to stay in. It is y the river Murti. You must have a deep in the crystal clear and chilled water of the river. When you are in Murti, ask your driver to take you out there in the highway at night (possible if the driver is a local guy) and enjoy the night beauty there. Ask your driver to switch off all lights of the vehicle and feel the serenity in darkness. It is an awesome experience.

      I suggest you to go for elephant safari both in Jaldapara and Chilapata. A jeep safari to Yatra Prasad watch tower in Gorumara will be an adventure too. The entry point to Gorumara forest is in Lataguri and it is a few kilometers from Murti.


  7. hi abhijit
    I have seen that people are taking three to four jeep safaries.Actually how much is needed and what is more observed from an elephant safari than a jeep safari.How much time is needed for the other sight seeing places

    1. Hi Babul,

      There are several towers in Gorumara Gorest which are visited by jeeps authorized by WBFDC. The best watch tower is “Yatra Prasad”, named on a famous elephant. The other watch towers are not that good. Bison, elephant herds and rhino can be viewed if you avail the “Yatra Prasad” watch tower jeep safari. A jeep can accommodate 6 persons only (tourists) excluding the driver and the guide. A jeep costs around Rs 1,400 including everything.

      If you are looking for elephant safari, I suggest you to visit Jaldapara Wild life Sanctuary. You must confirm booking in Hollong tourist lodge owned by WBTDC to confirm tickets of elephant safari. Only a few elephants go inside the jungle 2 times a day. Jeep safari is also available in Jaldapara. It costs around Rs 1,400-1,600 per jeep.

      You can also opt for Jeep safari in Chilapata forest. The cost would be around Rs 1,800 – 2,000 per jeep.

      The other places to visit near Gorumara are Murti, Bindu, Jhalong, Samsing, Suntalekhola, Chparamari forest range etc. Places to visit near Jaldapara are Buxaduar, Jayanti, Rajabhatkhaoa etc. If you are planning to visit Dooars, I suggest you the following plan:

      2 nights stay in Bonani tourist lodge (WBFDC) in Murti, 1 night stay in Jhallong river camp (WBFDC) and 2 nights stay in Hollong tourist lodge (WBTDC). Go for jeep safari in Gorumara and Chilapata. Make elephant safari in Jldapara. Chilapata forest is a few km drive from Jaldapara. Gorumara forest is a few km drive from Murti.

  8. Thanks for your detailed information.But the problem is that I am getting only three nights four days time .Because I am not getting leaves more than that from my office.Please suggest my iternary accordingly.

    1. Hi Babul,

      Let me make one thing clear to you. If you are looking for a stay in Hollong Tourist Lodge in Jaldapara Sanctuary, you have to make your trip according to the availability of room there. Getting a room in Hollong is something like getting the moon in your pocket. Booking of rooms open 120 days prior the stay. Holong is the only government lodge in India that is built inside the jungle. It is booked through WBTDC site. You can book it online.

      The suggested itinerary is:

      Day 1: Reach Mal junction and transfer to Murti, go for sightseeing to Bindu, Rocky Island, Chapramari forest, Samsing, Suntalekhola etc. after lunch, O/N stay at Bonani Tourist Lodge
      Day 2: Check out from hotel, transfer to Hollong lodge, sightseeing en-route, opt for Jeep safari in Jaldapara in afternoon, O/N stay at Hollong Lodge
      Day 3: Opt for elephant safari early in the morning, go to Chilapata forest for sightseeing, you can avail jeep safari too in Chilapata, O/N stay at Hollong
      Day 4: Check out from Hollong lodge, ask your driver to take you to Buxaduar, Jayanti and Rajabhat Khaoa for sightseeing and then drop you to Hasimara railway station. You will get your train in evening.

  9. Hi Abhijit.

    We’ll be visiting Gorumara in December. We’ve already booked the WBFDC resort in Murti. What we’re interested in now is the jeep safari. Can that be booked in advance? You mentioned informing the resort manager for private hotels, but what about the fdc guests?
    The other thing is that we have the time to visit any one other range while at Murti. Which do you suggest? We were thinking of Chapramari but perhaps there’s a better option?

    1. Hi Vasundhara,

      Bonani Resort of WBFDC in Murti is the best place to stay in and spend days. Do not miss the fun of having a deep in the crystal clear and chilled water of Murti river just by the lodge. They have a back gate where from you can get to the river bank. The below knee level water has got high current and it is really enjoyable. The view all around is just superb. If you are lucky, you can easily spot a herd of elephants or deer.

      The entry point to Gorumara forest is at Lataguri which is a few kilometers from Murti. Jeep safari can not be booked in advance. Presently, no one can book it on your behalf too. One of you have to stand in the queue to get a ticket for jeep safari in Gorumara. The person who stands in the queue must have identity proof to get the ticket and he would required to be in the jeep. 6 persons are accommodated in a jeep at a time excluding the guide and the driver. Make sure you get the ticket of “Yatra Prasad” watch tower. It is the best tower to spot elephants, bison etc.

      Chapramari is located few kilometers from Murti. The highway that passes through the Chapramari forest is good to spot leopards and elephants. You can sightseeing the range while covering or visiting Bindu, another good spot to visit from Murti. Make sure you visit Samsing, Suntalekhola, Jhallong, Rocky Island etc. on sightseeing from Murti.

  10. Hi Mr.Abhijit Gupta can u please provide me your phone number because I need to ask you few things regarding my upcoming Dooars tour in upcoming winter.like,
    (1) Where to stay as I want to cover Gorumara(Yatra Prasad Tower),Chapramari and also Jaldapara by jeep safari
    (2) Where to stay as I want to spent few times at Murti lodge and also wish to visit Buxaduar,Rajabhatkhawa,Chilapata,Samsing, Suntalekhola, Jhallong, Rocky Island etc.
    (3) Is it possible if I will ask a group of people or at the ticket counter to include me in a group for safari?because I will be going alone.

    kindly reply and if possible then please give me your mobile no.

    Thanks and Regards
    Chandramouli Ganguly

    1. Hi Chandramouli,

      I have sent you a mail with my phone number. You can call me any time and I will surely provide you all required information regarding your Dooars trip.

  11. Namaskar Abhijit Babu, aapnar lekhagulor jonyo prothomei aapnake onek dhonyobaad janai . Ami Oct.11th, 2014 te Murti jete chai.Murti te halt korey GORUMARA aar CHAPRAMARI duto forest ki dekha jabey ? Oi somoy dry car er rate per day koto thakte parey tentatively? Aapnar kacchhey oi area r (Murti) jodi kono car owner er contact no. thakey tahole ektu janaben please. Abar aapnake aapnar ei prochesta r jonyo dhonyobaad. Aapnar uttor er ashaay roilam.Valo thakun. Notun notun jayga r khoj din. Namaskar.

    1. I can surely share the contact details of the driver who makes my trips in Dooars. He is a very friendly & experienced driver who used to drive the jeep of a forest officer in past and has got immense knowledge regarding wild animals and jungles in Dooars. Yes, One can visit Gorumar and Chapramari forest staying in Murti. If you need I can draft an itinerary for you too.
      Do mail me the requirement at “uvreachedavi@gmail.com”. I will share all details along with the contact number of the driver.

  12. Hi Abhijit,
    We have a plan to visit lataguri lava rishap and jaldapara forest in coming october from 9/10 -15/10. Please guide me for weather detail and jungle safari and other necessary infomations as my 6 yrs old daughter will also be with me. Please reply.

    1. Hi Rakhi,

      The itinerary can be:
      9/10: Reach New Mal Junction, transfer to Jhallong river camp OR Murti, visit Bindu and Chapramari forest after lunch, O/N stay
      10/10: Sightseeing, O/N stay at Murti or Jhallong river camp
      11/10: Check out and transfer to Lataguri, sightseeing on way, check-in hotel in Lataguri and go for afternoon jeep safari in Gorumara forest, O/N stay
      12/10: Check-out and transfer to Barodabari Malangi Lodge of WBFDC (if available) or any other resort in Jaldapara, sightseeing on way via Khoerbari leopard rehabilitation center, O/N stay
      13/10: Enjoy elephant safari early in the morning, transfer to Lava, O/N stay
      14/10: Enjoy Lava, visit Rishyap, O/N stay
      15/10: Transfer to Lolegaon, O/N stay
      16/10: Transfer to NJP station

      The weather will be favorable during the time of your visit. I would suggest you to carry light woolen cloths because eat night the temperature will drop. Lava, Lolegaon and Rishyap will be colder than Dooars region. I would suggest you to book a vehicle for the entire trip. That will be comfortable and harassment free. If you have vehicle with you, you can move according to your time and wish. It is hard to get a point to point vehicle and there will always be hurry. If you need any further information, do mail me at “uvreachedavi@gmail.com” with regard to this communication.

  13. I want to know about resort charges of nearest Goruma raNational Park Maingate all of those resorts and also elephant trip charges………..

    1. A budget hotel/resort in Lataguri near Gorumara entry gate will cost you Rs 1,200-1,500 on average. All these are private hotels/resorts. If you are planning to stay in any private hotel/resort, you won’t be able to go for elephant safari because only tourists staying in govt. loges avail the privilege of elephant safari. You will only get the scope of jeep safari for which you can get tickets from the gate. You need an identity proof and you will have to stand in the queue to get tickets. So be there as early as possible to confirm you get tickets. You can also ask someone else to reserve jeep safari tickets but that person will have to be present in the jeep while doing the safari else you will not be allowed to move inside. Booking govt lodges in Gorumara is not done from Kolkata, it is done from Siliguri forest office. You can get elephant safari if you stay in Dhupjhora elephant camp arranged by forest department. So get in touch with them for a booking.

      Elephant safari is best done in Jaldapara forest. The scope of sighting wild animals is much better. Hollong tourist lodge is the best option to stay in but very hard to get a booking. Booking is done 120 days in advance. Online booking is done from their website (WBTDC). Second best option for elephant safari in Jaldapara is from Barodabari Malangi lodge. This property belongs to WBFDC. You can check availability of rooms online from their site.

      To know more you can directly send me a mail to “uvreachedavi@gmail.com”. I will surely revert back.

  14. Is dry car for 6 persons available in Mal junction ? Alternately can u help me sir to get a car for the
    whole journey with driver cum guide. Pls mail mobile nos.

  15. Sir 12 of our freinds have booked our trip from 17-22 (SEALDAH- NEW MAL JN) sept 2015 so we wl be reaching our staying place at Lakeview resort Lataguri, we are hoping to visit Gorumara on 19th and Jaldapara on 20th.
    As we heared from some sources that some local drivers out there can arrange tour at 200 or 250 per head via jeep.
    it is our first time so can u give us an approx rate that we would have to spare for the two tours at Gorumara and Jaldapara.
    we all would be very thakful to you if you can mail me the total calculation.

    1. Hi Depankar,

      I have already replied to your mail. Please reply there and let us communicate through mails. Do let me know your feedback and I would suggest you accordingly.

  16. Hi avijit
    We are 4couples will go to dooars. Our tour plan is
    24th may kanchankanya express.
    25th may reaching mal bazar then Bindu.
    26th may jungle safari by jeep at gorumara.
    27th may samsing rocky island suntalekhola trip by sumo.
    28th may back train from maljunction at 6pm.

    This is our tour plan.our budger is very low. We stay at bindu at homestay basis Rs.600 per room per night.
    You please suggest me is it safe to stay at bindu?
    Is it possiable to make jeep safari at gorumara and other sideseen in the same day?
    Is samsing is batter option to stay insted of bindu?
    Is there have any chances of attack of tiger or other animal At bindu?

    Thanks and regards
    Krishna saha

    1. I don’t suggest staying at Bindu. It is better if you stay at Murti or Suntalekhola or Jhalong and visit Bindu from there. The issue is that you won’t get any accommodation within Rs 600 only at any places i have mentioned. Best option to stay in Dooars is staying at Govt. lodges (wbfdc).

      Jeep safari in Gorumara is possible but make sure you reach early to get confirmed tickets. There remains the rush of tourists. Best safari would be if you can get tickets for Jatra Prasad Watch Tower.

      If you have any more query, you can drop me a mail at “uvreachedavi@gmail.com” or you can also call me on my mobile. (number is provided on my Facebook page).

      In jungle no one can predict anything. There would be a guard along with the driver in your safari vehicle who are well experienced to handle any situation. Do not panic but enjoy the jungle life.

  17. Nice informative blog. Will be visiting dooars for the 8th time early next month. Yes that mufti(bonani) is super if one can stay in “muniya or moyna” .. And of course a night at “chapramari wilderness camp”. Self driven car is the best option for a midnight drive through “khunia-chapramari” or “chilapota” outskirts. Best time to visit is when the paddy ripes. Keep ears open for sounds of “bombs” in night , that’s the time to “start your car” and follow the bomb sounds to the paddy fields … Boy, actually you can “help” the villagers to “defend” their crops with your powerful “headlamps” …. At least for that night . hahahaha .. Have done it all .. Best of luck guys. The “catch” is … Follow the “jungle law and their routines”.

    1. ohh…ho…I have those experience too. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with me. I can relate to my trips to Dooars. I am a regular visitor to Dooars, have been there so many times and the count is more than 15 I guess. 🙂 Hope we meet one day and share more gossips.

  18. Sir,
    you blog is so informative that I’m moved to ask for some help. five of us(age 22-24) are planning to visit dooars in the monsoon. We are supposed to reach new mal jn on 30th june and we will stay there for 3N 4D that is we have our return tickets on 3rd july evening. So, can you please suggest us a plan for these days.. for day 1 we had a plan to go to suntalekhola from NMZ and stay there for O/N. but after seeing your posts I’m thinking to go to murti first..please give us a plan and also suggest us where to go as the jungle safaris will be closed in this period.

    1. Hi Anirup,

      Thank you for such kind words. First of all, call me Abhijit.
      Yes, you are absolutely right that the safaris will be closed because jungles/forests across India remain closed during monsoons. Though you don’t get to enter forests but you can surely get to stay at govt. (wbfdc) cottages with good discounts. I guess if you stay for 2 nights at any property, you pay for 1 day. So these offers are there during monsoons. You speak to the wbfdc office in Kolkata and they may come up with more such offers.
      Day 1: Reach New Mal Junction, transfer to Murti, visit Bindu via Chapramari range after lunch, O/N stay at Murti
      Day 2: Spend the day in complete leisure, enjoy bath in the Murti river, take out the vehicle and go for small drive across the highway through jungles, O/N stay at Murti
      Day 3: Check-out and transfer to Suntalekhola after visiting Samsing, Rocky Island, etc., after lunch go out and visit Paren, O/N stay at Suntalekhola
      Day 4: Spend the day in Leisure and transfer to New Mal Junction after noon for train to Kolkata

      I would highly suggest you to reserve a vehicle for the entire trip. The vehicle will pick you up from station, remains with you for all 4 days and drops you at the station when you return. Keeping a vehicle will provide you huge benefits like you would be able to go out for small drives across roads through jungles to try your luck to view wild life, would not have to depend on cars to hire for every drop and sightseeing, you can take the vehicle to market quite far away if needed, the car will be a great help if here is any emergency, etc.

      Let me know if you need any more information. Do mail me at “uvreachedavi@gmail.com” with reference to this communication if you need further details because I feel we can communicate better through mails.

    1. Wish I could help you but I was stuck with other things and I just checked this comment. Please don’t mind and let me know if you need any information in future. Keep traveling and stay healthy.

  19. Hi Mr. Abhijit. Greetings for your commendable effort to make us all have a memorable trip. We are 4 couples and planning to have a trip to gorumara, jaldapara, lava, lolegaon, rishyap, koalkham, jhandi, delo and other surroundings. We will reach New Mal junction on 26th May and will board the return train from there on 01st June. Kindly make us have a proper plan so that we can enjoy the safaris as well as visit most of all the places if not all.

    1. It is okay if you have booked your train up to New Mal Junction but if you are planning to visit Lava, Lolegaon, Rishyap, Delo, etc. the nearest railway station is NJP. New Mal Junction is far away. So if possible get your return ticket from NJP station. You can first cover Dooars (Gorumara, Jaldapara) and then transfer to north Bengal hills.

      As you have already booked your return tickets from New Mal Junction, I feel you should skip visiting north bengal hills this time and focus only on Dooars. There are so many places of interest other than Gorumar and Jaldapara. You have 6 nights – 7 days in hand. You can mail me for details at “uvreachedavi@gmail.com”.

  20. Hi. I would like to know the fare of 3 people from New Mal Junction to gorumara national park by car.

    1. You will have to reserve a car for that. It will cost you around Rs 1,200-1,500 for a drop. I suggest you to reserve a car for the entire trip. It is always economical to reserve a car for the entire trip in Dooars. It is comfortable and economical.

  21. Dear Dada,

    Your blog is suprb……… I am mad about dooars, I am just in love with the forest, wild life………… You must be agree with me that a full moon night in the mid of forest is something unforgettable and I can’t be able to describe the environment with my words…….. It is something you can feel only.

    Dada we are 6 heads (3 family) are going to visit Gorumara Chapramari in the coming Jan 2017. Already booked Neora Jungle Camp for few days.

    My only concern is a good Non AC car (sumo or bolero type) and a good young driver. If you can please help me with that. If you can please advice with some ones ph number so that I can contact them and book a car for my entire stay.


    1. Hi Arijit,

      Thank you so much for the appreciation. I can surely help you with the contact details of the driver who drives me there in Dooars. Though he is not young but he is one of the most friendly and humble persons on earth. He is best in the woods of Dooars with immense knowledge of wildlife and surroundings. Check your mail please.

  22. Hi Arijit – I am tavelling to Paren (25th / 26th Dec) and Lataguri (27th and 28th Dec). Have my return journey booked on 9th late evening from NJP.

    My wife and my 2.5 years old daughter would travel with me.

    Can you help with a travel plan as I would be going there for the first tie. We have a hotel booked at Paren and another at Lataguri.


    1. You can cover Bindu, Jhalong and Murti via Chapramari range on 1 day and the 2nd day yoi can cover Samsing, Suntalekhola, Rocky Island from Paren. When you are at Lataguri, you can enjoy 1 day doing jeep safari and the other day you can cover Chilapata or Jaldapara and come back to Lataguri.. It will be good if you hire or reserve a car for the entire trip. If you want I can connect you to the driver who drives me whenever I visit Dooars.

  23. Sir I ll reach New Mal Jn on22.5.17 at 11 a.m. Staying Murti WBTC Tourist lodge upto 24.5.17. Check Out from Murty and going jalda Para WBTC tourist lodge on 24.5.16 and taking Train form Hasimara at 4 p.m on 26.5.17 for return. Please plan a tour for me. We are 2adults and 1child (6Yrs). Please mention if there are any transfer facility from Rly station.

    1. You can have a comprehensive and best tour if you hire a car for the entire trip. It would be economical, helpful and you can cover maximum places. You can cover Bindu, Jhalong, Chapramari range, Sumsing, Suntalekhola, Rocky Island from Murti. You can also enjoy jeep safari in Gorumara or Chapramari. You must enjoy elephant safari in Jaldapara.

  24. Hi Mr. Abhijit,
    Greetings for your commendable effort to make us all have a memorable trip.

    We are 15 people having our stay at “Green Touch Dooars Eco Resort”. We added this spot just as a hault to our journey from Bhutan to Gangtok. Later after reading your post and little research we found out that we can really explore here.
    But as we have planned other things already, we have only morning time 5am to 11am in lataguri. Can you suggest us which jungle ride is preferable?

    We are staying there in 28th of May. Also we have our vehicles, can we take our vehicles inside a jungle OR strictly local jeeps are only allowed ?

    1. For Jeep safari and watch tower visit, your vehicles would not be allowed. You would have to hire Gypsys of forest dept. Best would be if you can visit Jatra Prasad Watch Tower. One Gypsy can accommodate 6 persons max. You would need 3 Gypsys for jeep safari in Gorumara forest. Lataguri is the entry point to Gorumara.

  25. Hi , Mr. Abhijit,
    I will go to goruma forest on September last and booked banyan tree resort at lataguri. can I book forest dept cottage now? when will advance booking start for forest dept cottage ?
    can you help me to give me a good car driver’s ph no. for my tour?

    1. I can surely help you with the driver’s number who drives me across Dooars each time I visit there. He would love to cater to your needs. I would need your exact travel dates and destinations.

      You can book forest lodges anytime but booking opens 90 days in advance I guess. You can check WBFDC and WBTDC websites for availability of rooms.

  26. Hi Abhijit,

    Thanks for all the info.
    I need just one clarity If i book a car for whole trip from New Mal junction ,do i need to book jeep separately for a jungle safari. Please clarify.
    would be grateful to you for your quick response as i am leaving tomorrow.

    1. Yes, you can do elephant safari in Gorumara but you must stay at Govt. properties. Which can be booked from WBTDC site. More for details, you can call me on my mobile.

  27. Hi..

    There are various watch towers inside the forest. Can you please explain the differences? Should i have to go for all of them? Or how to choose? What would be total cost per head for the safari, apart from gypsy, guide and camera costs?

    1. Apologize that I couldn’t manage to reply earlier. I was busy with some stuff. I hope you understand that it is so difficult for me to check and respond to each query. I think it is better if we speak. Please call me on my mobile after 9 pm any day. I can surely help you with all details.

  28. We r planning for a bike trip to lataguri so can you tell me the places to visit in the trip and which ticket we should book for safari

  29. Hi Planning for a trip to Gangtok and jaldapara in May. Your information on the site is extremely helpful. Just wanted to know further :

    which will be a good hotel to stay over there at Gangtok. Need good view from the room and a nice and clean property.

    Approx taxi fare for travelling to nathula, changu for a day. Who are the reliable booking agents at Gangtok.

    At Jaldapara – where can we go after elephant safari in the morning ? any near by places to visit. If so what are the approx taxi fares ?


  30. I am visiting batabari on 7.6.2018 please send me actually elephant ride cost and time how I book tickets of elephants ride

  31. I am in awe of this site and your enthusiasm to plan the customized itinerary for every weary traveler. I would be really grateful if I could avail your help for the same.
    I am traveling with a group of 6 to murti this October. I plan to stay 2 days in murti and cover the sightseeing and gorumara jeep safari and then stay in bonante resort in Jayanti for 2 days and cover buxa jayanti and then make my way to jaldapara for another 2 days.on the 7th day I wish to cover a day trip to phuentsholing and then catch a night train to Kolkata. Can you help me out in planning the same. I would be grateful if you could mention which which points can be covered in this trip and how much can a day trip to phuentsholing and a car for 6 days sightseeing cost and if there is some driver you can recommend?

  32. we are 13 heads,our train kanchan kanya 6th March , then I wish to covered Duars 7th march and 8th March go to gantok, please let me tours details,what to do?we wish to jungle safari.


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