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Jammu Deep in Bakkhali – A Tour Review

Jammu deep in Bakkhali is a must visit destination if you visit Bakkhali. It is a nature’s paradise in the heart of Bay of Bengal, the mighty sea. Bakkhali is one of the exotic weekend destinations in south Bengal and Jammu Deep is an island in Bay of Bengal. Jammu Island is a barren land visited by tourist only but it is not a commonly visited destination and so the island is still a wonderful place to spend some quality time with your best mates.

The trip to the island will be an adventurous one.  I visited Jammu DeepThe waves striking the front end of the boat from the opposite direction and the boat moving up and down with the waves and the wind is a fantastic experience. We were 12 in number and none of us was scared except me and another friend of mine. We were a bit scared when we started the journey but gradually we started enjoying the fun and experiencing the beauty and the thrill of the journey. The boat was quite big and the boatman was a jolly man to interact with. He was our guide cum boatman who described and explained all about the place, its history, about the island and its tourism etc.

How To Go Jammu Deep in Bakkhali

To visit Jammu Island one needs to go the local fishing harbor, Frazerganj. It is a a few kilometers drive from Bakkhali bus stop. Bakkhali bus stop is the centre point for the tourists in Bakkhali. Once you reach Frazerganj, you can see a huge number of country fishing boats of various sizes are banked on the narrow creek that meets the mighty Bay of Bengal. The boatmen are always ready to take you to the island for an extra income. There are no designated boats to Jammu Island but these fishermen are there who can make your day a great one by taking you to the exotic location in the sea.

Jammu Deep Bakkhali

How to Go Frazerganj

One can drive his own vehicle up to Frazerganj because the road is quite motor able though it is not pitched like roads we find in the city. If you don’t have a car, you can take a rickshaw van or a motor van that would take you to Frazerganj fishing harbor, wait for you until you are back from the island by the boat and bring back to your hotel or resort in Bakkhali. I suggest you to book the rickshaw van or motor van for a round trip – “to and from” journey because it would be hard to find a rickshaw van from the harbor. The road to the harbor goes through villages and hamlets by the villager’s huts and through the fields. It will be a bumpy ride but a memorable experience to you.

Frazerganj Bakkhali

Bakkhali to Frazerganj Transportation

There is no vehicle agency in Bakkahli and you can’t hire a car there for sightseeing and others. Bakkhali is a remote village in south Bengal and it is not a surprise that a car can’t be hired. We hired a rickshaw van for a round trip to Frazerganj. There are no autos or any other mode of transport to visit the place.

Bakkahli to Jammu Island Fare – Cost Of Transportation

A rickshaw van takes around 70-80 rupees for a round trip to Frazerganj. The van driver waits for you at the spot till you come back from the sea and brings you back to your Bakkhali hotel or resort. I would suggest you to bargain with the rickshaw van drivers and ask about the van rates to the manager or any other attendants in your hotel before you step out. Sometimes the rickshaw van drivers asks for a much higher rate knowing that the tourists are not familiar with the usual rates in the area.

Once you reach the fishing harbor, you need to hire a boat or you can also go on sharing basis if there are other tourists too. There is not that much tourist to visit the island so you might wait for long for another group of tourists to go on sharing basis. There is a high possibility that no tourists arrive and you don’t get a scope to visit the island as I said the island is not a commonly visited spot. We hired a big fishing boat by our own and avoided going on sharing basis because we preferred privacy to mixing with others. We paid Rs. 600 for the trip and I think it was worth paying so because it takes around 4 hours for the round trip journey. We spent around 2 hours there in the island, so all total it was 6 hours spent for the amazing journey to the island. We visited back in 2009 and so I guess the boat fare would go up with rise in price of diesel.

What to Do in Jammu Deep

Jammu Island is the perfect destination for the nature lovers who want to spend some time in peace, serene and quiet place.  I would suggest you to take bathing cloths with you because you won’t be able to restrict yourself from diving into the crystal clear waters around. There is forest with tall trees in the middle of the island and beach all around. The place is photogenic and you can click some fantastic snaps here. There will no one to disturb you and you would only be in the lap of the nature. We found the Sun at the top of our head and the weather was superb to dive into the water and have sunbath.

What You Find in the Island

The island has a dense forest in the middle and beaches all around. It seems that nobody except tourists goes there but our boatman said that local people sometimes visit the island to take woods from there. We didn’t even find any street dog there and I felt like there is no life on the island except greenery in the middle.

What to carry with you in Jammu Island

  • Drinks: Drinking water is a must to carry with you because you won’t get water anywhere to drink. If you want you can take some chilled beers before you get on to your boat. The local rickshaw drivers or boatmen can arrange this charging a few extra compared to the liquor shop.

  • Snacks: Snacks would keep you busy and add a flavor to you.

  • Camera: This electronic object is a must to capture the fantastic moments of life the in the island.

  • Bath cloth: If you want to dive into the crystal clear water around the island, you must take extra cloth. We couldn’t restrict ourselves from diving into the water and we did that with our inners because we didn’t take any extra dress.

My suggestions:

  1. Avoid going in summers because the temperature would burn you. Rainy season would be risky to make the voyage in the sea. Winter is the best time to visit Jammu Deep.

  2. Don’t try to act against the boatman’s will, try to follow what he says because he is the person responsible for your life in the sea. A boatman can be a guide too.

  3. Safety must be considered besides fun and enjoyment.

  4. Do not take risk – if the weather is bad, try to avoid the trip. Boatmen would help in this regard.

  5. Step out early in the morning because the trip is about 6 to 7 hours in total. In morning the weather is favourable and good to visit the place.

Hope I have covered most of the things in the article these would help you planning your next trip to Bakkhali Jammu Deep. Stay tuned to TravelDias for more updates in the Travel Updates section. Find more beach destinations in Beaches category.

Keep traveling, keep smiling. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Jammu Deep Trip in Bakkhali”

  1. Regarding this detail at first I would like to thank you.Your description would help me a happy journey to The Jammu Deep on next Dec 25th to 27th ,2013 along with Bakkhali and Henry Island with my guyes.

  2. Its a very helpful and informative blog.. i liked it..
    i would like to ask that whether it is allowed to get down at JambuDeep island in present days.. because hearing from some people.. that people are not allowed to get down in the isalnd.. if possible.. kindly let me knoww.. thanks..

    1. Hi Maitra,

      Yes, you have heard the right words. Presently tourists are not allowed to drop at the Jammu Deep (Jammu Island). You can only hire a boat and make a sightseeing in the sea. They will take you to the voyage which is indeed great experience. Voyaging in deep sea in country boat will be a lifetime experience to you. I was very lucky to be among the last tourists who made to the island before it was closed. The boat charge would be Rs 800-900 for both way trip. A boat can includes up to 15 persons depending on the size of the boat. If more tourists are available you can go on sharing basis but if no tourists are there except you, then you are left with only option and that is to hire the boat.

      If you are planning to visit Bakkhali, I highly suggest you this voyage to Jammu Deep.

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