Dooars Tour – A Visit To the Dense Forest

When we talk about jungle safari in West Bengal, the first place comes in our mind is Dooars in northern part of West Bengal. Your Dooars tour can be a breath taking experience for you.

In your Doors tour if you are looking for jungle safari then you can do it in two different parts of Dooars, i.e. Gorumara National Park and Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. In this post I would share my experience of visiting the places of interest around Gorumara National Park and jungle safari in the park.

Murti in Dooars – A Must Visit Destination In Your Dooars Tour

We set off from Sealdah station by Kanchan Kanya Express that dropped us at Mall Junction station in north Bengal – the gateway to Murti in Dooars. We had our car ready at the station and the driver “Bachchu Da” was kind enough to receive us at the station. We headed towards our destination “Bonani Tourist Lodge” – maintained by Forest Department of WB Government. It was a perfect location for accommodation since it is situated by the Murti River which is a perfect hilly river to bath in. The cottages and the bungalow in the resort with greenery all around is just awesome. I thank the Forest Department for maintaining the resort so well and the stuffs are always at your service. We stayed in Murti for two days. The day when we reached, we just relaxed at the resort, had a memorable bath in the Murti river and strolled around the place clicking some awesome snaps. When we talk about Dooars tourism, Murti is a must visit place.

Bindu & Jhallong – Sight-seeing Around Murti

The next day morning after breakfast we went for sight-seeing which included places like Bindu and Jhallong. We returned after noon and explore the areas around our resort and relaxed in our resort. Next day we set off for Samsing and Suntalekhola, beautiful sight-seeing destinations. The only thing I had in mind was that when I would see an elephant or a herd of elephants in the jungle. Bachchu Da, our driver always said to me not to lose patience, we would surely have a glimpse of the mighty creature. One horned rhinos and bisons were the other attractions of wildlife. Till now we could only see some deer, peacocks and wild dogs. I was losing hope but Bachchu Da kept on saying that the tour was not over.

Samsing & Suntalekhola – Sight-seeing En-route To Lataguri

We returned around noon, freshen up ourselves, had our lunch and set off with our luggage for our next destination Lataguri which is the gateway to Gorumara National Park. I was tuned into some Bollywood numbers in my head phone and my eyes were stared to the outside world of the vehicle into the jungles in search of any wild animals. The SUV was doing just 30km per hour though the beautiful road through the jungle could easily have cars plying over 100kms/hour. Bachshu Da was our driver cum guide. He said there was no hurry to reach our destination so he would drive slowly wishing if we get to catch the sight of any wild figure. The road had tall trees and dense forest on both sides. One of a sudden Bachchu da pressed the brake and we all stared at him when he said that there was a single elephant on the right side. We all turned back and he put the vehicle on back gear and smoothly drived a few meters backward. Some of us spotted the elephant but unfortunately I missed the sight because the mighty creature went deep in the jungle hearing the sound of our car. We got down from the car but couldn’t see anything there except the trees all around. We were very tensed and scared because Bachu Da said that the creature can come back any time and attack us. We waited in the car halting at the spot for some time without making any noise but we were unfortunate to have a sight of any wild creature. Bachchu Da started driving and we were on our way to Lataguri.

Lataguri – Entry Point To Gorumara National Park

We reached another beautiful private resort called Aronyo in Lataguri. I still remember the cottage we stayed in and the dining space with glasses all around. The resort is located in the jungle surrounded with tall trees and guarded with iron wires to protect the resort from elephant attacks. At night it was a wonderful and a totally different feeling I never expected or experienced before. The dull lights of the resort along with the peculiar sound of the dense forest awarded us a blended mix of thrill. At night no resort allows their guest to go out of the complex but we somehow managed this time too. Bachchu Da took out the car and we were passing through the pitched dark jungle. Nothing could be seen around except the road because the head lights of the car were focusing there. We were wishing for a sight of the jumbos at night on the middle of the road because we heard from Bachchu Da that elephants cross the road at night to migrate from one place to another. One of a sudden Bachchu Da stopped the car in the middle of the road and switched off the only lights that were glowing. I couldn’t even see the guy sitting next to me and we all were so scared. We all started asking Bachchu Da about what happened and he replied that it was the lifetime experience he planned for us and wanted to gift us. He said to feel the environment and stare to the sky through the windows of the car. We did the same and it was really an awesome feeling and something I would like to experience again in life when I visit the place again only with Bachchu Da as our driver cum guide. We stayed there for some time in the pitch dark condition and started moving again when we saw a car light in the distance approaching us. We took a U-turn and headed towards our resort in Lataguri.

Jeep Safari in Gorumara National Park – Jungle Safari in Dooars

The next day we had something more thrilling and adventurous. We had our booking in the jeep safari provided by the Gorumara National Park authority. We went to the entry point of the national park where I found more than 20 Maruti Gypsy cars parked on the road side. I came to know that these are the cars that would take the visitors inside the forest in the core section. We were so much eager to get in as early as possible. The national park authority does not allow private cars to enter the jungle so we had to leave Bachchu Da and opt for these forest cars. We were allotted our cars- 6 persons in a car. We were more in number so we had two cars. When the journey began, we had the only wish to catch the sight of any wild animal like elephant, rhino or bison. We were passing through the jungle by the mudded road with tall trees on both side and forest guard watch towers at regular intervals. It was dense forest with noise of its own and quite thrilling to give you an adventurous journey. We went into core jungle but couldn’t spot any wild animal and we lost our hope to see any wild creature. The driver took us to the village of tribal people in the jungle where we experienced the cultural show of the Gorumara tribal people. We were supposed to stay there for 1 hour but after 15 minutes our driver approached me and said that we have to leave early because he has got the news on his walkie-talkie that another car spotted an elephant on its way. We didn’t take any time to get into our cars and move ahead in search of our dream that is spotting an elephant. Other visitors and the tribal people present there might think that we didn’t like the program and so we were leaving but in reality we loved the dance program of the Tribals and it was a different experience too. We didn’t mind to leave the program because we knew that this was the last chance to have a sight of the mammoth. We were on our way back to the entry point from where we started our jungle safari in Gorumara National Park.

Jungle Safari in Gorumara – Sight of the Elephant

Then the time came when our driver halted the car and we could see the huge elephant standing at a distance of few meters and staring at us. On the way our driver described us how to flee from an elephant attack but now when the mammoth was standing near to us we all forgot what the driver said. We just stared at the giant and clicked photographs very consciously as our driver said not to click with flash lights because it excites elephants and they can attack any time. We were busy in clicking but our nerves were about to fail because we scared as this experience was something we never came across earlier. I thought if the elephant attacks, I would follow the driver because he knows much about the character of the elephants and I said to my companions the same thing. Suddenly the giant started approaching us when our driver pressed the accelerator pad to make some noise to scare the elephant. The giant mammoth really got scared and went into the jungle. We realized that the danger was gone and we shied. It was the best experience of mine in the jungle of Gorumara National Park and I would like to experience it again when I visit the Park again in future. On our way we saw variety of colourful birds including peacocks and wild animals like wild dogs, wild pigs, deer etc. By the time we reached the exit point, it was dark and Bachchu Da was there to receive us. I can never forget this amazing journey through the dense forest and I would love to visit again.

We returned to our resort and got together in the veranda of our cottage with some drinks and snacks and the only topic of discussion was the journey in the jungle. We spent the night in the resort and set off for our next destination to Lava which was another beauty in the hills of Bengal. I would surely write on it and share with you.

Thanks for going through my post on jungle safari in Gorumara National Park and stay tuned to Travel Updates section of TravelDias to know more travel world.

Keep travelling, keep smiling 🙂


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  1. A nice review to come across. I am visiting Gorumara in puja holidays. I have got the best information here.


  2. I have visited there in my college days.The silent nature just reach you in another world.The birds,in the river valley,the rising Sun beneath Kanchenjunga make you feel romantic.

    1. Hi Shilpa,

      You can reach me anytime by mailing me. Do mail me at “”. I will surely revert back. If required we can surely have a talk over phone.

  3. Hello,

    We are six people, will reach njp on 14.04.2016 by 10 am. we want to visit dooars, garumara and jaldapara national park & one day in lava & loleygaon. We had our return ticket on17.04.2016 afternoon from njp.
    Can you please guide us about planning schedule. Also interested in Elephant safari at jaldapara nd garumara national park. I have no idea weather any booking process is there or not. if yes..then how can we book???

    1. Hi,

      The trip plan can be:
      NJP >> Murti (2 nights covering Bindu, Jhalong, Samsing, Suntalekhola, Chapramari and Gorumara) >> Jaldapara (1 night) >> NJP
      Elephant safari will available in Jaldapara only if you stay at Govt. lodge. Accommodation must be booked in advance and elephant safari is booked at spot as per first come first serve basis.

      You can mail me at “” for more details. If you mail me, drop me the mail with reference to this communication.

  4. Hi, we are 5 people planning for two days doors trip in mid January 2017. We will go doors via jhandi,Calimpong…after visiting those places. Can you please suggest 2 days trip itenery for us? Also here I have to mention that the road condition should be good on our sightseeing places as I’m pregnant and doctor advice me to not to travel in jarky roads.please give a rough idea of budget too. Thanks in advance.

  5. Dear Mr. Abhijit,
    Hi, we are 3 people planning for four days doors trip in ed of Feb., 2017. We will go doors (Murti). Can you please suggest 4 days trip itenery for us?

  6. Hi Mr Abhijit, Your blog is really impressive… We are 3 adults planning for a 6nights 6days trip to Dooars. It would be great if you could suggest an itenery for us. Also if you could share the contact no of ur driver bachudaa would be nice. Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi Mr Abhijit,
    Your blog is really impressive… We are 3 adults planning for a 6nights 6days trip to Dooars. It would be great if you could suggest an itenery for us. Also if you could share the contact no of ur driver bachudaa would be nice. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Dear,

      Couldn’t reply earlier as I was busy with some stuff. Please let me know if you are still looking for any information. I would love to help you with all details and information.

  8. Hi Abhijit,
    We (myself, my 3 months pregnant wife and my 5 year old daughter) will be landing at Bagdogra airport on 7th Oct 2017 (around 12 noon) and since i cannot proceed with my original plan of visiting Darjeeling (due to political unrest/strike), need your help in planning Dooars trip as we still want to have relaxed vacation amongst nature

    Since my wife will be completing her 1st trimester during this trip, please ensure that we keep local travel to minimal (to avoid vomiting issues) and road conditions are good (very risky to undertake bumpy/jerky rides). Also, advise if jeep/elephant safari can be undertaken with given health limitations (she would prefer elephant safari if its not jerky)

    Ideally we are looking at staying at scenic places amongst nature (with some activities like safari clubbed)

    We will be staying from 7th Oct 2017 to 11th Oct 2017 (return flight from Bagdogra at 12:40 PM, hence we need to be at airport latest by 11 PM)

    Along with the itinerary, please advise on following:
    1. Cost travel to/fro between Bagdogra Airport and Doars
    2. Cost of stay with all meals (which lodges to select at what place and for how many days, i will check online for best available prices of recommended lodge)
    3. Mode and cost of local travel in Doars (or should we book a taxi for whole trip from Bagdgora to Doars; Please advise reliable and reasonable cab operator/driver with contact details, who will be considerate to drive smoothly keeping health conditions in mind)

    Early reply would be really appreciate as i want to book the trip well in advance

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Please note the correction in check out time: We need to be at airport latest by 11 AM (instead of PM) on 11th October 2017, making it 4 nights

      Also, please advise how much time it takes between Bagdgora airport to Doars (as per itinerary that you will suggest)

  9. Hi Abhijit,
    I’m planning to visit by mid December 2017 and wish to do all the jungle safaris and miss nothing. I can have a maximum of 8 days leave (including journey start to end). Also my intentions are to stay in WBTDC/WBFDC lodges through out the entire stay. Can you let me know how to plan accordingly? We’ll be 2 in numbers- me any my other. You can send me the details over email too. Thanks in advance.

  10. Hi Abhijit,

    Your blog is way too impressive. Keep up the good job! 2 of us are planning to go to Dooars on 12th Oct – so we really don’t have much time left. We are planning to stay there for 3 nights & 4 days. If you could share the number of bacchuda, I shall be immensely thankful 🙂

  11. We are going to arrive in NJP in morning of 26th october.we,7 adults and 1child.we will stay at Banani lodge.we planned to return on 29th early morning.can you please tell a plan to make this trip memorable.

  12. We are three people(me,and my parents) planning to go dooars next year, which is best time to visit dooars? Can you plan a itinerary for 7-8 days plan, with dooars is it possible to cover lava,lolegaon,rishop in this time?
    Can we have car rental for sightseeing such as bindu,samsing,jhalong,santalekhola by murti tourist lodge banani, if yes what will be the cost?

    1. If you are planning to visit Dooars next year, i.e. 2019, the best time would be January to May and October to December.
      Yes, if you have so many days in hand, you can surely visit Lava-Lolegaon-Rishyap along with Dooars. You can first cover Dooars and then visit the mountains. For your trip, I would suggest you to have a reserved car for the entire tour. You can’t explore Dooars or Lava-Lolegaon-Rishyap range in shared car. You won’t get any unless you go through any travel agent.

      You can write back to me or call me on 9831540384 to discuss further in detail. I would love to help you. Thanks!


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