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It is a great concern for all travelers which part of Dooars they should visit or what are the places one can visit in Dooars. Let me share the fact that Dooars in north Bengal can be distributed in three tourist circuits. Dooars is a wide-spread region and 2-5 days are not enough to cover the whole region but as it is not that easy to arrange for leaves from our daily work, people tend to take 3-4 days or 4-6 days of leave to cover a tourist destination. I am trying to break the whole region of Dooars into 3 tourist circuits so that it is easy for travelers decide which part of Dooars one would love to visit and cover.

Dooars Tour
On Way to New Mal Junction in Dooars
Dooars Tourism
Chapramari Forest

Dooars Tourist Circuit 1:

This circuit in Dooars covers places like Murti, Bindu, Jhalong, Samsing, Suntalekhola, Gorumara National Park, Lataguri, Tilabari and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. This region has got wildlife in Gorumara and Chapramari range. The nearest railway station is New Mal Junction. If you are traveling from Kolkata, you can avail the Kanchankanya Exp. That directly takes you there at New Mal Jn. On an overnight journey. From there you can take a drive to any place in circuit 1. Nearest places to stay overnight are Murti, Samsing, Tilabari, etc. There are WBFDC tourist lodges at Murti, Samsing, Suntalekhola, Jhalong and Gorumara range. There are many good and private resorts at Tilabari, Murti and Lataguri.

Jeep Safari in Gorumara
Jeep Safari in Gorumara

Jeep safari can be done in Chapramari and Gorumara range popular for wildlife. You can enjoy elephant safari in Gorumara only if you manage to stay at WBFDC or WBTDC properties inside Gorumara range. These Govt. lodges can be booked from Forest Dept. office at Siliguri and Kolkata. If you are looking for stays at serene and tranquil places amidst nature, this circuit should be your choice. Places like Murti, Jhalong, Suntalekhola are beautiful places with rivers, greenery all around. One can spend time in complete peace with nature. On the other hand, one can enjoy wildlife in Gorumara staying at Lataguri or Tilabari. If you stay at Tilabari, you can cover all places like Murti, Jahalong, Bindu, samsing, Suntalekkhola and also enjoy safari in Gorumara. So if you have only 1 or 2 days in hand, you can stay at Tilabari to cover all places. If you have 1 or 2 more nights, you can stay at Murti or Suntalekhola or Jhalong. 3 nights – 4 days are good to cover all places in this circuit.

Dooars Tourists Circuit 2:

The 2nd circuit can be spread across to cover places like Jaldapara and Chilapata. These two wildlife sanctuaries are popular for jungle safaris. You can enjoy elephant safari in Jaldapara and jeep safari in Chilapata. Elephant safari in Jaldapara is done from Holong Tourists Lodge (WBTDC property) and Barodabari Malangi lodge (WBFDC property). These properties can be booked online. Priority for elephant safari is given to tourists staying at these Govt. lodges. Next priority for elephant safari is given to tourists staying at Jaldapara Tourist Lodge (WBTDC property).

Elephant Safari in Dooars
Elephant Safari in Jaldapara
Elephant Safari Dooars
When the calf is tired of walking
Jaldapara - Dooars
Appreciating and rewarding her efforts
Jaldapara Elephant Safari
The calf was so adorable

There are many standard and luxury hotels/resorts in Jaldapara. One can enjoy jeep safari across Chilapata.  This circuit is popular for wildlife enthusiasts. If you are a wildlife photographer or jungle safari lover, this circuit is for you. One can visit the famous Cochbihar Rajbari (Cochbihar Palace) on a day trip from Jaldapara or Chilapata. One can also make a visit to Phutsholing in Bhutan which is a good place of interest. 2 nights – 3 days are okay to spend quality time exploring this circuit in Dooars. Nearest railway station is Hasimara. Kanchankanya Exp. connects Kolkata (Sealdah) and Hasimara.

Leopard - Chilapata Forest
The sudden encounter with the beast
Gorumara jungle safari
You find birds everywhere
Holong Tourist Lodge
Got this shot near Holong Tourist Lodge in Jaldapara
Wild Elephant in Dooars
Sighting the tusker in the woods
Rhino in Dooars
Spotted the one horned in Jaldapara

Tourist Circuit 3 in Dooars:

Circuit 3 consists of Buxa Tiger Reserve, Jayanti and Rajabhatkhaoa. Nearest railway station is Alipurduar Jn. Which is 16 kms away. New Alipurduar station is 23 Kms away.  Kanchankanya  Exp. connects Kolkata (Sealdah) and Alipurduar Jn. Once can visit Buxa Fort and Mahakal Temple. Raimatang is 25 Kms away. Pokhari Lake near Jayanti is famous for cat fish feeding. You will love feeding the fishes with puffed rice in Pokhari Lake. If you love trekking, you can visit Lepchakha on a trek, spend a night there and return. There are home stays at Lepchakha. 2 nights – 3 days trip is okay to cover all places in Buxa Tiger Reserve.

One can start with Circuit 1, cover Circuit 2 and finish with Circuit 3 in case the traveler has got 6 nights or more. In that case the traveler should have train tickets booked upto New Mal Jn. and return tickets should be from Alipurduar Jn. One can travel the opposite way that starting with Circuit 3 and ending up covering Circuit 1 via Circuit 2.

In case you don’t get confirmed tickets in Kanchanknaya Express, you can travel upto NJP station and then take a road journey. The road conditions are absolutely okay and you will love the journey through woods.

I would suggest you to reserve a car for the whole trip in Dooars. In case you need I can connect you to my driver who drives me each time I visit Dooars. See below what he has to say regarding me and my trips. (Conversation in Bengali)

You can call me on my mobile or mail me at “” for further details to make a Dooars trip plan. I can surely help you with all details and my contact details.

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