No other property can be as good as Hollong Tourists Lodge of WBTDC when you are in Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary in Dooars. Hollong Bungalow is the best place for accommodation of tourists in Jaldapara forest. The lodge was inaugurated and maintained by West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation (WBTDC) located deep inside the forest. All private hotels & resorts and other Govt. lodges are located on either side of the highway through the Jaldapara except Hollong. The entry gate on the highway permits you to enter the jungle after showing required documents to the guards. The narrow road through the dense woods leads you to the beautiful lodge which is approx. 7-8 km inside the forest. The journey along the road itself is a kind of safari because you never know when an elephant or a Rhino would stand by gazing at you. A bison would cross the road suddenly or your way may be blocked by a herd of elephants. Yes, these all actually happened to me on my visits to Hollong Tourist Lodge. Whenever I visit Jaldapara, I make sure I get a room in Hollong because no other property can provide me this experience as what I get here.

Why should you stay in Hollong Tourist Lodge?

Staying in Hollong is an amazing experience for the wildlife photographers and the fellows who love wildlife. The lodge is located deep inside the dense forest with a salt pit just in front of it. Forest official go and place salt at the pit regularly to attract wild animals like elephants, gaurs (Indian Bison), one horned rhinos, deer like Chitals, Sambars etc. This is an amazing service by the forest personnel which enable tourists to spot the wild fellows of Jaldapara very closely. At night they would bring in high power flashlight to spot on the wild animals at the salt pit. The salt pit is so close to the lodge that one can even spot the wild animals from the front rooms and the sitting rooms. On request the forest personnel would bring the flashlight again and again to show the wild animals. Mr. Raju has been working there since long and he is the man who is always at your help. Whenever you want, he would bring the flashlight if it is charged. If Raju is busy with his work, Mr. Lakhopati, other forest personnel there would be there to show you wild animals very closely at night. The best part of Hollong lodge is that the lodge is not surrounded by any fence. It is all open around and wild animals can reach up to the entry gate of the lodge. I still remember my last visit in January, 2014 when a tusker literally put its trunk through the window inside the dining space to lift fruits from the table. We were really taken aback when some forest personnel were able to push that giant away. Staying in Hollong and spending a couple of nights is really memorable.

The elephant safari in Jaldapara is very popular and famous for spotting wild animals in the jungle. The forest department has been operating elephant safari from Hollong Tourist Lodge since long and presently they have also introduced elephant safari from Barodabari Malangi Lodge maintained by West Bengal Forest Development Corporation (WBFDC). The safari from Hollong Bungalow is the best experience and only tourists staying in Hollong Tourist Lodge get the first priority for elephant safari from here. It is tough for the tourists staying in any private hotels & resorts to confirm a ticket for elephant safari from Hollong. Tourists staying in Hollong Lodge get the first preference, tourists staying in Jaldapara Tourist Lodge get the second preference and tourists staying in Barodabari Malangi Lodge (WBFDC) get the third preference. Presently tourists from Barodabari Malangi Lodge have got the option of safari from Malangi Lodge only but I have seen the rush and craze for safari from Hollong have not dropped.

Hollong Tourist Lodge Tariff

The tariff per double bed room in Hollong is Rs 2,500 per day. An additional bed will cost Rs 600. There are only 7 rooms for tourists and other 2 rooms are reserved for VIPs. The rooms are very spacious and give you the feel of being in forest. The cost of food is Rs 400 per head per day which includes B/F, evening tea & snacks and dinner. If one needs lunch, he is supposed to pay Rs 150 extra. Rooms in Hollong are really worth and luxurious. The dining space is decorated with wildlife photography and wall hangings which keep you reminded that you are in jungle.

How to Book Hollong Tourist Lodge?

One can book a room in Hollong tourists lodge online by visiting the WBTDC website. Rooms can also be booked from the WBTDC office located in BBD Bag area in Kolkata. Rooms are booked 120 days in advance. Make sure you try from the first day of opening because it is very hard to confirm a room provided the rooms are very limited. I highly suggest you Hollong Tourist Lodge in your Dooars Trip if you visit Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary.

If you have got queries, just visit the “Contact Me” page and drop me a mail or fill up the form with all details. I will surely revert back as soon as possible. Stay tuned to Travel Updates section for more details and information on Jaldapara and Dooars.


73 thoughts on “Hollong Tourist Lodge in Jaldapara”

  1. We a group of 6 are planning to visit Jadapara this Dec. Pl. confirm room availability for 6 adults any period in Dec 2014. Pl. confirm charges and how to get there.

    Subhodeep Deb

    1. Hi Subhodeep,

      I am not a travel agent or tour operator rather I am a traveler like you. As a consultant I can guide you through all information needed for this trip. Hollong Tourist Lodge of WBTDC and Barodabari Malangi Lodge of WBFDC are 2 best accommodation facility in Jaldapara. You can check the availability of rooms online on their websites. For any other information, drop me a mail at “”

    1. There are three tourist lodges in Jaldapara operated by WB Govt. Jaldapara Tourist Lodge and Hollong Tourist Lodge are booked through WBTDC and Barodabari Malangi Lodge is booked through WBFDC. The Jaldapara Tourist Lodge is just by the main road in Jaldapara but the Hollong Tourist Lodge is deep inside the forest. It is about 8 km inside the forest from the main road. I must let you know that the main road itself is surrounded by deep thick forest. It is always better to stay in Hollong bungalow rather than staying at any other place/property. If you stay at Hollong, chances of spotting wild animals is much much higher. Staying in Hollong is a lifetime experience but unfortunately getting room there is a very tough job. Booking opens 120 days before. You can get confirmed elephant safari tickets if you stay at Hollong. Elephnat safari starts from Hollong bungalow. In case you don’t get a booking in Hollong, it is better to go for Malangi Lodge which has its own elephant safari in the jungle.

      1. Hi Abhijit

        We have booked Hollong tourist lodge online from 20th Dec to 23rd Dec 2015. Can you help us to know the more details about transport , eather and food available there? Me , my husband and my son is going there.
        We will be reaching by kanchan kanya express on 20th to Hasimara station.
        Can I get your contact number also?

        Debjani Gupta

        1. Wish I could help you but I was stuck with other things and I just checked this comment. Please don’t mind and let me know if you need any information in future. Keep traveling and stay healthy.

  2. We are three member from kolkata wish to visit jaldapara on 01/05/15 to 03/05/15 or 04/05/15. There are three tourist lodges in Jaldapara operated by WB Govt, but these are too costly to afford us, we would like to stay at any private hotel near by station, now my question is can I make a elephant safari at first come first serve basis from these tourist lodge without staying what its cost per person +camera charge, any other way to do/book elephant safari? or any suitable suggestion to make elephant safari? and suggestive tour plan for jaldapara & buxa tour.

    1. It is hard to get a chance for elephant safari if you lodge at private hotels. Preferences are given to tourists who stay at forest lodges. There is another tourist lodge other than the popular 3 owned by forest department and tourism department. Try South Khairabari tourist lodge owned by forest department. There are 5 bedded dormitories and cottages with tariff of Rs 1,000 per day. It is very economical and the food is also very economical. This property is just a few kilometers from Jaldapara. There is a leopard rehabilitation center too.

      For more details, drop me a mail at “” and I will surely assist you in this regard. Mail me with reference to this conversation because it is difficult to remember.

  3. Is there any other Tourist Lodge with salt pit and night view of animals in dooars other than holong?

    1. Barodabari Malangi Lodge is the next best option to stay at if you are fond of wiled life. Yes, there is a salt pit but I am not sure if they still continues to maintain that. One thing I can assure you that if you wish to see wild animals (depends on luck) and if you don’t get booking in Hollong, Barodabari Malangi Lodge is the best option. In addition you get the eligibility for the elephant safari which is only done from Holong and Malangi lodge presently in Jaldapara. Malangi lodge can be booked from WBFDC.

    1. Booking for Holong tourist lodge starts 120 days in advance. You can book online from WBTDC website. You can book online yourself or ask any authorized agent to do the same for you. I am not a travel agent and so I can’t help you in his regard. I can provide you all necessary information and required contact details. Thanks, Abhijit

  4. Dear Abhijit,

    Hi…my name is Krishnendu and am an avid wildlife enthusiast.
    I am visiting Hallong Tourist lodge on 1st of June (this will be my 2nd visit there).
    Would like to know from you if end May/early June is a good time to visit the place….I understand the weather will be hot, but i also presume my chances of sightings will go up.

    Need your valuable comments please.


    1. Yes, temperature will be high. I have stayed in Hollong many times and the property is one of my favorite destinations. make sure you take the first safari in the morning.

  5. Hi,

    I am planning to visit Holong bunglow anytime during Nov 7th to Nov 17th, 2016. I require 2 rooms for a single day during the period mentioned above. Which is the best way to book 2 rooms? Online or visiting the BBD Bag office. I am asking you this as everytime I have tried, it shows no rooms available. At what time of the day, the booking opens?

  6. Liked your experience and sharing the same with us.Thanks for the same.Just want to know which is the best time to visit Hollong Lodge.
    Request your suggestion.

  7. I am Pankaj of Kolkata. We along with my friends and their family planned to visit Dooars. Kindly inform me about the forest that have elephant safari. We cann’t able to book Hollong.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. If you don’t get booking in Hollong lodge, the next best option will be Barodabari Malangi Lodge in Jaldapara. It is a WBFDC property and you can check availability and book through their website.

      In case you don’t get booking in Barodabari Malangi lodge, the next best option will be Jaldapara Tourist Lodge which is a property of WBTDC. You can check availability and book through their website.

      Above suggested govt. lodges are located in Jaldapara. You can do elephant safari only if you stay at Govt. lodges. So try booking anyone of them but the first priority should be Barodabari Malangi lodge of WBFDC. After Holong, priority for elephant safari is given to the tourists staying here.

      I would have suggested you a proper travel plan if you had shared your booking plans.

  8. Amra total 6 members er akta group 11th Dec 2016 a dooars jachi.. And firbo 18th dec 2016…amader jodi amader dooars trip er jonno akta best plan suggest korte paren khubi valo hoto, amra 1st time dooars jachi… ..plz suggest korun

  9. Dear Mr. Gupta,
    I have gone throw your all above comments, it is really helpful for the tourists.
    We, five families wish to visit Jaldapara in March 2017, unfortunately four families managed booking at Hollong bungalow but one family could not.
    Now my question is which is the lodge nearest to Hollong bungalow?
    I want to mention one thing that advance booking period is 180 days before not 120 days.

  10. Hello Sir, we are going Hollong next week. Would like to know to to ensure (call someone or any other channel or sheer luck) front rooms in Hollong Lodge.

    1. I guess you have bookings there at Hollong. You never know which room they provide but you can always request for a favour. Wish you all the best, hope you get see great wild life there at Jaldapara. You can request the guards to show you animals at night with the high beam torch they have.

  11. Hi,
    Can you please let me know (approx) about the costing of Car rents for 4 days in Dooars? I have already placed the details tour to you from Contact Us.

    Sourish G

  12. Hi Abhijit, Can you please guide what’t the best time to visit Jaldapara & Lataguri? I’m planning for 19-20 April 2017.

    1. I personally feel winter is better to visit Dooars but April is a good time. Do not stay at Lataguri. There is nothing. It is a town type area near Gorumara. Instead yo can stay at Murti or Jhalong and cover Gorumara from there.

  13. I along with my family of 4 reached noq stn on 5th march my return tkt from njp on 11th March I have already booked the resort of benfish for 9th n 10th March. Now if u suggest the tour programme from 5th to 9th morning including jaldapara forest along with a rental car i wl b obliged.

    1. Benfish lodge at kumlai ,pl let me know if we 4 all adults of my family can stay in a same room at govt resorts with charges of extra bed etc.

      1. Dear Subhasis,

        I have never stayed there so I can’t comment on it. Though I have stayed at other properties on Benfish or WBSFDC, I can’t really comment because size of rooms are never same at all places. They varies. It is better you give them a call and ask for it.

  14. Hi, I need few advices about jaldapara. 1. Me and my family want to stay there for four days. Can u suggest how can we plan our 4 days trip without getting boar. We do not want hectic tour as senior citizens will be with us. We have already visited gorumara. 2. Is there any way of speeding up my online booking process ? 3. While returning I want to avail train from new coochbehar or new aliporeduar.which one will be better? Please provide some guideline. Your advice will make our trip more enjoyable.

    1. You can stay 2 nights at Jaldapara and 2 nights at Jayanti in Buxa range. You can first visit Jaldapara and tthen visit to Buxa. Nearest railway station is Alipurduar Jn. (15-16 KM), New Alipurduar (24 KM). You can book your properties online on WBFDC website or visit their office at Salt Lake, Sector 1 in Kolkata.

  15. Congratulations Mr. Abhijit for maintaining such an informative blog about Doars. I along with my wife would be visiting Jaldapara staying at Hollong Touridt lodge from 19th to 21st Nov. 2017. Could you please reply on
    I. How to reach there from Howrah or Sealdah conveniently?
    II. How to book elephant safari and cost of it?
    III. Do I need to call the lodge authority though I got the confirmation email after my online booking?

    Thank you.
    Waiting for your reply eagerly.
    My mob. no. 9163995195


  17. Mr Abhijit, I was trying to book a room at Hollong Tourist Lodge through their website, room was available on the date I wanted, however while filling up the details there is no place where I can enter the number of people we are visiting. As a result, the summary shows
    Adults -2
    Children – 0
    Whereas I will will be coming with my two sons. Is it alright if I book. I was wondering if by chance my sons are not allowed to enter. Could u please advise. I don’t want to delay if by chance the room get booked.

    1. Hello Dear,

      Couldn’t reply earlier as I was busy with some stuff. Please let me know if you are still looking for any information. I would love to help you with all details and information.

      Yes, Holong allow kids inside. You would have to pay extra on spot. Rooms are huge.

  18. Dear Mr. Abhijit,
    We ( me and my wife), both senior citizens going to visit dooars between 24th. and 30th October, 2017. We have been booked by our travel agent at Gorumara Jungle Resort. How is the resort and surroundings, any idea?
    Can you advise otherwise?


    Pijush Mukherjee

  19. Dear Mr.Abhijit ,
    we with two children (9&3yrs)want to visit hollong and near by areas like bauxa ,/coochbihar for 4N/5days.Please suggest and help us.
    with thanks,
    Arindam Mukherjee

    1. Apologize that I couldn’t manage to reply earlier. I was busy with some stuff. I hope you understand that it is so difficult for me to check and respond to each query. I think it is better if we speak. Please call me on my mobile after 9 pm any day. I can surely help you with all details.

    1. Apologize that I couldn’t manage to reply earlier. I was busy with some stuff. I hope you understand that it is so difficult for me to check and respond to each query. I think it is better if we speak. Please call me on my mobile after 9 pm any day. I can surely help you with all details.

  20. I want to visit coochbihar, buxa, jayanti, jaldapara, bindu, jhalong etc. Please help me to make a tour plan for this visit. I am a senior member and 2 more members will be with me. Starting on 5th may 2018.


  21. Can you please let me know how to book Hollong Tourist Lodge online. Currently Hollong Tourist Lodge booking option in the dropdown is not showing anymore.In december,2017 i visited there and booked it from

  22. I went through the website of wbtdc but couldn’t find any option for hollong tourist lodge booking. Under jaldapara destination it shows only jaldapara tourist lodge. Please could you give me an exact link for this booking?

  23. Hi Abhijit,

    This is Arunava from Kolkata. I was stayed in Hollong forest bungalow as on 29.10.2017 & 30.10.2017 (2 Night). booking through but last 2 months I am continuing try to book Hollong forest bungalow but unfortunately “Hollong” option is removed from So if you have any information about Hollong Forest Bungalow let me know. Awaiting for your reply !!

  24. 26.10.2018 to 27.10.2018 Holong,or jaldapara tourist lodge book korte chai but parchi na,no information about booking,plz help me.

  25. Hi, its really a good read. Still i have some queries. 1. I have booked Hollong tourist lodge and will be travelling there in the next month. At the time of booking i forgot to mention my son’s age. He is 8yrs old. Should I have to pay extra for him? 2. How to book elephant safari ( should i have to book it from ticket counter?) and what is the best time slot for that? 3. How worthy is evening car safari and what is the approx cost for this? 4. Is there any parking charge for the private car for night stay? 5. What is round off cost per room including all taxes ( room tariff is 2500). ? 6. Is smoking prohibited by law inside the jungle?

  26. Hi,
    We (8 elder + 2 kids) would like to visit to Dooers accordingly will reach Hasimara on 10-Dec-2019, Could you please send me the details tour plan along with food, accommodation and transportation.If any bookings required in advance for entrance, etc

    Kind Regards,


    1. Dear Ajoy,

      First of all, thank you so much for reaching out to me. I can surely help you out with your upcoming Dooars tour plan but I would not be able to help you unless you let me know the total number of nights you have in hand during your visit to Dooars. I would suggest accordingly. Please share your tentative travel dates. I have mailed you. You can refer to my mail and revert there. No need to navigate through the website gain.
      Wish you a happy weekend!

  27. I am trying my best to book Hollong Lodge of WBTDC. But I have one concern for which I want your advice. My mother of 65 yr would be coming with me. She has problem with walking and cant walk for more than 5 min. So whether we can afford local transport facility or drop down facility from lodge to Hadimara rail station. Plz help

    1. Yes, why not. You can surely get a car to drop you at the lodge or pick you up from Hollong tourist lodge.
      Instead I would suggest to hire a cab for your entire trip in Dooars. I generally do so. It’s economic, helpful and you can travel on your own as per your wish. A car booked for the entire trip in Dooars is always helpful.


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