Elephant Safari in Jaldapara

Scope for elephant safari in Jaldpara Wildlife Sanctuary is really very limited but if you love wild life and passionate about jungles, elephant safari is a must do thing when you are in Jaldpara forest, for your Dooars Trip. Jaldapara is popular for spotting wild animals while doing elephant safari. It is also suggested to all first timers for a very different way of exploring the woods and the habitats of wild friends. The scope of spotting wild animals is much better in elephant safari compared to jeep safari and it is really a thrilling & adventurous way to feel the fun of jungles. An elephant takes you deep inside the forest where a jeep or vehicle won’t be able to take you. The elephant passes through the dense woods, crosses the water streams, and takes you close to a one horned Rhino or a Bison. It is an awesome feeling and sight when you see a leopard at a few meters distance or a Chital feeding her baby.

jaldapara elephant safari

Elephant safari in Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is done from two locations. The safari from the Hollong Bungalow or tourist lodge maintained by West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation (WBTDC) is the better option and preferred over the safari from Barodabari Malangi Lodge maintained by West Bengal Forest Development Corporation (WBFDC). Only these two govt. bodies have the privileged of operating elephant safaris in Jaldpara. Private hotels do not have this facility, rather it can be said that private hotels are not authorized to operate safaris in reserve forests like Jaldapara. Tourists staying in Govt. lodges get the priority or advantage for elephant safari as per first come – first serve basis. Tourists staying in private hotels will have to wait and see if there is any ticket available after the tourists staying in Govt. lodges have got the passes. Very frankly speaking it is very hard to get an elephant safari ticket staying in any private hotels or resorts, especially for the safari that leaves from Hollong Tourist Lodge.

Elephant Safari in Jaldapara

Elephant Safari from Hollong Tourist Lodge – Jaldapara Forest

The most popular elephant safari in Jaldpara forest is the safari from Hollong Tourist Lodge, maintained by WBTDC. The Hollong bungalow is located deep inside the forest and the safari takes you more deep in the jungle which facilitates spotting or sighting wild animals. Only a few elephants, say 6 or 7 goes for safari everyday early in the morning. These 6 to 7 elephants make 2 round trips depending on weather and demand. If it is high season and the demand is high, they try to manage one more round trip but it is really not possible to satisfy all. The first priority for the safari is provided to the tourists staying in Hollong Tourists Lodge. The second priority is provided to the tourists staying in Jaldapara Tourist Lodge maintained by WBTDC and the third priority is given to the tourists of Malangi Lodge (WBFDC) and other private hotels or resorts.

jaldapara elephant safari

You are supposed to fill up a form the previous evening to confirm your tickets. One has to provide Rs 600 per head for the safari. The rate is provided as of Jan, 2014, it may change with time. If you are interested in elephant safari, make sure you contact the manager of Hollong Tourist Lodge the previous afternoon or evening to confirm your tickets. If you are staying in Hollong Bungalow just let the manager know that you are interested in next morning’s safari and pay the money as required.

Jaldapara elephant safari

Elephant Safari from Malangi Lodge – Jaldapara Forest

The safari from Malangi Lodge has recently started to facilitate the tourists who do not get tickets from Hollong. It also helped the forest department and tourists department to drive some pressure from Hollong. This safari is also gaining popularity gradually. This safari also takes you deep in the forest as I have heard because I never went on this safari. I have heard that people in this safari get the sights of wild animals though I will always suggest you the safari from Hollong because staying in Hollong is the best part of Jaldpara Trip and that experience can’t be felt or enjoyed anywhere else. The cost of elephant safari from Malangi Lodge is Rs 600 per head as of Jan, 2014.

Just to let you know that you will have to have the best possible luck to get a room in Hollong. The rush is too much and you will have to book the rooms 120 days in advance. Make sure you book the rooms the day it opens for booking. A confirmation of room in Hollong will bring you the confirmation of ticket for elephant safari from Hollong – the best safari in Dooars.


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  1. Can I book Elephant Safari in Jaldapara online for persons . I have already book 4 room in Jaldapara Touriest Loudge by WBTDC

    1. Elephant safari can not be booked online. It can only be booked after reaching there. Make sure you ask for the elephant safari once you reach there because it is done on “first come first serve” basis. If you intend to do jeep safari, better you go for the safari that is done from Kodalbasti point.

  2. I am planning to visit gorumara and jaldapara… To avail safaris in these two places is it a must to stay in government lodges/bunglows?

  3. We four friends are planning to stay at Mendabari Jungle Lodge from 24th to 26 th December, 2016. Is there be any chance for us to enjoy Elephant Safari, Hollong Bungalow. Since Mendabari Jungle Lodge run by WBSFDA, should we expect any extra booking facilities regarding Elephant Safari at Hollong?

    1. You can enjoy the elephant safari but not from Holong lodge (WBTDC property). There are 4-5 elephants at Holong and tourists staying at Holong gets the preference and priority for elephant safari. You can enjoy elephant safari from Barodabari Malangi lodge which is a property of WBFDC. Your elephant safari tickets must be booked by previous day evening.

  4. I have heard even if you prebook the Holong lodge, it can be cancelled anytime by Govt. if any Govt officials visits Holong at the same day.
    They say even it can happen at day of staying and you will be asked to leave with full refund.

    Is it true?

    1. Yes it can happen but chances are negligible. Don’t panic, it is juts a Govt. norm which rarely happen. It happens only if VVIPs visit like ministers and top level secretaries. I have stayed at Hollong 6 times and it never happened to me.

      1. Hey Abhi,
        I have planned to stay at Murti for 2 nights (includes my arrival date on 14.01.20)…could u plz tell me, can I manage a Jeep safari on that date may be during late afternoon/evening and will that be exciting enough, ur suggestions

        Next day, ur recommended places in and around Murti Tourist Lodge.

        Then onto Jaldapara, staying there again for 2 nights (16th and 17th)

        Your recommendations plz

        Elephant safari charges per person at Jaldapara if u can tell me & tentatively for each day sight seeing and travelling around charges

        Thanks in advance

        1. Hi Anindya,

          The day you reach Murti, you may go for afternoon jeep safari in Gorumara national park or Chapramari forest. yes, that would be exciting for sure. The safari ends with a performance by the local tribals.
          Next day, you may visit Samsing, Suntalekhola, Rocky island, etc. in the morning and Bindu, Jhalong, Chapramari in afternoon.
          When you move to Jaldapara, you may visit Khoyerbari range on way.
          Elephant Safari charges should be Rs 660-680 per head. 4 persons are allowed to climb on the back of each elephants.
          For more details, you may ping me on my mobile.

  5. is it possible to come from Gorumara to jaldapara and do a jungle safari in Jaldapara and return same day to Gorumara.Its ok that we might not get elephant safari at jalda para but can we get jeep safari.

    we have booked hotel in Gorumara so staying there only.

    1. Why do you want to travel that much to get a jeep safari. You can enjoy the same in Gorumara. There are so many towers and you can get any one of them. You can also enjoy jeep safari in Chapramari range. It is always better if you keep a reserved car for transportation. You can move around freely and whenever you need.

  6. Me and wife and my son planning to visit Dooars in December personally.plys.give me a day to day plan trips.It is may be 7days tour.

    1. You can spend 2 nights at Murti, 2 nights at Jaldapara and 2 nights at Buxa or Jayanti. In total it will be 6 nights – 7 days trip as given by you. Your arrival station should be New Mal Junction and departure station should be Alipurduar Junc. It is better if you reserve a vehicle for the entire trip. For further details, you can mail me at “uvreachedavi@gmail.com”.

  7. we are staying near gorumara so plz suggest which places can be covered in two days,,and can you provide any local car rental number,,rather than gorumara safari any other is possible or not?

    1. You can cover Samsing, Suntalekhola, Rocky Island, Paren, Chapramari, Murti, Jhalong, Bindu, etc. Do you need the car for the entire trip? Let me know. Will share driver’s number accordingly.

      1. Hi Abhijit,I went to book rooms for Jaldapara Tourist Lodge at their only private agent at Holidayhomeindia at Pollock Street Kolkata.
        I asked for elephant safari whether preference is given to the tourist who are staying in Jaldapara Tourist Lodge. They replied only guest staying at Holong can get preference only. But if i stay at jaldapara tourist lodge there is no preference, tourist have to stand in the que like other guest who are staying in private hotel.
        Please confirm which is correct. Your reply will help me a lot
        Ajit Karar

        1. First of all there are more than 1 authorized travel agents who can book Govt. lodges across Dooars. There is no need to book through any gent, you can book JaldaparaTourist Lodge on your own. You can book it on WBTDC website. If you are staying at Jaldapara, the best option of stay other than Holong Lodge is Barodabari Malangi Lodge of WBFDC. They have their own elephants. and I must is that if you stay at Jaldapara Tourist Lodge, you will get second preference for elephant safari from Holong Lodge. Tourist staying at Jaldapara Tourist lodge need to come to Holong for elephant safari.

          You can mail me at “uvreachedavi@gmail.com” for further details.

      2. Please give me the driver’s number as we require a 6-7 seater car with carrier in December for 6 days at Dooars.

      3. I am planning travel Murti from 25th (arrival) to 28th (departure).Though I initially booked in WBTDC in murti but due to unavailability of Elephnt rides options from gorumara I am planning to move to jaldapara on 26th.Where obviously hollong lodge and barodabari lodge is filled up.can you suggest any other alternative for lodging and possible options & details for the elephant ride.I would also require a good driver details for the local trips can you help.Also please share your no for the discussion.

        1. Apologize that I couldn’t manage to reply earlier. I was busy with some stuff. I hope you understand that it is so difficult for me to check and respond to each query. I think it is better if we speak. Please call me on my mobile after 9 pm any day. I can surely help you with all details.

          1. I have booked Jaldapara Tourist Lodge for the end of December 2018. What is the process of booking of elephant and jeep safari from Jaldapara Tourist Lodge. Which are the best timings for elephant and jungle safari respectively for end of December.

          2. Hello Arup! You can approach Jaldapara Tourist Lodge manager for your elephant safari in Jaldapara. It is on first come first serve basis. You can also book your jeep safari from there. I would suggest you to go for the first safari of the day.

  8. We are four person. We want to visit jaldapara forest tomorrow & do the elephant safari. We will come from Cooch Behar. So please suggest me what are the procedure.

  9. Sir we are 60 person ..we want to visit jalda para so we want know mattar of jeep safary we are how can achieve it and how make success our tour and per head kitna in safari
    If u are hlp our then we are get great success

    1. I can help you for sure but for that I need your tentative date of arrival and departure. Let em know where are you from. Let me know how many nights you will have in hand, so that I can plan for you.

  10. We 6persons (two families) are visiting doors from 9th Feb to16thfeb.Want to book a innovative/xylo for those days.Will you please inform me cost and phn no to contact.Thank you.

  11. We are panning to go Dooars on early April,2017 and staying in Jaldapara range.
    1> Is it right time to go there?
    2>What are the places i should not miss to watch?
    3>What would be cost for one sumo/bolero? We will be 8 persons.
    4>What would be the cost for any home stay accommodation?
    5>Is raimatang good place to stay in that area?
    6>Can u avail elephant safari if i stay in private logde/cottege? Which safari i should plan for in jaldapara range?


    1. April is a good time to visit Dooars. If you are visiting Jaldapara, you should cover Gorumara range too. 2 nights are enough for Jaldapara. In case you don’t stay at Govt. lodges, you will not get tickets for elephant safari in Jaldapara. Jeep safari is available both at Jaldapara and Gorumara. Jeep safari is best in Gorumara. I can plan a trip for you and suggest places only when I know the number of nights you have in hand.

  12. Is jayanti or murti river rejoice us the same way. We are going to jaldapara but not planning to Lataguri

    1. Elephant safari at Holong starts from 6 am but depends on weather. If it is too foggy, they start late. Jeep safari starts from Jaldapara Tourist lodge, they give a halt at Holong tourist lodge. If you are staying at Holong, jeep safari is not worth doing. You can do the jeep safari at Chilapata which is a great experience too.

    1. For elephant safari it would be Rs 660-700 per head and for jeep safari it cost Rs 1,500-2000 depending on the tower you would visit. They allow 6 persons in the Gypsy.

  13. Hi Abhijit….. We are planning for Gorumara for 2nght…..Can we cover Jaldapara? What is the rate for elephant and Jeep safari…. And what is the rate for government lodges and another hotels??

    1. I need to know exact number of nights you have in hand to suggest a plan to you. I would need your arrival and departure stations, time and dates. Jeep safari cost depends on the range or watch tower but varies from Rs 1,500-2,000 per jeep. 6 persons are allowed in the open hood Gypsys. Elephant safari would cost you Rs 660-700 per head. Lodge rates varies with facilities and services. On average, lodging would cost Rs 1,500-2,000 per night. There are more luxurious lodges. You can mail me for further details.

  14. Hi Abhijit,

    we are planning for Dooars for 4 nights 5 days in the next month . which area can we covered ? We book a hotel in Murti for 1 day, can u give me a tour plan for that?


    1. Rahul, you can cover Bindu, Jhalong and Chapramari frok Murti. You can stay at Tilabari to cover Gorumara forest. You can enjoy jeep safari in Gorumara. You can also cover Coochbihar Rajbari in this trip. I have mail you, please check and revert back.

  15. Hi Abhijith

    We are staying one night in Aranya Jaldhapara Jungle Camo.
    On 22nd night. We want to do Elephant Safari on 23rd morning. I understand it is very much in demand from ur posts. My son loves to experience elephant safari. Is there any way I can ensure getting the tickets. I don’t mind paying any extra service charges if any travel consultant is arranging it. Please provide yr suggestions.

  16. On 1st june 2017 we will start our journey.on 2nd june we will arrive coochbehar at 4.15a.m in the morning.so if we get down in njp on 2nd june and go to jaldapara national park thn how can we go??what time it wil take??thn after that can we do jeep safari in jaldapara nd can we visit chilapata??do i need to do any advnc booking for jeep safari??how to do??online can we do??what are the charges??after visiting we want to come bck to coochbehar by night.it is possible??what we can get to come bck to coochbehar??

  17. Dear Abhijit, we are same by name but different by surname. I and my family(of three) intend to visit Jaldapara for two nights(30/09/17 & 01/10/17) and booked rooms at Jaldapara tourist lodge on that dates. I can spare one or two days more. Please suggest what are the other nearby places that can be covered in three or four night stay. I shall return to Kolkata, so the last night should be near to a rail station or an airport. With regards, Dr. Abhijit Nath.

  18. We are planned a programme with family in th last of month may. We want to cover Jaldapara,gorumara,Samsung,sultanekhola.we did not book any hotel and staying from 25-30 may.can you give me a tour programme for that.

  19. Hello Abhijit, Thank you for this wonderful and detailed blog you are doing. It is helping a lot of people.. I am planning to do Doors trip starting 10th June and 15th June is will return as the forest will close after that.. Here is my planned itinerary..Please suggest and make free to changes
    1. 10th arriving at New Coochbehar at 1:30.. Visit Coochbehar Palace and see light and sound show(stay at coochbehar
    2.11th – Go to Jaldapara Tourist lodge(We didnt get Holong reservation) and book for elephant safari next morning (If luck permits) else Jeep Safari in evening
    3. 12th – Go to Bordabari malangi resort and do Jeep Safari (If we are not able to do elephant safari in Jaldapara will try from here)
    4. 13th – Go to Buxa tiger resort (Please suggest a good hotel or lodge in Buxa) via Phuntsheiling ..
    5. 14th- Do Safari in Buxa and visit Jayanti , suntankhola ..
    6. 15th Back to kolkata via Alipurduar
    Please suggest if you think this itinerary is feasible …

  20. Mr. Abhijit, I intend to visit Dooars along with my elderly parents, my wife and son on 31st May. I would reach there from Jalpaiguri. I don’t have any place booking at Dooars. I wish to enjoy Elephant safari too especially for my son of two years of age. Considering my situation (particularly my parents who are above seventy) please elaborately suggest me how can I chalk out my tour. Regards

    1. I really apologize for such a late reply. Wish I could reply earlier but unfortunately I was going through a tight schedule. Please let me know if you are still looking for any detail or information. I would love to help you.

      I have sent you a mail. Please revert back there. I would suggest further accordingly.

  21. Hello Abhijit, me and parents will visit Dooars in September. But we booked a private resort. Can you tell me from where we will get tickets for Elephant or Jeep safari.

    1. Hello Dear,

      Couldn’t reply earlier as I was busy with some stuff. Please let me know if you are still looking for any information. I would love to help you with all details and information.

  22. I planned for dooars in dec’17 along with my family & my friend’s family in between 25th to 31st.I wish to book Jaldapara tourist lodge(as per availability ).Can you tell me should I avail elephant safari ?
    I planned this tour specially for elephant safari.
    Do you know the rate of elephant safari?
    Do you have any contact no of car?actually we also planned for Kolakham.
    Do you know which day the jungle remain close?
    please sir,answer me quickly ..

    1. Hello Dear,

      Couldn’t reply earlier as I was busy with some stuff. Please let me know if you are still looking for any information. I would love to help you with all details and information.

  23. Hi Mr. Abhijit ,

    Please give me some phone numbers of drivers or car owners(if you have those nos.) , since we require a dedicated 6-7 seater car in the month of December 2017 during our 6 nights stay at different locations of Dooars.

    1. Hello Dear,

      Couldn’t reply earlier as I was busy with some stuff. Please let me know if you are still looking for any information. I would love to help you with all details and information.

  24. Hello Abhijit,I just want to know that how can we book accommodation inTila bari at Gorumara

    1. Hello Dear,

      Couldn’t reply earlier as I was busy with some stuff. Please let me know if you are still looking for any information. I would love to help you with all details and information.
      I can surely help you with all booking details and connect you to the owner there.

  25. Dear Mr. Abhijit Gupta

    We are planning for Dooars for 4 nights 5 days in December ’17 ends.

    Please e_mail best plan [ 4 Familiy – 12 Members].

    Also please inform tentative budget with Car Service Charges, if possible.

    1. The trip plan can be:

      Day 1: Reach New Jalpaiguri (NJP) or New Mal Jn. station, transfer to Tilabari by road, stroll around, O/N stay at Tilabari
      Day 2: Go for sightseeing to Bindu, Jhalong, Chapramari, O/N stay at Tilabari
      Day 3: Enjoy jeep safari in Gorumara forest, O/N stay at Tilabari
      Day 4: Check-out and go for a day trip to Coochbihar Rajbari, transfer to Jaldapara, O/N stay at Jaldapara
      Day 5: Enjoy early morning safari in Jaldapara, transfer to Hasimara station, board your train

      Budget would be:
      Hotel: Rs 1,800-2,500 per night per room
      Food: Rs 600-700 on average per day per head including all meals (lunch, evening snacks, dinner, B/F)
      Car: Rs 2,700 per day (large car), Rs 2,400-2,500 per day (small car)

  26. Is it possible to ride on elephant at afternoon from hollong bunglow?? If then whts the process of booking..nd what the price of elephant safari per person..

  27. Sir…. Could you please inform me about the elephant and Jeep safari
    Cost and timings in gorumara and jaldapara forests.
    We will possibly be staying at banani resort and jaldapara tourist lodge
    Are private vehicles allowed inside the forest? When(which shift) the chances
    of spotting wildlife highest? Which watchtower are the best in gorumara??
    Thanking you in anticipation…

  28. I booked rooms for 4 persons at Jaldapara tourist lodge on 24th & 25 the February,2018. Could I get a chance of elephant safari? Where does it start from in the morning.

    1. First priority is given to tourists staying at Hollong tourist lodge. You would get second priority and it all depends on the demand of elephant safari and your luck. You could have booked at Barodabari Malangi Lodge. They have their own safari facilities. Elephant safari generally starts from 6-6.30 am but depends on weather, fog, etc.

  29. I am planing a trip of dooars for three days (9th, 10th, 11th January 2018) can it possible to visit – Garumara zip safari, Jhalong, Bindu, roki island, Jaldapar Etc. within tree days. How do I plan that which day for which spots. It’s very help full if you help me to plan for this three days.

    1. Yes, very much possible. I would like to know if it is 2 nights-3 days plan or 3 nights-4 days plan. Without your arrival and departure time/date, I won’t be able to plan for you.

  30. Hi Abhijit ,

    We planned for dooars on 24th to 27th of December, this includes two days in lataguri and two days in jaladapara,
    Can you please suggest us apart from Gorumara and jaladapara what else jungle safaris we can avail in lataguri and jaladapara. Please let me know for car/cab facilities in Gorumara.

    1. You can try Tilabari instead of Lataguri. You can stay at Tilabari and cover Bindu, Jhalong, Suntalekhola, Gorumara, Chapramari, Samsing from there. You can enjoy safari in Garumara, Chaparamari. You can enjoy safari in Jaldapara too. For safaris, you must avail the forest safari cars but for all other transfers, it is better you hire a car for the entire trip.

  31. Sir we are from Cooch Behar. Want to visit Jaldapara n.p. n hollong bungalow. Can we reach hollong by driving our personal motorcycle….

    1. Apologize that I couldn’t manage to reply earlier. I was busy with some stuff. I hope you understand that it is so difficult for me to check and respond to each query. I think it is better if we speak. Please call me on my mobile after 9 pm any day. I can surely help you with all details.

  32. We are three persons & will stay at HOLONG on 13 March in one double bed room.May we all 3 persons are able to ride elephant safari

    1. Yes, why not. Each elephant carries 4 persons at a time. I do not suggest elephant rides anymore. It is a pain to them and the way these elephants are tamed is very painful. I do not suggest elephant rides. It would be great if you can also skip an elephant ride.

  33. Hi,

    If staying at Jaldapara Tourist Lodge and aiming for an Elephant safari ride from Hollong, then who arranges for the transportation from Jaldapara Tourist Lodge to Hollong Tourist lodge?


  34. Hi Abhijit,

    You are doing a great job. I have got a valuable information from your block.

    Just to inform you that planning to visit dooars with my family (6 members) on 28th Dec, 2018 will catch train from sealdah nd will catch train on 1st Jan,2019 to return. My family interested to do elephant safari nd jeep safari.Please sugget in which station I should arrive nd what are the places I can cover. please send me a itenary and also require car for 6 members. please also suggest me a tour budget as minimum as possible.

    Please share your contact details.

    Abhijit Nath
    Mob 9903404789

  35. Dear Mr. Abhijit,
    We are planning to go Dooars from 24th December to 29th December. On 24th morning we will reach at new Mal junction station and will be leave on 29th December from alipurduar station. During this time we want to stay at lataguri for 3 nights and 2 nights at jaldapara. Still I am not booking anything. Can you please suggest me how to plan for this entire tour. As I will go with my family ( wife & son ) can you please suggest me best accommodation details for both the place lataguri and jaldapara . Also if you have any reliable car driver name please send me.

    1. My apologies that I couldn’t reply earlier. I think you have already planned your trip to Dooars. Let me know if you are still left with any planning and need any further information. I would love to help you. You can write back to me or call me directly on 9831540384. Thanks!

  36. I will visit Jaldapara form 12th Jan to 13th Jan 2019 and wanna avail elephant safari for 5 adults. pls let me know the advance booking system.
    contact: 9051957519

    1. Hello Arpan,

      You can avail elephant safari in Jaldapara only if you stay at any WB Govt. lodge. Please make sure you book one of those lodges in Dooars. For any further information, you can write back to me or call me on 9831540384.

    1. Hello Utpal,

      You can book Hollong Tourist lodge through WBTDC website. You can book online. Booking opens 120 days in advance. If you stay at Hollong, you will have privilege to enjoy Elephant Safari in Jaldapara, Dooars.

  37. Can I avail Elephant safari on Thrusday Morning also from Hollong Lodge. It is said that , Thrusday Jaldapara Jungle is generally closed ?

    1. Hello Santanu,

      If you are staying at Hollong tourist lodge, you will get the privilege to enjoy the elephant safari. I have no information about elephant safari remains closed on Thursdays. Not sure if there is any new norm.

  38. How to book Jungle Safari & elephant safari in case we are staying at private hotel in madarihat ?

    Is there any ticket counter where I can walk in to buy the safari ticket for elephant safari ?

  39. I with my family will be visiting Dooars during 2nd week of April. I have booked Forest Rest Houses at Jaldapara (3 nights) and Samsing (3 nights). You have very vast experience about the zone. Please advise the places we should visit during this tour. Also please advise regarding elephant ride and jeep safari we should take. Regards. Amitava Bhaduri, Behala, Kolkata-60


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