Colva Beach Goa – Popular Beach Destination

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Colva Beach in Goa

Colva beach in Goa is one of the popular destinations for tourists who love happening places and beaches. It is one of the famous beaches in south Goa and the closest beach destination to Margao railway station. The silver sand beach makes Colva beach a different hot spot for tourists. The long stretch of the beach with coconut and palm trees by the beach along the stretch enhances the natural beauty of the beach. Goa is mainly divided into two parts, north and south, if someone is looking forward to visit all popular and offbeat destinations from north to south Goa, I would suggest him to stay and lodge at Colva beach because it lies at central where from one can visit all the beaches in north Goa and south Goa along with other tourist destinations and offbeat destinations. Colva beach is equipped with all modern amenities and facilities for tourists. There are some superb beach resorts and hotels around Colva beach including the beautiful GTDC resort by the beach at a superb location.

Why will you stay at Colva?

There many reasons to stay and lodge by the Colva beach. I am trying to point out some reasons that would serve your interest.

  1. Colva beach is the closest beach to Margao railway station in Goa. It is just 8 km from the station to the beach.
  2. Colva beach has got resorts and hotels of all type and categories – budget, economy, luxury and deluxe. GTDC has got a resort here just by the beach at the Colva centre point at a superb location and view.

  3. There are water sports facilities in the beach. Many private agencies operate there and facilitate the tourists with all sorts of adventure water sports in the beach.

  4. There are so many shacks on the beach to spend time in leisure and get chilled with drinks. One can try various cuisines in these shacks. I would suggest trying Goanese dishes along with tiger prawns and crabs.

  5. There are two taxi stands and many private taxi operators just by the beach at the main crossing. One can hire vehicles from here to wander around the place, visit other beach destinations and spots.

  6. There are people by the beach who provide bikes on rental. You can hire a bike on full day basis or even hire that for the days you are in Goa.

  7. Colva beach lies at the central, north Goa beaches on one side and south Goa beaches on the other side. One can visit all the north Goa destinations and south Goa destinations from Colva beach. One can hire a vehicle or take a bike on rental on full day basis and visit all beach destinations including the remote beaches in both north and south Goa.

  8. There are several food joints, restaurants by the beach with multi cuisine facilities that provide all European, American and Indian dishes on table. You can order any dish from the menu of your choice and the food will be delivered shortly. I am a Bengali and I searched for Bengali restaurants and fortunately I found one there. “Kolkata Hotel & Restaurant” is a Bengali restaurant in Colva beach which serves some superb Bengali dishes.

  9. The market place is just by the beach. You can purchase your needs from there and even buy some Goa special products to gift your mates or friends.

  10. Colva beach is very beautiful beach with all happenings there. I must confess that it is not serene or tranquil. As it one of the popular beach destinations in Goa, tourists gather here from other parts of Goa.

Margao Railway station to Colva beach

Colva beach is just 8 km from Margao railway station. You can take an auto rickshaw and reserve it to reach Colva beach. It takes around Rs 100 an auto. 3 to 4 people can be accommodated in an auto rickshaw. One can also hire a vehicle from the only one prepaid taxi booth just outside the Margao railway station. It takes around Rs 350 for a vehicle. Time taken to reach Colva beach from Margao railway station is just around half an hour. The road is superb, well maintained and not too much of traffic.

Car rental or vehicle rental in Colva beach

One can hire vehicles on rent in Goa on a full day basis or kilometer basis. The base rate is Rs 1,800 (Innova, Qualis, Scorpio, Travera etc.) for 8 hours and 80 kilometers. For each extra kilometer after 80 kilometers is over, one need to pay Rs 14 per kilometer and for every extra hour you need to pay Rs 100. For example if you have traveled 120 kilometers and spend 10 hours then you need to pay:

The calculation to find the cost of hiring a vehicle: Rs 1.800 + (14*40) + (2*100) = Total
If you keep the vehicle at night after 12, you need to pay an extra Rs 200 to the driver.

Bike rental in Colva beach

One can take a bike on rental from Colva beach. It is Rs 150 for a Honda Activa and other Scotties, Rs 300 for Enticers, Pulsars etc. Bullet has got a higher price of Rs 400 approx. The price goes higher in peak seasons.

Colva Beach resorts and hotels

There are several beach resorts and hotels in Colva beach area. There are so many high end hotels and resorts, so many budget hotels too. Colva residency GTDC resort is a superb one to book in advance because it is hard to get booking there. The service is very good, the location is superb and the staffs are good too. I would suggest booking your stay here; if not feasible or available then you can opt for other hotels but except Colmar beach resort just beside GTDC resort. Colmar beach resort is third class hotel with very poor service and disgusting management. The resort is located in a fine location; the huts by the pool are good but service of the resort and behavior of the staffs count this resort in one of the poor resorts in Goa. You can go through the negative reviews of Colmar on Tripadvisor.

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