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I am a senior Digital Marketing project manager in a reputed company in Kolkata, India by profession and a traveler by passion. I developed the habit of blogging when I joined this sector of digital marketing. I see many travelers going through difficulties while making an itinerary for the trip or planning the trip. I thought of helping all these travelers with all travel information feasible from my end. I started writing articles on the places I have already visited. I tried to bring in all information regarding planning, itinerary etc. in my articles. When I saw that people on web had started visiting my Blog and they have the faith in me, I continued writing more comprehensive articles on places I have already explored.

Till date I have visited so many places of interests and offbeat destinations in India and looking forward to visit more. There are so many places on the list and I am scared that a life is not enough to cover one-fourth of India’s places of interest. I feel we should travel and visit as much as possible because life is too short. I feel if you can cover the places of attractions in India, there is no need to visit foreign lands because you get everything in India from deserts, plains, jungles, beaches to mountains. Nature’s scenic beauties are around you. You are just supposed to explore it.

I have been traveling since childhood with my family but now my companions are my friends. I travel with my friends and hope to continue to explore more beauty of nature in future as long as I am on earth. I love sharing the information of a place with travelers and I feel happy when I see someone has visited a place I had already explored. It seems that everything I experienced earlier and the place is known to me. I enjoy this feeling and continue to do so.

Know me more:

  • Name: Abhijit Gupta
  • Location: Kolkata, India
  • Hobby: Blogging, Photography
  • Interest: Music, movies, friends
  • Passion: Traveling
  • Profession: Digital Marketing Project Manager

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